How To FaceTime on Chromebook? Right Now

How To FaceTime on Chromebook? It is a very popular app that many Apple users have used over the years. It is simple to use, reliable, and available on a variety of devices.

However, the app can only be used on Apple products. As Apple had planned on making FaceTime cross-platform, many Chromebook users may end up finding FaceTime alternatives until it does that.

It is impossible to FaceTime on Chromebook because FaceTime is an Apple software that can only be used on Apple devices.

Since Google makes Chromebook, and Apple and Google are competing companies, FaceTime cannot be used on Chromebooks because Google and Apple are competitors.

In spite of this, this guide will explain how you can still FaceTime on a Chromebook using other platforms like Zoom, Skype, and a number of other cross-platform tools. # How To FaceTime on Chromebook?

When you find yourself trying to FaceTime with someone and your device does not support FaceTime, it can be frustrating and frustrating.

The following post will explain to you how to FaceTime on Chromebook, as well as some of the best alternatives to FaceTime on a Chromebook you can trust.

How To FaceTime on Chromebook?

The application FaceTime was developed by Apple, and it has made video conferencing possible between Apple users with ease. If you are busy, you can ask Siri to do a FaceTime for you with a specific contact. Many users have chosen to utilize FaceTime on other platforms as well, such as Chromebook, because of the ease and efficiency of it.

There are some other alternatives to FaceTime on Chromebooks, such as Skype that you can use if you don’t have an iPhone, but you cannot use FaceTime on Chromebooks because Apple still hasn’t made it cross-platform. Since Chromebooks run Google OS, this means that they cannot use FaceTime.

FaceTime had been envisioned as a cross-platform app by Apple, but due to VirtNetX’s patent rights, Apple was prevented from making the app available on a variety of devices, including Chromebooks, until the patent rights of VirtNetX expire.

The best FaceTime alternatives are explained in the following section if you are looking for a way to use FaceTime on a Chromebook or any other device.

However, if you would like to use FaceTime on a Chromebook, you will need to find an Apple device that allows you to access the software.

Are Chromebooks good for video conferencing?

The Chromebook makes a decent computer for video calls with friends and colleagues if you want to make one. # How To FaceTime on Chromebook?

With Chromebooks, you can start video chatting with people right out of the box, as they have a webcam that lets you see who you are talking to on their screen.

In light of the fact that these are cheap laptops, there are both advantages and disadvantages of using them for video calls.


  • The cost of a Chromebook is low (you can pick one up for under $100 used).
  • A webcam is built into them
  • There is a microphone on the table
  • Typically, webcams are HD at 720P or higher (or even higher).
  • Multiple cameras are available on some Chromebooks
  • There are Chromebooks that can be converted so you can use them for conference calls in an adjustable position


  • Poor lighting makes most models unusable
  • Sound quality isn’t great and the microphone is basic
  • There may be a feedback loop or poor sound quality during a call if you can only hear your friends and colleagues through the speakers
  • It’s also difficult to call or receive calls with certain apps and software (compatibility issues).

In general, Chromebooks are capable of basic video conferencing. You can use your device to talk to friends, colleagues, and family. As a business professional, you may want to consider investing in a more suitable laptop if your colleagues won’t be happy with poor video and sound quality.

Different ways To FaceTime on Chromebook

In spite of the fact that FaceTime cannot be used on Chromebooks, there is still the possibility of doing video conferencing on Chromebooks.

The good news is that there are numerous alternatives available on the market, and the best thing is that most of them are cross-platform, which means that they can be used on Apple, Google, and other devices without having to follow any restrictions.

On a Chromebook, you have a number of good options when it comes to alternative to FaceTime. # How To FaceTime on Chromebook?

Google Hangouts

With the help of Google Hangouts, you can chat with your family, friends, and coworkers using video chats over the Internet.

Besides video chats, with the help of Hangouts, you can also make voice calls, send photos, GIFs, emojis, and share maps with your contacts.

The Google Hangouts app also allows you to make a video chat with up to ten people if you wish, and you can have a group video chat with up to ten people at a time.

As Google Hangout is cross-platform, it doesn’t matter what device you are using, you can take advantage of its features regardless of which device you use.

Google Meet

A video conferencing application such as Google Meet is a great example of high quality software that can be used for free to do video conferences.

The software can be used by both small and large businesses. It also allows you to schedule meetings on Google Calendar for reminders.

There are a number of features you can use with Google Meet, but you will need a Google account to take advantage of them.

Moreover, you will be able to have up to 250 participants and 10.000 viewers on a live video stream using Google Meet.

Google Duo

In the same way that Apple’s FaceTime is an excellent alternative to Microsoft’s Skype, Google’s Google Duo can also be viewed as another possible alternative to FaceTime.

Google developed Google Duo in an attempt to enable users to have free video calls.

There exist a number of applications that offer high-quality video call services, and some of them are available for use on Chromebooks, iOS devices, and Android devices as well.

Google Duo stands out from the rest because it can work on any operating system and provides the best possible video call quality.


The Zoom application has established itself as one of the most widely used video-conferencing solutions, especially during the COVID pandemic, when companies, colleges, government agencies, and other organizations were attempting to hold large virtual meetings with large audiences.

There are two types of Zoom, which can be subscribed to or used for free, depending on your needs for video chats.

Zoom permits multiple participants to participate in a video chat at once, depending on what the purpose of the video chat is.


As one of the most popular instant messaging software developed by Microsoft, Skype offers users a variety of additional features and gives them the ability to do different things such as making voice calls, sending messages, sharing live screens, chatting, and even making video calls with a maximum of 100 people.

In addition, Skype is a cross-platform service that is very affordable, and all you need is a good Internet connection to get started. # How To FaceTime on Chromebook?

How to FaceTime for Chromebook?

In fact, FaceTime is not yet available for Android or Windows users, as it was designed to be used on iOS and Mac OS devices. Although FaceTime works really well on iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices, it isn’t yet open to Android users or Windows users.

In spite of the fact that there is no app to support Chromebooks, there is one great advantage of FaceTime – it is simply a video conferencing application, and there are many other alternatives to FaceTime that are just as effective.

How To FaceTime on Chromebook
How To FaceTime on Chromebook

In addition to FaceTime, Chromebooks are able to create video calls and sessions using Google Hangouts, a very good alternative to FaceTime.

I have found that Hangouts works really well for Chromebooks and is similar to using Skype on a PC for this type of video chat.

Since Chromebook is Google’s tool and if it is secure, most of Google’s apps do not support it. Chromebook users are limited to only Google apps, and they cannot enjoy other services because they are using a Mac or a Windows system.

Chromebooks are currently being planned by Google to work with all the apps and plugins that exist. They may become the best budget option for Windows and Mac laptops in the near future.

This is the first time that Facebook video has been compatible with WebRTC. You only have to click on your camera and microphone once to start the chat.

This feature is especially useful on Chrome OS devices such as Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. However, it can also be used on any computer that has Google Chrome installed.

How to Use Facetime on Chromebook?

In the United States, most people use Apple-based operating systems on a daily basis. The majority of people in the country prefer using the iPhone for their daily use. There is no way to use FaceTime for Android to iPhone.

FaceTime can only be used for video calls between iOS devices. In the following pages, we will show you all the steps, including all the details, for downloading, installing, and using FaceTime on Chromebook. Let’s start by giving you some basic information.

It is an instant-access application for video and audio calls that has become very popular over the years. The app was not developed for the iOS platforms, but has now been developed for the Chromebook platform.

This is a very good news for all Chromebook users because it hasn’t been available for the iOS platform yet. Many Chrome users have asked whether the FaceTime app is available on Chromebooks?

The FaceTime app is not available on Chromebooks because it is a product from Apple, so it will not work on Chromebooks. FaceTime App can only be used on Apple devices.

A Chromebook is a computer that has the convenience and portability of a tablet combined with the convenience and portability of a desktop computer.

A Chromebook is designed to be used on the internet, so all your data and documents are stored in the cloud, and the Google Chrome OS is based on Linux instead of Windows or Mac.

The Chromebook can be connected to the internet, so that you can access your files anywhere in the world. If, however, a user wishes to make a video call, he or she can use Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangout, or Viber.


Despite the fact that Apple originally intended to make FaceTime cross-platform, it has been unsuccessful, so you cannot use FaceTime on Chromebooks.

FaceTime has proven to be an effective application for video calls on iOS devices.

The best five alternatives you can use if you wish to use FaceTime are listed in this article. You will find out which applications work just like FaceTime here. # How To FaceTime on Chromebook?

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