How to Download Instagram Messages? Would you like to download your Instagram messages easily and safely, but are not sure how to do it? If yes, we can help you with that. Just read the article below to discover a simple way to do it.

Instagram is one of the biggest and most popular social networking platforms in the world, used by millions of people every day. What Instagram allows its users to do is share photos, videos, direct messages, stories, and reels with each other.

In the beginning, Instagram was designed primarily to allow users to upload pictures and videos, however after a while, Instagram introduced the “Instagram Direct Messages” feature, which allows users to send direct messages to other Instagram users, which makes it easier for them to communicate.

It is our intention in this article to walk you through the process of downloading Instagram data, as well as the messages that you have left on Instagram.

How To Download Instagram Messages?

In Instagram, you can communicate both publicly and privately with your followers, mutual friends, and other Instagram users. You can use the app’s private messaging feature to send messages to anyone in the world. You do not have to follow or be followed by that user to do so, and these messages are not visible to anyone other than the recipients themselves.

If after 90 days, we still have copies of your content in backup storage that can be used to recover if there is a disaster, a software malfunction, or other event that leads to a loss of data. We may also keep your content for reasons such as legal issues, restrictions on use, or harm prevention efforts.

Step 1: Launch the web version of Instagram by clicking on the following link:

It is important to open the Instagram platform from your preferred web browser and then log in to your account after opening the platform.

Step 2: Click on the profile icon on the right side of the screen 

At the upper-right corner of the screen, you will find an icon that says “Profile”. Click on it if you would like to access your profile.

Step 3: Tap on Settings

The next step would be to choose the Settings alternative, and then click on the Privacy & Security alternative that will appear in the pop-up window that appears after you have chosen Settings.

Step 4: Request Data Download

 Scroll down a bit and locate ‘Data download’. Then choose the option ‘Request Download’, available just below it. 

Step 5: Verify Your Identity

After you have completed the process of verifying your identity, you will be asked to provide your credentials once again. Click on the Login again button.

Step 6: Enter Your Email address

In order to receive your complete file, you will need to enter your email address in order to receive a link to the file      

Step 7: Re-enter your password after entering it the first time

Then, you can request a download of your Instagram data by entering your Instagram password once again, and selecting the ‘Request download’ button. If you do, you will receive an email from Instagram containing a subject line like ‘Your Instagram Data’ within 48 hours. However, depending on the type and size of your data, you may receive it in a shorter amount of time.

Step 8: Download Data From Email

As soon as you receive the email, you need to click on the ‘download data’ alternative in the email, which will download all of the shared Instagram data in a ZIP file to your own storage device.

Step 9: Extract Contents

After downloading the ZIP file, you will need to extract its contents in order to view the contents.

Step 10: Find And Run Json File

If you look in the data, you will find a file named ‘messages.json’, which needs to be run with a text editor in order to find your Instagram messages that have been downloaded from Instagram. # How to Download Instagram Messages?

How to export Instagram messages?

The best way to manage Instagram messages is to keep things as simple as possible. Every single Instagram direct message is sent by a real person who takes their time to reach out to you. Whether you manage a small Instagram shop or a global brand, managing Instagram messages is an integral part of social media marketing. # How to export Instagram messages?

How to Download Instagram Messages?
How to Download Instagram Messages?

It is important to understand why people export conversations in the first place. It is usually done when they want to gather social media engagement and add it to their CRM system, or they want to prepare advanced reports such as sentiment analysis, response time rate, etc. # How to Download Instagram Messages?

As you read through the steps below, you will find out all the details about Instagram you can download in HTML format, including DM’s, comments, likes, story histories, archived posts, Instagram stickers interaction history, and many more details. If you want to export Instagram messages from your mobile phone or from your desktop, you need to follow the same steps. # How to export Instagram messages?

1. To start, click on the menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen. A menu icon for Instagram

2. Tap Settings. Configuration

3. Click on Security. Provide Insights into security

4: Select Download Data from the Data & History list. Download Instagram messages – Export Instagram messages

5: Write down your email address and password and request the data.

E-mail sent screen when exporting Instagram messages. You will receive an email from Instagram with a link once the data has been processed. Please note that the link will only be active for 4 days after the date we send it. 

Final words

As an alternative to this, you can also use some third-party apps that will allow you to download your Instagram messages. However, Instagram does not recommend you rely on such apps as they may compromise your security and privacy.

As you will see, we have provided you with the safest and most effective method for getting your Instagram Direct Messages back, especially if you have deleted them mistakenly. We hope that this article is of assistance to you in serving your purpose. # How to Download Instagram Messages? # How to export Instagram messages?