How To Find IP Address From Discord? The Discord platform is widely used by millions of people around the world to communicate, collaborate, and play games.

While Discord ensures the privacy and security of its users, it may be necessary to locate a Discord user’s IP address for legitimate reasons, such as troubleshooting connectivity issues or addressing abusive behavior.

We will examine methods for finding the IP address of a Discord user in this blog post.

It is imperative to exercise caution and only request IP addresses with proper consent and for valid purposes.

We will discuss the importance of respecting privacy and using this information responsibly.

Can You Find Someone’s IP Address from Discord?

If you are using Discord IP Address Finder by iStaunch or Discord IP Resolver by iStaunch, you may find someone’s IP address from Discord.

However, it is not possible directly from Discord due to the app’s use of transport layer security. # Discord IP Address

Often times, one wants to locate an individual’s IP address but does not know how to do so.

Many people believe that Discord hosts its own server, which makes it almost impossible to obtain an IP address from Discord.

There are, however, several ways to find out the IP addresses of the people you want to engage with on Discord.

Today, we will discuss three ways to find out the IP addresses of those you want to engage with. # Discord IP Address

How To Find IP Address from Discord

In order to find someone’s IP address using Discord, you will need to use external tools. Here are three ways to accomplish this.

Using Discord IP Resolver

Discord IP resolver is a tool used to determine someone’s IP address based on their Discord user name. # Find IP Address From Discord

Use the steps below:

  1. Go to the settings page in Discord.
  2. Select “Advanced” from the menu.
  3. Activate “Developer Mode”.
  4. Click on “Esc” once it is enabled.
  5. Right-click the Discord username of your target person and select “Copy Id”.
  6. Discord IP Resolver can be accessed here.
  7. Click “Resolve” and paste the copied ID
  8. On screen, the target’s IP address will be displayed.

Using Discord IP Grabber

IP loggers can provide you with links to frequented sites your target person frequents that you can share with them.

Upon clicking the link, the traffic will first channel through the IP logger, which allows you to detect their IP without them being aware of it.

Here’s how to use the Grabify IP logger.

  1. Get the URL of a site that your target person usually visits.
  2. Copy the URL and paste it on the Grabify website.
  3. You can create a URL by clicking on “Create URL”.
  4. Take note of the Grabify screen’s IP address and copy the shortened URL.
  5. Send the copied link to the target person when you chat with them on Discord.
  6. Upon clicking the link, open Grabify and click on “Tracking Code”.
  7. Search for the entry with the details of the IP address for the shortened URL generated before.

To make this technique work, you must make the target person click the link willingly. Not that this requires social engineering tactics. # Find IP Address From Discord # Discord IP Grabber

Using Windows Command Prompt

On Windows PCs, users have access to a command prompt that allows them to perform a wide variety of tasks, including analyzing connections to their system and browser.

This method is only effective if the target individual is online. The following steps should be followed:

  1. Ensure that all apps and browsers are closed except the one you will be using.
  2. Go to Discord’s website and log in.
  3. Start your PC’s command prompt.
  4. Give the target person reasons to keep chatting on your Discord account.
  5. Type netstat -an at your command prompt.
  6. Chat with the target person until the command prompt displays “Established” as their state.
  7. The IP address should be copied last.

How to find someone ip address on Discord?

It is important to have the target’s Discord username or ID on hand in order to be able to locate the IP address.

This text describes how to acquire the IP address from Discord users. # ip address on Discord

By clicking on the user’s username in any Discord conversation, you can access the user’s profile page, which is available by clicking on their username.

In order to obtain the target’s IP address, it is necessary to have this information. Depending on the circumstances, this may be necessary to track down the user for legal or security reasons.

Find IP Address From Discord
Find IP Address From Discord

Access your target’s profile

In the following instructions, you are able to find someone’s IP address on Discord by adding them as a friend.

First, select the ‘Friends’ tab, located under ‘Groups’ on the left-hand side panel. Select the ‘Add Friend’ button and enter the target’s username in the provided bar.

If you have their ID instead, click on the ‘Friends’ tab, then click on the ‘Search’ button at the top of the page.

You can find the IP address of your target by entering their ID in the pop-up search box and clicking ‘Add Friend’. # ip address on Discord

Open the ‘User Settings’ section

Using the hamburger menu in the top right corner of Discord, select the option ‘User Settings’ in order to locate someone’s IP address.

Using this option, you will be able to access the settings page, where you can adjust your Discord profile’s basic settings.

Clicking on the ‘Connection’ tab on this page will display your connected device’s IP address, as well as the IP address of the device you are using to access Discord.

Open the ‘Network’ tab

This tab on the left side of the page can be used to locate the IP address of a Discord user.

Upon selecting the Network tab, the page will display the details of the connection that is currently in use. # ip address on Discord

It is possible to accurately determine the IP address of someone using Discord based on the information provided, including the IP address, type of connection, and name of the server that is being used.

Using this method may assist you in finding out where someone is located or in protecting yourself from potential cyberattacks.

Access the target’s IP address

Using Discord, you will need to go to the ‘Network’ tab in order to locate someone’s IP address.

Click on the ‘Copy IP Address’ button at the bottom of the page to copy your target’s IP address.

In order to track the user’s location, you must paste the IP address into another program or website. # ip address on Discord


Discord users can be identified by their IP address in certain situations, such as troubleshooting network problems or addressing abusive behavior.

Nevertheless, this process must be conducted in a prudent manner, respect privacy, and use the information obtained responsibly.

In order to ensure user privacy and security, Discord does not contain built-in features that facilitate easy access to IP addresses.

Without proper consent or for malicious purposes, attempting to determine someone’s IP address is not only unethical but also potentially illegal.

In the event that you genuinely require someone’s IP address for legitimate reasons, we recommend you contact Discord’s support team or consult their documentation for assistance.

Discord or any other online platform must be used responsibly to foster a positive and secure digital environment.

Respecting the privacy and safety of yourself and others is essential when using Discord or any other online platform.