How To Do Split Screen on TikTok? Complete Guide

How To Do Split Screen on TikTok? A new feature on TikTok, the world of short-form creative expression, keeps content creators engaged and their audiences entertained all the time.

The “Split Screen” effect, for example, provides a dynamic twist to your videos. On TikTok, you can collaborate with other creators, compare scenes side-by-side, or even share your reactions to your own video.

In order to master this exciting feature, you’ve come to the right place. Our guide will teach you how to use TikTok’s split screen to create captivating videos and reveal a world of creativity.

A split-screen feature was launched on TikTok, which allows users to divide their screen into two frames while sharing or creating videos. # How To Do Split Screen on TikTok?

Unfortunately, this effect only supports two screens, but you can add additional splits by using third-party apps.

To add a split-screen, you need the duet effect on TikTok, which we will discuss in detail.

Furthermore, we will mention other third-party apps that support multiple split screens.

Furthermore, we will cover frequently asked questions about TikTok and split-screen. # How To Do Split Screen on TikTok?

Why are there split screens on Tiktok?

Creators often used third-party editing tools and creative techniques to simulate split-screen effects on TikTok because the app did not have a built-in split-screen feature like some other social media platforms.

  1. Split-screen videos show comparisons between two similar or contrasting things. This might be two products, two hairstyles, or two dance routines.
  2. Split-screen effects may be used when two or more TikTok creators collaborate on a video.
  3. The original video can be displayed on one side and the reaction on the other in a split-screen.
  4. Split-screen videos can help demonstrate how a process works or demonstrate a before-and-after effect.
  5. Split-screen storytelling: Some creators use multiple perspectives or timelines simultaneously in their stories.

Despite not having a native split-screen feature at that time, TikTok constantly evolves, and new features are introduced regularly.

I recommend exploring TikTok’s features and updates to see if they have added a split-screen feature or other creative features since my last update. # Why are there split screens on Tiktok

How To Do Split Screen on TikTok?

Using TikTok’s split-screen feature, you can create two smaller screens and apply different effects to them to create some unique and interesting content for your audience.

There are different ways of using split-screen. One is to create a TikTok video in which two people dance simultaneously. # How To Do Split Screen on TikTok?

Split Screen on TikTok
Split Screen on TikTok

Adding a Split Screen on TikTok

Use TikTok’s split-screen effect by following these steps: # Adding a Split Screen on TikTok

  1. Activate your TikTok account and open the app.
  2. Click the plus sign at the bottom of your screen to add videos and images.
  3. By clicking the icon on the right, and then clicking “Next”, you can either record a video of making a split-screen or select one from your phone’s gallery.
  4. You will see different effects that can be added. Click the effects to open the various add-ons.
  5. Select the split effect, click and hold, and wait for your video to split into two screens.

Here’s how to add a split-screen to your TikTok video. # How To Do Split Screen on TikTok? # Adding a Split Screen on TikTok

If you would like to split-screen someone’s content, you can use these steps:

  1. Click the arrow icon next to the video you want to use.
  2. Select duet in the menu that appears.
  3. The layout for the split-screen will be determined by the duet you select.
  4. On the first screen, you will see the video you chose in step 1. On the second screen, you will record the content you wish to share.
  5. Click the tick icon and add other effects to the video once you’ve recorded it.
  6. At the bottom right, click post after adding the effects.

It is a downside of using TikTok for the split screen that you can only have two screens.

If you need to add additional screens, you can use other third-party apps. # How To Do Split Screen on TikTok? # Adding a Split Screen on TikTok

How To Do A Split screen Duet on TikTok

There is also the duet feature in TikTok, which allows you to divide your video in two.

As opposed to the previous feature, this one requires you to use other users’ content. # Do A Split screen Duet on TikTok

  1. Go TikTok duet with the video you want.
  2. Choose Duet from the Share icon.
  1. There are several layout options, from side-to-side to a green screen.
  2. The video will appear on your screen as you add it to TikTok.
  3. Archived videos are available on another screen.
  4. On the right, tap the icon (tick).
  5. Enhance the effect.
  6. Once you are ready, click Post.

How Do You Split Screen on TikTok Using Third-Party Apps?

It is possible to divide TikTok videos with any software. If you have any software preference that gives you desired editing features, then go for it. # Split Screen on TikTok

Editor software will give you more flexibility and allow you to split a TikTok video into multiple segments.

It will also offer you some editing tools you can try to improve the quality of your video.

The best TikTok video editing software will help you divide the video into pieces. Each editing software will have its own features and settings. # Split Screen on TikTok


You can keep your audience engaged with TikTok as it continues to evolve and introduce new features.

You can tell your story visually with the split screen feature whether you’re collaborating with fellow creators or showcasing your talent.

TikTok’s split screen videos offer endless creative possibilities, so try them out.

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