How To Do Strikethrough on Instagram? Complete Guide

How To Do Strikethrough on Instagram? Incorporate a “strikethrough” effect into your captions or comments to create a touch of emphasis or humor.

This nifty text style allows you to cross out words. It is, however, not as obvious how to use the strikethrough feature as bold or italic text, so many users wonder how to use it.

I’m here to tell you how to make your text stand out with a strikethrough on Instagram. Let’s get creative and learn how to make a bold statement with a strikethrough on Instagram in this blog!

Let’s get creative and master the simple steps to master this formatting technique and enhance your Instagram captions like a pro! # Strikethrough on Instagram

To strikethrough text on Instagram:

1. Check out the Strikethrough app.

2. To strikethrough text, enter it here.

3. Choose the strikethrough type.

4. Copy the text by clicking the “Copy” button.

5. Copy the strikethrough text and paste it anywhere on Instagram.

Using strikethrough on Instagram is different depending on the device you’re using.

For instance, you don’t have to visit another app or webpage before you can use strikethrough on an iPhone. # How To Do Strikethrough on Instagram?

What Is Strikethrough?

There has been a long history of strikethrough, which signifies the removal of text while writing. Centuries ago, strikethrough had a practical purpose.

It has become commonplace to use strikethroughs for formatting your texts these days, especially on the internet. It adds style and uniqueness to your text.

In contrast to its original purpose, you’ll notice that many words with a strikethrough on the internet have no problem with it.

That’s because a strikethrough is now a way of talking without saying anything.

How To Do Strikethrough on Instagram?

Because Instagram doesn’t have an in-built strikethrough function, you’ll need to download a strikethrough app or another text formatting app that supports strikethroughs. # Strikethrough on Instagram

YayText is a popular and user-friendly strikethrough tool that can be used on Instagram. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Open the web browser and navigate to
  2. In the text area (“Your Text”), enter the text you want to strikethrough.
  3. Click the “Copy” button next to the strikethrough (short, long, or tilde) you like best.
  4. No matter what device you are using, open Instagram.
  5. On Instagram, paste the strikethrough text wherever you like.

How To Do Strikethrough on Instagram with iOS?

iOS gadgets have the official Notes app that lets you strikethrough text, so you can do it without needing an additional app or website. # Strikethrough on Instagram

You can create a strikethrough with Instagram’s Notes app by following these steps:

  1. Open your iOS device’s Notes app.
  2. Right below the create button, tap the Create button.
  3. On your keyboard, press “Aa”.
  4. Strike through the icon indicated by a horizontal line with the letter “s”.
  5. Put your text in the text box.
  6. To select all your text, tap on it and choose “Select All”.
  7. Select “Copy” from the menu.
  8. On your mobile device, launch the Instagram app.
  9. Strike through the text and paste it wherever you like

How do you put a Strikethrough on Instagram stories?

There is no built-in way for Instagram Stories to add a strikethrough effect directly to text.

Instagram Stories’ text editor does not offer a strikethrough style by default, as opposed to standard text editing options such as bold, italic, and underline.

The strikethrough effect on Instagram Stories can be added using creative workarounds by some users.

Using apps or photo editing tools that allow you to apply text effects, such as strikethrough, to your Stories is one common method. # put a Strikethrough on Instagram storiestrikethrough on Instagram

Here’s a guide to getting started:

  1. It is possible to edit text in photos using third-party apps that are available in app stores.
  2. Apply the strikethrough effect to the text you enter in the app’s text editor.
  3. Create a transparent PNG file or image from the edited text with a strikethrough effect.
  4. Tap on your profile picture or the camera icon in the top-left corner of Instagram to create a new Story.
  5. To add text to your Story, swipe up or tap the “Aa” icon.
  6. Choose the image or PNG file you previously saved from the “Photo” sticker option in the toolbar.
  7. Make the strikethrough effect fit your Story by adjusting the text size and position.
  8. If you would like to add stickers, GIFs, or other elements to your Story, you can do so.

There may be risks associated with using third-party applications to modify text for Instagram Stories, and it is not officially supported to use them. # put a Strikethrough on Instagram stories

It is also possible that Instagram’s features and functionalities will be updated in the future, so new text effects may be added to Stories in the future.

Strikethrough on Instagram
Strikethrough on Instagram

Keep your Instagram presence positive and compliant by using third-party apps and tools responsibly, ensuring they are from reputable sources and follow Instagram’s rules and guidelines.

Can I use Strikethrough on Instagram?

There is no direct way in Instagram’s standard text editor to cross out words in captions or comments. Unlike bold and italic text, there is no direct button for doing so.

The strikethrough effect can however be created using alternative methods that have been developed by some users. # Can I use Strikethrough on Instagram

One common workaround involves using special Unicode characters that resemble the strikethrough effect.

Although these characters are not standard English letters or symbols, they are supported by Instagram’s text rendering.

Here’s how you can use Unicode characters to create a strikethrough effect:

  1. Take notes in a note-taking app or use the built-in text editor on your phone to write your caption or comment.
  2. To convert your text to Unicode characters with the strikethrough effect, use a strikethrough generator or website.
  3. Take the strikethrough text from the generator and copy it.
  4. Copy the text and paste it into your Instagram caption or comment.

Third-party websites and generators may be risky, since they might not be secure or could violate Instagram’s terms of service and cause account issues.

Instagram’s formatting options and features may change over time, and a strikethrough effect may become available in future updates.

Keep an eye out for Instagram’s official announcements and app updates to stay up-to-date on the latest features and formatting options. # Can I use Strikethrough on Instagram


You’ve now learned how to add a strikethrough effect to your Instagram captions and comments.

This simple formatting trick will help you emphasize words, add a playful touch, or even create eye-catching calls-to-action that will capture attention.

You can only format text on Instagram, including strikethrough, within certain limitations, such as captions and comments.

Despite the fact that this feature isn’t available directly for stories or bio sections, you can still use it by composing your text in Notes and copying it into the desired field.

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