How to Delete Reddit Account on iPhone? The Reddit iPhone app allows you to delete your account. This process is called Deactivate Account. To proceed, press your avatar in the upper left corner of the screen.

Next, select Settings and then Deactivate Account. Please enter your password to complete this process.

In spite of the ease with which you can delete your Reddit account by deactivating it, there are some things you must keep in mind before you do so, including having to manually delete your posts.

In some cases, this method does not work, so troubleshooting will be required.

There have been some data confidentiality issues with social platforms like Reddit in the past. As a result, using Reddit can be time-consuming and can add to your digital clutter.

In the past, social platforms such as Reddit have shared user information with third parties, which has not been well received by users.

The GDPR compliance program can help fill these gaps to a large extent, but many organizations are still not fully compliant.

It is possible that you are not aware that you can disable information sharing on Reddit from your profile settings, since this is not something that Reddit openly advertises.

You may want to consider leaving Reddit altogether if you are concerned that your personal information may be misused. # How to Delete Reddit Account On iPhone

Why delete Reddit account on iPhone

In order to delete a Reddit account from an iPhone, there are several reasons for doing so.

Users may remove their account due to privacy concerns, as they may not wish their personal information to be associated with Reddit.

It is possible to delete a Reddit account on an iPhone for a variety of reasons, such as no longer using the platform or losing interest in the topics being discussed.

It is also possible to delete a Reddit account for any other reason. Reddit app users can accomplish this by navigating to their profile icon, selecting “Settings,” then selecting “Account Settings.”

From there, they can select “Deactivate Account” and follow the prompts to permanently delete their account.

After an account has been deleted, it cannot be recovered, and all associated data, including posts, comments, and messages, will also be permanently deleted.

It is therefore important for users to ensure that they have saved any important data before deleting their accounts.

How to Delete Reddit Account On iPhone?

Deactivating your Reddit account on iPhone is the standard method for deleting your account.

This process requires you to know your Reddit username and password, especially if you are not currently logged in. # How to Delete Reddit Account On iPhone

In case the above method does not work, you may also deactivate your Reddit account through any internet browser installed on your iPhone by visiting the Reddit website.

There are a few essential points to take note of, which will be discussed further on in this article: 

  • In the event that you create a new account, you will not be able to reuse your old username.
  • Your posts and comments must be manually deleted before you can delete your account.
  • Before deleting your Reddit account, you must cancel your Reddit Premium subscription.

Deleting Reddit Account with iPhone app

If you wish to deactivate your Reddit account on the iPhone app, please follow these steps:

  1. In the first step, open the Reddit iPhone app and enter your Reddit username and password.
  2. Press the avatar icon in the upper left corner of the app.
  3. Next, select Settings, located under Support, and finally select Deactivate Account.
  4. You have been deactivated and your Reddit account has been deleted.

Deleting Reddit Account with Reddit Website

In the event that the method above does not work, you may have to deactivate your Reddit account on the Reddit website in any web browser installed on your iPhone in order to delete it.

The process can usually be performed via the modern Reddit website, but in the event that it does not work, you will need to deactivate your account using the old Reddit website.

Modern Reddit Website # Deleting Reddit Account

  1. Firstly, you should open a web browser on your iPhone and visit
  2. Please enter your username and password to access your Reddit account.
  3. The Deactivate Account section can be found by clicking on Account Settings and scrolling down.
  4. You can deactivate your account by clicking on the button.
  5. Please enter your Reddit password if prompted.
  6. There has been a deactivation of your Reddit account, which has resulted in its deletion.

How to Delete Reddit Account On iPhone
How to Delete Reddit Account On iPhone

Old Reddit Website

  1. Visit in your iPhone web browser.
  2. Sign in to your Reddit account using your username and password.
  3. The Deactivate tab can be found under Preferences.
  4. Please enter your Reddit password and username when prompted.
  5. Select Deactivate Account from the menu.
  6. You have been deactivated and your Reddit account has been deleted.

Why can’t I delete my Reddit account?

There may be several reasons why you are unable to delete your Reddit account.

Below are a few possible explanations.

  • In order to prevent users from deleting their accounts out of anger or frustration, Reddit requires users to wait at least 30 days before deleting their accounts.

  • This allows them to reconsider their decision before deleting their accounts.

  • To ensure that the account owner is making the request to delete the account, Reddit may require users to confirm their email address before they can delete their account.

  • You may not be able to delete your account if you have pending activity on your account, such as comments or posts that are still being reviewed by moderators.

  • You may experience technical issues on Reddit’s end preventing you from deleting your account. If you are experiencing issues, we suggest clearing your cache and cookies and using a different browser or device.

  • A banned account cannot be deleted. In this situation, you will need to contact Reddit’s support team.

It is possible that you will need to contact Reddit’s support team if you have tried all of these solutions and still cannot delete your Reddit account.

Reddit’s support team will be able to assist you in resolving the issue. # Why can’t I delete my Reddit account

Is Reddit account deletion instant?

The deletion of an account on Reddit is not an instant process. Upon requesting the deletion of your account, Reddit requires a waiting period of 30 days before the account becomes permanently deleted.

During this 30-day period, your account will be deactivated and your username will be removed from the Reddit site, but your account information and data will remain on Reddit’s servers.

During this waiting period, you will have the opportunity to reconsider your decision to delete your account if you decide to change your mind. #Is Reddit account deletion instant

Once your account has been deactivated, you may reactivate it by logging back in with your username and password within a 30-day period if you decide to keep it.

When the 30-day waiting period has expired, your account will be permanently deleted, and its information and data will no longer be accessible. # Is Reddit account deletion instant

Although your account will be deactivated during the waiting period, you may still see your posts and comments, but they will no longer be associated with your username when they are visible.

You may also continue to have access to your account information and data even after you have deleted your Reddit account through any third-party services or websites that you have connected to your account.

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You should be careful about sharing your personal information on other social media sites as well if data privacy is one of the reasons why you are leaving Reddit.

Identity theft and burglary can occur when you share personal information on social media sites, such as your age, location, and holiday announcements.

Read the privacy policies of the social media sites you have joined and be cautious about the information you share.

Make sure that social media platforms do not have location access and that your privacy settings are adjusted so that postings can only be shared with family and trusted friends.

We would appreciate it if you could let us know if you encountered any additional issues while deleting your Reddit account that we did not address in this article. # How to Delete Reddit Account On iPhone