How To Get Obsidian Mode in Discord? It’s no secret that Discord has a lot of features to offer, but a lot of people don’t know what every feature does. A popular feature is Obsidian mode, and many users have requested for the feature to be available on PC and iOS devices.

In this guide, we’ll explain what Obsidian mode is and how you can get it on PC. # How To Get Obsidian Mode in Discord?

However, Discord has yet to release Obsidian mode on PC or iOS devices, so people still have to wait and see if it will be available soon. Obsidian mode is becoming a very popular feature regarding how people want their Discords displayed.

Discord has been urged by many users to update the feature on PC, but it has not yet done so and has not yet announced when it will be implemented. # How To Get Obsidian Mode in Discord?

Why You Need to Get Discord Obsidian Mode

There is a feature called Obsidian mode, also known as Dark mode, which is available in the Discord mobile application. Users can change the appearance of the application to a darker color scheme. This can be useful for those who prefer a dark interface or those who use the app in low light.

Besides being more visually appealing for some users, Obsidian mode can also have a practical advantage as well. When using an app for a long period of time, it is helpful to use a darker color scheme to reduce eye strain and to help you feel more comfortable using it.

Additionally, by using a dark mode on your device, you could extend the battery life of your device, since it can reduce the amount of power used by the display. # How To Get Obsidian Mode in Discord ?

Obsidian mode is a feature that provides a dark interface on the interface, which enables you to reduce eye strain and save battery life when using Discord for longer sessions with no loss in functionality. In general, no matter if you choose to use Obsidian mode or not, it is always something that is up to you.

What Is Discord Obsidian Mode?

There used to be a hidden feature called obsidian mode which was not accessible through settings. However, now it has been turned on in the Android settings, just by switching on “AMOLED Mode.”.”.

There are light and dark modes in Discord, but many people would rather make their application stand out from their peers by applying a different mode. Some people may want to use an obsidian mode to make sure that they stand out from their peers.

In order to unlock this mode, the user must use the Obsidian mode, that was a very hidden feature, and many users were not aware of it.

How To Get Obsidian Mode on Discord PC?

This feature has not been implemented on PCs and iOS devices, so it isn’t available if you don’t have an Android phone. Which means you won’t be able to enjoy this feature if you don’t have an Android phone.

It has been requested by many Discord users that Discord release the feature on iOS and PC, but they have yet to do so.

The company has also not yet decided whether the feature will be available for PC users, so it is impossible to tell when it will be available. If you are a PC user, you will be able to use the light and dark modes on Discord.

How To Get Obsidian Mode on Android?

The Obsidian Mode is currently only available for Android phones which has a different name but the same effect as the Obsidian Mode if enabled in the Discord settings.

If you navigate through the Discord settings, you won’t see an option to enable the mode. In fact, from the Discord settings, you can see an experimental mode that doesn’t require you to enable it.

You will need to follow these steps in order to activate Obsidian mode on a Android phone.

  1. Download Discord for Android and open it.
  2. Click on your avatar to open the “User Settings” page.
  3. Tap the “Appearance” option.
  4. Make sure “AMOLED Mode” is enabled.

Once you have enabled the Obsidian mode, you will be able to see that Discord looks differently than it did in the dark mode. At this point, you can enjoy using Discord with a new unique look that is almost exactly the same as the dark mode.

How To Get Obsidian Mode in Discord
How To Get Obsidian Mode in Discord

How to fix discord obsidian mode not working?

This article will provide a few tips on how to troubleshoot the issue that is causing the Discord “Obsidian” mode (also known as “dark mode”) not to work on your device. Here are a few ways you can try to fix the problem:

  1. Discord’s Obsidian mode may not work correctly if you have an older version installed. Outdated versions may not support it or may have bugs.
  2. Discord settings should be checked to make sure Obsidian mode is enabled. Go to User Settings > Appearance, and toggle “Dark Mode” on.
  3. When features like Obsidian mode do not work properly, try quitting and reopening the Discord app.
  4. Ensure that the Discord app is not experiencing any known issues before using Obsidian mode and check its status page ( to determine if there are reported issues that might affect the app.
  5. Using a third-party theme or extension that alters the appearance of Discord may cause Obsidian mode not to work properly. Try disabling or uninstalling the theme or extension.
  6. A reinstall of Discord may resolve problems with features that won’t work if none of the steps above are helpful.

The following steps may help you to solve your Obsidian mode issues, but if you are still experiencing issues after completing these steps you may wish to contact Discord support for further assistance.


The Obsidian mode is a new experimental feature that has been released to Android users. If you’re tired of the light and dark modes, this mode is the trend to make your Discord unique in the current day.

As for the feature, unfortunately, it’s not available for PC users, but the guide has provided instructions if you’re looking for a way to unlock it on your Android device. # How To Get Obsidian Mode in Discord?