How to Get Snapchat on Apple Watch? Step by Step

How to Get Snapchat on Apple Watch? Wearables from Apple are highly regarded for their versatile features and capabilities, especially the recently launched watches that enable users to access social media apps.

It is now possible to access Snapchat from your Apple watch without having to open your phone.

Simply make a few taps on your Apple watch and you will be able to access Snapchat.

We have a quick guide on how to get Snapchat on Apple watch below so that you can view the snaps your friends sent, view their stories and also find out what your friends are up to on the Snap Map.

Everything You Need to Know About Snapchat

It is very simple to use Snapchat – users can share everyday moments in a snap. Additionally, Snapchat users can use various filters to look cool and have endless fun.

Unlike other social media platforms, Snapchat does not record your every move. Unless the user explicitly saves the messages or snaps, they will disappear.

It is also equipped with game challenges, news and entertainment options, quizzes, and truly innovative photo and video editing tools in addition to providing chat privacy.

A Snap Map, another interesting feature, allows users to interact and see what their fellow Snapchatters are up to.

Is Snapchat Usable on Apple Watch?

In spite of the fact that you may not be able to download Snapchat onto your Apple watch, you can still use your smartwatch as a remote control for the Snapchat app on your iPhone.

In order to use your Apple Watch as a remote control for Snapchat, you must follow these steps:

  • Open the Snapchat camera on your iPhone.
  • Swipe up on your Apple smartwatch to open Music glance when connected to your iPhone.
  • When you have set everything up for your picture, simply twist the digital crown on your Apple watch’s side to take the picture.

As a result of the Snapchat iPhone app, you can take pictures with your iPhone’s volume keys. # Is Snapchat Usable on Apple Watch

When your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone, its digital crown acts as a volume switch, so it snaps photos when the Snapchat iPhone app has been opened.

How to Get Snapchat on Apple Watch?

If you have been wondering whether Snapchat is available on Apple watch, you will be disappointed to learn that the app is not directly accessible from the watch. #How to Get Snapchat on Apple Watch

Due to the fact that Snap Inc., the creators of the app, have not released an app version compatible with the Apple watch’s operating system, you cannot directly use the app on your watch.

There is a pretty obvious reason for this. Snapchat requires access to the camera to take pictures and shoot videos. # How to Get Snapchat on Apple Watch

It is unlikely that a watch will be released with an in-built camera, regardless of how sophisticated it is.

We will reveal a fun way for you to snap pictures on Snapchat with your watch at the end.

Having said that, here is how you can install Snapchat on your Apple Watch:

  1. To begin, make sure your Apple watch is connected to a stable Internet connection (series 4 and above).
  2. Press and hold the digital crown on your watch to launch Siri.
  3. As Siri listens, utter the words ‘Google Search’.
  4. Now Siri will ask you, ‘What do you want to search for?’. 
  5. Next, say ‘’.
  6. When Siri responds, it will show a list of results. Scroll through them and click on ‘Open page’.
  7. As soon as Siri receives this command, it will open the Internet browser and take you to Google’s home page.
  8. Using the watch keyboard or the voice search function, you should now search for ‘Snapchat online’.
  9. To sign in to your account, click on ‘’ in the search results.

    This lets you check out the stories added by popular snap stars. The Snap map is also available when in this mode, and you can search for people you know and view their stories by clicking the Search icon.

In order to access social media applications on Apple watches, you must have a series 4 watch. Prior releases of Apple watches might not support your requests.

Snapchat on Apple Watch
Snapchat on Apple Watch

What Can You Do With Snapchat on Apple Watch?

The functionality of Snapchat on Apple watch is pretty limited, but you’ll still be able to perform some functions as you would on an iPhone.


Lastly, you can search for profiles by typing their names in the search bar. Celebrities’ Snapchat profiles are fairly easy to locate.

Navigate The Snapchat Map

When you open Snapchat on your Apple watch, you can easily navigate your contacts’ maps. In fact, you can zoom in and out just like on an iPhone.

View Your Friend’s Stories

On the Apple Watch, you can view your friends’ stories just as you would on an iPhone. You won’t be able to view every story due to screen restrictions, but you will be able to view the top stories of your friends.


In the present, there is no fully functional Snapchat app available for Apple watches.

However, you can still use your Apple watch to remotely control your iPhone and take pictures using the Snapchat application that is installed on your iPhone.

It is also possible to access Snapchat through an internet browser on an Apple watch.

However, you will only be able to view stories and navigate a contact’s map using this method. # How to Get Snapchat on Apple Watch # Is Snapchat Usable on Apple Watch

Having said that, it is just a matter of time before Snapchat will be available on Apple Watch. Do you have the patience to wait? We certainly do.

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