How To Embed Discord Into Website? Right Now

How To Embed Discord Into Website? You can use Discord, a popular online communication platform for gamers, communities, and teams, to promote engagement and interaction within your online community.

The integration of Discord chat, voice channels, and user presence into your website creates a unified experience for your visitors by seamlessly integrating your server’s chat, voice channels, and user presence.

Whether you’re a website owner, a community administrator, or streamer looking to connect with your community, this comprehensive guide will take you through the steps to embed Discord into your website.

We’ll explore different methods to achieve embedding, including using the built-in widgets and third-party plugins.

We’ll explore how to integrate Discord into your online community and enhance its communication and camaraderie using the power of Discord!

What Is a Discord Widget?

You can embed a Discord server on your website if you want to promote it, so that more people will join your community.

It is a Discord client version you can integrate into your website that lets you display members and channels of a Discord server. Furthermore, the widget creates an invite link to the server.

Users can chat using Discord without having to use its desktop or browser versions, by viewing the widget’s details and clicking the invite link. #Discord Widget

In this article, we will cover both methods for adding the widget to your website. Directly copy the widget code into your server’s settings or use WidgetBot, which does the same thing.

How To Embed Discord Into Website

It is possible to promote your Discord server by embedding the Discord widget on your website.

If you have a highly trafficked website, adding the Discord widget would give your visitors the option of joining your Discord community.

Here are two ways to embed the Discord widget if that’s what you’re looking for.

Using a Discord Bot

Here’s how you can embed your Discord channel into your website using WidgetBot.

  1. Click the link in the bot’s invitation.
  2. Click “Continue” once you have selected your server.
  3. To authorize it, click the “Authorize” button.
  4. Using the “/crate” command, open the server.
  5. Obtain the generated code and copy it.
  6. Go to the admin section of your website.
  7. Copy the code and paste it into your HTML.

There you go. You’ve successfully embedded Discord on your website.

Using Discord Widget System

In this method, you will be able to embed a Discord server directly from the server settings on your website.

After you copy the embed code, you can paste it on your website to display the widget.

You must be an admin to embed a Discord server. # Using Discord Widget System

Let’s get into the details.

  1. Launch Discord on your desktop.
  2. On the left, click the target server.
  3. On the top left, click the down arrow and select “Server Settings.”.
  4. Click on the “Widgets” tab from the left sidebar.
  5. On the top, enable the “Enable Server Widget” option.
  6. Tap the down arrow under “Invite Channels” and select the correct one.
  7. Copy the embed code for the particular server by clicking “Copy” next to the “Premade Widget” section.
  8. Make sure the code is implemented on your website.

As soon as your website is published, the Discord widget will appear live, and when you preview the changes, you will be able to see it.

Can I embed Discord in WordPress?

Because of the security restrictions and limitations imposed by WordPress itself, it can be challenging to embed Discord directly into WordPress.

It is possible to integrate Discord functionality into your WordPress website with alternative methods and plugins. Here are some examples:

1. Discord Widget:

It is possible to display your server’s chat and voice channels on your website through Discord’s official widget. # Can I embed Discord in WordPress

While the widget cannot be directly embedded into WordPress posts and pages, you can add it to your sidebar, footer, or other widget areas. # Can I embed Discord in WordPress

The Discord widget for WordPress can be added by following these steps:

  • Navigate to the settings of your Discord server.
  • Navigate to “Widgets” and click on it.
  • Generate the widget’s code and customize its appearance.
  • Select “Appearance” > “Widgets” from the WordPress admin panel.
  • Create a widget area for “Custom HTML”.
  • Put the widget code generated by Discord into the widget.

2. Discord Chat Plugins:

It is possible to connect your WordPress site to Discord through plugins, allowing users to chat directly with your server.

  • It is possible to integrate Discord into your WordPress site via plugins such as “WP Discord Post Plus,” “Discord Integration,” and “Better Discord Integration.”

Embed Discord Into Website
Embed Discord Into Website

3. Discord Buttons:

Discord buttons and badges can be added to your WordPress site, linking to your Discord server, allowing users to join instantly. # Can I embed Discord in WordPress

  • The Discord website has a “Widget” tab where you can customize the buttons.

4. iFrame Embeds (Advanced):

Some users have attempted to embed the entire Discord web client into their WordPress websites using iFrames, although this is not recommended due to potential security risks and performance issues.

  • In general, Discord’s terms of service and security vulnerabilities prevent this method from being recommended.

You should look for the latest plugins and solutions available in the WordPress plugin repository or from trusted sources in order to ensure that you have the most up-to-date solutions.

How do I add Discord embed to my website?

The official Discord widget or third-party plugins/widgets can be used to embed Discord on your website.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Method 1: Using Discord’s Official Widget:

  1. Discord server settings can be found there.
  2. To install a widget, click the “Widgets” tab on the left-hand menu.
  3. Select a dark or light theme, adjust width, and enable member list display to match your website’s design.
  4. To copy the widget code, click the “Copy” button once your customization is complete.
  5. You can paste the copied code in any widgetized area of your website platform (e.g., sidebar, footer).

Method 2: Using Third-Party Plugins/Widgets:

  1. In your website platform’s app store or plugin repository, look for Discord integration plugins or widgets.
  2. Choose a plugin/widget for your website and install it.
  3. To customize the Discord embed, follow the plugin/widget instructions.
  4. Once you save the changes, the Discord embed will automatically appear on your website.

Method 3: Custom Discord API Integration (Advanced):

  1. Using Discord’s API, you can integrate your website with Discord if you are a developer.
  2. Learn how to authenticate and access Discord data from the Discord API documentation.
  3. Implement the integration so that your website displays content (e.g., online members, chat messages) as desired.
  4. Embrace the integration into the HTML and backend of your website.

Method 4: Using Discord Buttons or Badges:

  1. Your Discord server can be linked via a button or badge if all you want is a link.
  2. Under the “Widgets” section of the Discord website, create a Discord button or badge.
  3. Obtain the generated code after customizing the button/badge.
  4. Add the code to the HTML of your website or to any widgetized area on your site.

When integrating Discord into your website, make sure you follow Discord’s terms of service and guidelines.

Also, test the embed on different devices and browsers to make sure it works smoothly.

With a Discord embed on your website, you can provide your users with an engaging and cohesive experience by allowing them to interact directly with your Discord community.


Your online community can enjoy a seamless and interactive experience by embedding Discord into your website.

You can keep your community engaged, connected, and active by integrating the chat, voice channels, and user presence directly into your website.

We’ve discussed a variety of ways to integrate Discord into a website.

From discord’s built-in widgets to third-party plugins and integrations, you have a variety of options available to suit your needs.

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