How to fix error 1020 access denied cloudflare? Website owners and visitors alike often encounter error 1020 Access Denied. This error occurs when a website is protected by Cloudflare, but its security settings prevent access from certain IP addresses or countries.

The good news is that there are several ways to resolve this issue so that you can gain access to the website again. If you encounter this error, it can be frustrating and confusing.

There are a few issues that can cause Cloudflare error 1020 to block legitimate IP addresses from accessing your website.

Most of the time, however, the issue is resolved quickly.

This guide will guide you through the process of how to fix error 1020 Access Denied. So, stay tuned as we begin.

What is error code 1020 Access Denied?

An HTTP status code 1020 Access Denied indicates that the website’s server is restricting access to the site through Cloudflare.

It is usually encountered when the security settings have been configured to block access from certain IP addresses, countries, or regions of a website.

Cloudflare will return an error code 1020 when a user attempts to access the website from a blocked IP address or country.

Typically, this error message appears as “Access Denied” or “You are not authorized to access this website.”

Here’s How to Fix Error 1020 Access Denied

1. Double-check the date and time

It is important to ensure that your computer’s date and time are correct.

If they are incorrect, your computer will have difficulty communicating with the server, which will result in the error code.

Make sure that you correct the clock and test it to make sure that it works.

2. Turn on or off VPN

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, can have a positive or negative impact on your network.

If you are connected to a network, turn it off and then refresh your browser. If you aren’t connected to the internet, you can try downloading a free VPN. # How to Fix Error 1020 Access Denied

3. Clear browser cache

In addition to being caused by corrupted cache and browsing data, Cloudflare error code 1020 can also be caused by a corrupted cache and browsing data.

You have nothing to lose by clearing your browser cache.

This will not destroy your personal information or saved passwords, so you do not have anything to lose. If the problem persists, restart your computer.

4. Turn on cookies

When you visit a website, you will be asked to enable cookies. The error code in question will most likely be triggered if you do not enable cookies.

Therefore, whenever a website asks you to enable cookies, simply answer yes. Also, ensure your browser is not configured to reject cookies.

Besides that, make sure the website you are visiting is not listed in the “List of sites that cannot use cookies.”

5. Reboot your router and computer

It is possible that the problem is the result of a bug that can be resolved by restarting the devices.

Consider restarting your computer to see if that helps. If the problem persists, consider rebooting your router, making sure you follow the instructions carefully.

Make sure your router is turned off. Unplug the network equipment and wait 30 seconds. # How to Fix Error 1020 Access Denied

Once the router has been disconnected for 30 seconds, reconnect it. Turn on your router.

6. Contact Cloudflare Support

As sites can go down for a variety of reasons, you should contact Cloudflare technical support to determine if there is anything else causing the error message.

Depending on which plan you select, your web host may negotiate different levels of service.

For example, free web hosting plans do not include 24/7 technical support or phone support, which leaves you helpless in the event of a technical problem.

error 1020 access denied
error 1020 access denied

Is Error 1020 bad?

As a security measure put in place by the website owner to prevent malicious traffic and unauthorized access to their site, error 1020 Access Denied is not necessarily a bad thing.

In spite of this, it can be frustrating for users who are trying to access the website legitimately but are blocked due to a flagged IP address or location indicating a security risk. # error code 1020

This error indicates that Cloudflare security measures have been implemented on the website and that the user’s IP address has been blocked, either intentionally or unintentionally, from accessing the website.

As it may be a violation of the website’s terms of service, attempting to bypass the security measures may result in further action being taken against the user.

Respect the website’s security measures and try to resolve the issue through the proper channels, rather than trying to bypass them.

How do I bypass error code 1020?

In most cases, you should not bypass Error 1020 Access Denied since it is a security measure designed to protect the website.

However, if you believe you have been mistakenly denied access, the following steps can be taken to troubleshoot and resolve the problem:

>> Check if you are using a VPN or proxy service: 

Cloudflare may block some IP addresses associated with VPNs and proxy services, resulting in the error.

If you are using a VPN or proxy service, disable it and try to access the site again.

>> Contact the website owner: 

Ensure that your IP address has not been mistakenly blocked by the website’s security settings by contacting the website owner and asking them to whitelist it.

>> Wait and try again later: 

You may be able to access the website again later if the website temporarily blocks access to certain IP addresses or countries. # error code 1020

>> Use an alternative IP address:

 Try accessing the website using a different IP address if you are using another device or internet connection.

This may assist you in determining whether the problem is with your IP address or the website’s security settings.

Using methods such as VPNs or proxies to bypass Error 1020 Access Denied may constitute a violation of the website’s terms of service and may result in further action being taken.

You should always respect the website’s security settings and attempt to resolve the issue through the appropriate channels.


Finally, Error 1020 Access Denied is a frustrating experience, but it is not uncommon for this error to occur.

You can quickly diagnose and resolve the issue with the appropriate troubleshooting steps, whether you are a website owner or a visitor.

It may be necessary to adjust Cloudflare’s security settings or tweak your website’s code in order to find a solution.

If you follow the tips and best practices presented in this guide, you should be able to correct the issue and continue to access the website without any difficulties.