How To Enable Youtube On Family Link? It is necessary to enable Family Link before you can enable YouTube on your child’s device. When you have configured your device, go to Settings > Google > Parental Controls on the device and click on it. You will be able to select the child or teen account you would like to enable from the list.

Select YouTube from the list of apps, then touch the “Approve” button to allow the app to be added to the device. When a video or application is deemed inappropriate for your child to view, a warning screen should appear. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to fix this problem.

Before the age of 13, YouTube should be added to Google Family Link. As soon as you open the Family Link app, you will need to sign in with your same Google account that you used to create your family. In the child’s profile, tap on the “YouTube” section to find the section for that child that you would like to add YouTube to.

After you have toggled the switch on, you will need to enter your YouTube login credentials by following the instructions. As soon as that is done, you will be able to watch videos with your family together! #How To Enable Youtube On Family Link?

How To Enable Youtube On Family Link?

Your child’s device will need to be installed with the YouTube app before you can begin using it. You will need to configure your account if you are using the free Google service if you want to be able to watch videos. Assuming you have set up a control account for the child, you can navigate to the profile name of the child by clicking the Manage Settings button. #How To Enable Youtube On Family Link?

Once the YouTube application is open, you can start watching videos. For an application to run Google, the parent must approve the permission from the child’s Google Play account. # How To Enable Youtube On Family Link?

Please ensure that your child’s device is already set up with your control account in order to enable YouTube on your child’s device. In order to set up a parent-group password for your child, you must ensure that he or she is at least 13 years old. You can then tap on the child’s profile name and then click the Manage Settings button under the profile name of the child. #How To Enable Youtube On Family Link?

You will now be able to enable YouTube by selecting the “Enable YouTube” option. When you have completed this step, you will see an option to enable or disable the parental controls on your device. #How To Enable Youtube On Family Link?

The first thing I think I should do is clarify some of the exact conditions under which YouTube can be installed on a device controlled by the Google Family Link system before I go any further with this article.

The first thing that I must tell you is that this operation cannot be performed if the minor is under the age of 13 years of age. Google, according to current regulations, deems children under the age of 13 as children, which means you will not be able to install YouTube on any of these profiles’ devices because Google considers them children.

YouTube Kids, however, does not suffer from this type of limitation – YouTube Kids is the version of YouTube that is designed specifically for children, and installation of it is not affected by the child’s age. #How To Enable Youtube On Family Link?

If you are interested in obtaining YouTube Kids on your child’s device, all you need to do is open the Play Store on the child’s device, type “YouTube Kids” into the search field located at the top, then give Send , select the first result received from the search and press the button Install displayed on the screen.

To complete the installation, you will be asked to enter the password of the Google account that is owned by the administrator of the family group in order to complete the installation. #How To Enable Youtube On Family Link?

How To Allow Youtube On Child Account?

It is also possible to set a daily limit on the number of days your child can use the various apps on their device by using Family Link. When your child uses Android, you will be able to see where he or she is using it when he or she is using it. This feature can be turned on by tapping the hourglass icon located next to the app’s icon in order to activate it. It is also possible to set up a limited location for Android devices, if you are using it for a parent or a child.

With The Family Link App:

  1. The Family Link app can be found on your device.
  2. Decide which child you want.
  3. Select Manage Settings from the menu. Watch YouTube videos.
  4. You can edit the settings under “YouTube Settings”.
  5. You can change the content settings by selecting the desired setting.
  6. You can confirm by pressing Select.

If your child has an Android device, you can enable Family Link on the device in order to control the amount of time they spend on screens. As soon as your child downloads an app, the parental app will automatically pop up a notification saying that the app has been downloaded.

This notification contains the name of the app, the name of the publisher, the average star rating, and the number of downloads that the app has received. It is possible to set a time limit in the settings menu by clicking on the “Edit” button under the “Time Limit” section. When your child watches a video, the app will notify them to turn it off.

How To Allow Youtube On Family Link Chromebook?

You will need to approve the Google Play Store request once your child has installed Family Link on their device, which can be done by going to the Google Play Store. The next step is to set restrictions for your child after he or she has been approved.

Additionally, you can also restrict the access that your child has to adult or inappropriate content, and you will be able to view and change these restrictions at any time as you see fit. You can remove parental controls and allow your child to access YouTube once they are 13 years of age and have a control account.

If you would like to remove parental controls from your child’s mobile device, you will have to manually approve each app they use in order to do so. By doing this, you will prevent your child from being able to access any content that is inappropriate for children on the Internet.

How To Enable Youtube On Family Link?
How To Enable Youtube On Family Link?

Once your child has been supervised for some time, he or she will be able to access YouTube on their own. As far as music is concerned, the same applies. As well as being able to control the playlist, you can also download music from the website. It will allow you to control what your kids watch on their devices, so you won’t have to worry about what they’re watching.

How To Enable Youtube Family Link?

As soon as you set the limits on your child’s device, you will need to manually approve every YouTube app that your child accesses on their device. Besides being able to manually approve each download your child makes, you can also instruct your child not to download anything that is classified as PEGI-12.

You will be able to prevent your child from seeing or watching inappropriate content, as he or she will not be exposed to it. Furthermore, you can also disable the limitations that are placed on the content that your child is allowed to view at any time.

As soon as you have enabled the parental control feature on your child’s device, you will be able to see all the activities that your child has been doing. The YouTube app will allow you to see what videos and music your child has watched, as well as manage the amount of time your child spends watching the videos and music. You can provide your children with access to Family Link on both Chromebooks and Android devices, so no matter what device they use, they will have access to it. #How To Enable Youtube On Family Link?

What Family Link doesn’t do?

There is no doubt that it is important for you to know what Family Link does, but what it does not do is even more important. It is not possible for parents to use Family Link to:

  • A child’s device can be viewed or controlled remotely.
  • Listen to your child’s calls, view their email or text history, and see their search and browsing history. Monitoring software is required for this. 
  • Find out what the password is for your child’s account or lock screen. Keep track of your child’s passwords with a password manager app.
  • Your child’s device should be erased.
  • Make sure your child cannot stop being supervised.

What a relief! After you have set up Family Link, you will be able to rest easy knowing that you have taken the first step towards teaching healthy screen habits to your children and preventing them from accessing inappropriate material on the internet. It should be noted that no filter is perfect.

If something slips through the filtering system, make sure that you talk to your children about pornography and other online dangers, so they know what to do should they come across something that isn’t what they expected. #How To Enable Youtube On Family Link?