How To Get Verified on WhatsApp? Complete Guide

How To Get Verified on WhatsApp? It is a platform where individuals, businesses, and organizations can communicate and connect with each other because of its massive user base and widespread popularity.

As a result of being verified on WhatsApp, your profile becomes more credible and authentic, letting others know that you are a real person.

For businesses, public figures, or organizations that are looking to establish trust and establish a reputable presence, WhatsApp verification can be very beneficial.

The purpose of this blog post is to take you through the process and requirements associated with getting your WhatsApp account verified, empowering you to enhance your online presence and gain the trust of your audience.

Using WhatsApp Business will only allow you to verify your account. If you want to use WhatsApp Business, you need to sign up with a business solution provider (BSP).

Next, you have to create your Business Manager account, get your Business Manager ID, and give it to your BSP.

Then, you will need to allow the BSP to send messages on your behalf. You will receive a confirmation once your business is verified, along with a green tick.

You will be notified if you are verified, and your profile will be marked with a green tick.

What Is WhatsApp Verification?

It is a great way to market with WhatsApp; however, you have to gain credibility and give customers confidence while doing so.

You achieve this by getting a verification. A green tick appears next to your business name in your WhatsApp Business profile when you have verified your account.

With the green tick next to your business name, people will feel confident about you. It is imperative that you have WhatsApp verification as it helps you counter fake accounts and secure your reputation as a brand.

WhatsApp verification is an indirect way to confirm your legitimacy and build customer trust.

When you want to get verified on WhatsApp, you need to follow a process. This verification was added by WhatsApp as a security measure.

Verifying your WhatsApp API number will display a green tick badge next to your profile.

Verifying your WhatsApp API number has several advantages.

How To Get Verified on WhatsApp

Getting the green tick badge is the first step toward becoming an Official Business account. The WhatsApp API can be obtained through your business solution provider.

Additionally, two-factor authentication must be enabled, and you must be a business or a recognized brand. # How To Get Verified on WhatsApp

Here are the detailed steps you need to take.

Step 1: Get a Business Solution Provider (BSP)

In order for your business to use the WhatsApp Business API, you must connect to a BSP.

WhatsApp authorizes an approved BSP to verify that your WhatsApp Business account is legitimate.

BSPs can also manage your messages, provide data-driven insights, connect your WhatsApp Business account with the business API, etc.

Register with your preferred BSP today.

Step 2: Get a Business Manager Account

You must have a Facebook profile to log into the BSP Business Manager account so that you can conveniently verify your business. # How To Get Verified on WhatsApp

In order to create your Facebook Business Manager account, go to the Facebook Business Manager account, click the “Create Account” button, and fill out the form.

Step 3: Provide Your Business Manager ID

The following steps should be taken once you have a Business Manager account:

  1. On the account’s settings page, click “Business info” below the account title.
  2. Obtain your Business Manager ID and send or email it to your Business Support Provider.

Step 4: Authorize the BSP to Send Messages

Upon receiving your ID, the BSP will contact you to request authorization to send messages on your behalf.

Be sure to approve the request in the “Requests” section of your Business Settings. # How To Get Verified on WhatsApp

The fifth step is to verify your information

  1. You can access the “Settings” page of your Business Manager account by opening it.
  2. Press the “Start Verification” button in the Security Center.
  3. Verify the type, phone number, and policy of your business.
  4. After verifying all is well, submit the information.

When you receive a notification of verification, you can enjoy the benefits of getting a green tick.

Who is verified on WhatsApp?

Verification is available primarily to businesses, public figures, and notable entities on WhatsApp.

Users can distinguish verified accounts from regular ones by looking at the verified badge, which serves as an indicator of authenticity and credibility.

Below are some examples of verified WhatsApp accounts:

Business Accounts: 

Unlike other messaging apps, WhatsApp provides a dedicated Business API that lets businesses communicate directly with their customers.

Verified business accounts often display the green checkmark badge, indicating that they are legitimate.

Public Figures: 

A verified account on WhatsApp provides credibility to the profile of celebrities, influencers, politicians, and other public figures.

Users can identify verified accounts of well-known figures by adding a verified badge to their profile.

News Organizations: 

News outlets and media organizations may have verified WhatsApp accounts, so users can trust the information and updates they receive from them.

Get Verified on WhatsApp
Get Verified on WhatsApp

Government Organizations: 

By obtaining WhatsApp verification, government agencies, departments, and other official entities can communicate more effectively with citizens.

Nonprofit Organizations: 

Likewise, recognized nonprofit organizations can have their WhatsApp accounts verified to help build trust and connect with supporters.

Depending on the region and WhatsApp’s discretion, verification may not be available to all users on WhatsApp.

Authenticity, influence, and public interest are some of the factors WhatsApp considers when verifying accounts.

WhatsApp’s verified badge signifies that the account is genuine.

However, it’s important to verify information received from any account, since the badge doesn’t guarantee that the content or messages are accurate.

Businesses, public figures, and reputable entities are the most likely candidates to benefit from WhatsApp verification, which enhances their credibility and provides users with a trusted experience.

Do I need to verify WhatsApp Business account?

It is highly recommended that you verify your WhatsApp Business account. You may wish to consider verifying your WhatsApp Business account for the following reasons:

Verification adds credibility and authenticity to your business profile, which helps users trust you more and engage with you more confidently. # verify WhatsApp Business account

Trust and Credibility: 

When your account is verified, you’ll see a green checkmark next to your business name, allowing customers and clients to know that your account is authentic and trustworthy.

Enhanced Visibility: 

If you have a verified WhatsApp Business account, it will appear more prominently in search results and directories.

Users looking for businesses like yours can easily identify your verified profile over a non-verified one.

Official Business Profile: 

With WhatsApp verification, you can create an official profile for your business. You can include information about your company such as its name, category, address, contact information and website.

Access to Business Features: 

In addition to automated messages, quick replies, chatbots, and integration with customer support systems, verified WhatsApp accounts get access to additional business features and tools.

By using such tools, you can communicate with your customers efficiently and personally, saving time and improving their experience. # verify WhatsApp Business account

Customer Confidence: 

A verified account lets your customers know they are dealing with a reliable, authentic business.

This confidence can lead to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat sales.

Differentiation from Personal Accounts: 

If you verify your WhatsApp Business account you differentiate it from personal accounts and unofficial business accounts. # verify WhatsApp Business account

This allows your business to be recognized as a professional entity, which ensures inquiries and transactions are handled correctly.

Various requirements may apply depending on your location and WhatsApp’s guidelines, including providing relevant business information and documentation.

Establishing a professional online presence, creating trust with customers, and maximizing WhatsApp’s business features depends on verifying your WhatsApp Business account. # verify WhatsApp Business account

What is the benefit of WhatsApp verified account?

There are several benefits to having a verified WhatsApp account, especially for companies, public figures, and organizations.

Authenticity and Trust: 

WhatsApp verification displays your account as genuine and trustworthy.

It helps build trust and credibility between you and your audience by distinguishing your account from impersonation and fake accounts.

Enhanced Brand Presence: 

The verification badge allows businesses and public figures to establish a stronger brand presence on WhatsApp. # WhatsApp verified account

It enhances the visibility of your profile, making it easier for users to find and interact with you.

You stand out from non-verified accounts, reinforcing your legitimacy and authority.

Improved Communication: 

An account that has been verified has access to additional tools and features.

Businesses can, for example, use WhatsApp Business API to automate messages, integrate chatbots, and provide customer support, allowing them to interact with customers more efficiently and effectively.

Direct Messaging:

 WhatsApp users who are verified may have access to more direct messaging features than regular users. # WhatsApp verified account

Businesses and public figures may find this advantageous if they wish to provide prompt assistance and support to their audience on a more personal level.

Verified Business Profile: 

With a verified WhatsApp account, businesses can create verified business profiles that include important business information such as their name, address, category, and contact information.

When seeking information or contacting a business, users can easily identify and trust these profiles.

Recognition and Differentiation: 

In crowded markets and industries, users are likely to engage more with verified accounts because of the badge.

The badge distinguishes you from non-verified accounts and helps users identify your account earlier.

WhatsApp’s verification is not available to all users and is primarily intended for businesses, public figures, and notable organizations.

Verification can be beneficial depending on the type of account holder and the goals of the account holder. # WhatsApp verified account

In spite of this, the overall advantage is an increased level of trust, credibility, and visibility on the platform, which can lead to better engagement and relationships.


Verification on WhatsApp is an important step towards establishing credibility and authenticity.

As an organization, a business, or a public figure, you can easily identify yourself as a legitimate entity by wearing the verification badge, adding a layer of trust and reliability to your profile.

In order to increase your chances of getting verified, follow WhatsApp’s guidelines and meet its requirements.

Ensure that your entity is active and engaging on the platform, adheres to WhatsApp’s policies and guidelines, and provides accurate and up-to-date information.

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