How To Hide Chat on Instagram Live? Right Now

How To Hide Chat on Instagram Live? A direct feature that Instagram Live does not offer to hide chats on a live stream is not available. If you do not wish to see negative comments during the live stream, you can turn off comments from the Live options menu.

When you turn off comments on Instagram Live, all chats regarding the live stream will disappear unless you enable comments again. To learn how to turn off the comments, read on to learn how to hide the chat on Instagram live.

A fantastic feature of Instagram is Instagram live, which has been developed for the purpose of allowing its users to interact with their fans. When someone goes live on Instagram, they can decide whether to allow comments or turn them off.

You may get nasty comments from some people that may kill your interest in continuing the session. For this reason, it is essential to hide the chat once in a while and concentrate on your conversation.

Why Hide Chats on Instagram Live?

During live sessions on Instagram, there are many reasons why people choose to hide the chat during the session. Some of the most common reasons are the following.

Spam Messages

In case you are experiencing spam messages while you are participating in a live stream session on Instagram, it would be a good idea for you to turn off comments. Some people join sessions in order to achieve their goal, and experiencing spam messages may frustrate them.


It is essential to hide chat where you can avoid such negativity and angry comments. If your Instagram session is designed to promote your business, negative chats might ruin the session by scaring people off.

If you hide chat, you will be able to avoid negative chats and angry comments.

Inability To Handle Many Queries at Once

When you become a celebrity on Instagram, you have a substantial following. If you enable the chat section during Instagram live sessions, you may find that the program becomes unproductive as you cannot handle too many questions while still staying on top of the program.

For this reason, hiding the chat section and finishing the Instagram live session might be a good idea. # How To Hide Chat on Instagram Live?

How To Hide Chat on Instagram Live

In such a case, as explained in the following sections, there are methods you can use to disable the comments, if you have found the comments distracting and you do not wish to continue using them.

Hide Chat on Instagram Live as Content Creator

When you, as the content creator, are holding an Instagram live session, you can choose to hide chats by disabling the comments.

Once you do this, all previous comments will disappear, and once you turn off comments, comments made before you turn off comments, you will no longer be able to see them.

  1. Launch the Instagram app.
  2. Select Live from the Camera section.
  3. Tap the three dots near the comment option after going live.
  4. Turning off the comment section can be found in the menu that opens. Click it.

If you want to take a few questions from your fans while you are live, you will need to enable comments on your Instagram post. The chat section will disappear once you finish the steps above. If you want to continue taking questions from your followers, you need to enable comments


Hide Chat on Instagram Live as a Viewer

It is not possible to hide the feature from an Android or iOS mobile device when utilizing Instagram. If you are accessing Instagram on an Android or iOS mobile device, you will not be able to do that.

It is important to keep in mind that in order to hide the chat section on Instagram live through a PC or Mac, you will need to login to the Instagram app through the PC or Mac.

  1.  You can download the Instagram Chrome extension by searching for it.
  2. Make sure you have IG Stories for Instagram enabled.
  3. Log in with your Instagram credentials.
  4. You can join an Instagram Live session by searching for it on Instagram.
  5. On the top right of the screen, tap Hide Comments.

Select the Show comments option if you wish to read comments related to the live stream later. # How To Hide Chat on Instagram Live?

why are my comments off on Instagram live?

It is possible that the account owner has either turned off comments for a specific Live video on your Instagram account or that the comments are turned off for all Live videos on that account.

There are several possible reasons why comments are turned off on your Instagram Live videos. If there is a high volume of spam or inappropriate comments being posted, Instagram may temporarily turn off comments on your post. You can confirm this by checking your account settings or contacting Instagram’s customer service department.

How To Hide Chat on Instagram Live?
How To Hide Chat on Instagram Live?

There are a number of reasons why comments may be turned off in an Instagram Live video, including violating Instagram’s community guidelines and posting offensive, harmful, or personal information, or engaging in harassment or bullying.

This could include posting offensive or harmful content, sharing personal information, or engaging in harassment or bullying. Then the comments for the video may be disabled, or the account may be disabled as a whole.

In addition, there is also the possibility that the account owner might have turned off comments for a Live video that has been recorded for a variety of reasons, like avoiding distractions or keeping the focus on the content being shared.

As the account owner, you will be able to enable comments on your Live videos if you go to your account settings, where you will have to adjust the settings for Live videos if you wish to do so. It will be necessary for you to contact Instagram’s support team if Instagram has disabled your comments, so you can find out how to resolve the issue.

How to turn on comments when watching Instagram live?

When you are watching an Instagram Live video, you do not have the ability to turn on the ability for users to leave comments. The feature is managed by the account owner of the video, who has the option to enable or disable the ability to leave comments for the video.

The account owner is the best person to ask to enable comments for their Live videos, so try contacting the owner of the account if the comments are disabled for their Live videos, or you may try waiting until the video ends and checking if the comments are enabled again once the video has ended.

As a point of interest, Instagram Live videos only have the option of displaying comments while they are broadcasting live, and once the video has ended, the comments will no longer be visible.

How to remove comments on instagram live as a viewer on android?

There is no way you, as a viewer, to remove any comments on a Live Instagram video on Android. Only the account owner can manage and moderate the comments on the Live video.

As a viewer, however, you do have the option of reporting a comment if you feel that it violates Instagram’s community guidelines or is inappropriate. # How To Hide Chat on Instagram Live?

Here are some steps you should take to report a comment.

  1. Download the Instagram app for Android and open it
  2. To report a comment on Instagram Live, watch the video
  3. If you would like to report a comment, tap and hold it.
  4. Choose “Report” from the list of options.
  5. Select “Report” again to confirm that you wish to report the comment.
  6. In addition to the reason for reporting the comment, please provide any additional information you may be asked for.

In addition, Instagram reviews all reports and if they are in violation of its guidelines, Instagram will take action. # How To Hide Chat on Instagram Live?

Hide Comments When Streaming Instagram Live?

If you are an account owner, you can use your Android device to stream Instagram Live, but you need to hide comments as an account owner. Here is how you do it:

  1. To start a live video on Instagram, open the app and tap the camera icon.
  2. On the right corner of the screen, tap the three dots before going live.
  3. Turn off commenting by selecting “Turn off commenting”.
  4. As usual, begin your live video.

To turn on commenting again, you can repeat the steps above by selecting “Turn On Commenting” in step 3 of your live video. If you turn off commenting again, you will see the comments appear on your live video, but people will not be able to comment on it.

As a helpful tip, you might also want to keep in mind that you are also able to disable comments permanently on your Instagram account, so that no one will be able to comment on your posts or live videos. To do this, you will need to go to your account settings and find the option that allows you to disable comments.


It is very important to use Instagram live as a tool for engaging with your fans. It cannot be ignored that there are people who are always ready to say mean things for no apparent reason.

If you have a live Instagram session and are receiving a lot of negative comments, you need to read this guide in order to learn how to turn them off.

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