How To Delete Pokemon Go Account? Right Now

How To Delete Pokemon Go Account? It is estimated that Pokemon Go has been downloaded over a billion times. This popular application has become a worldwide phenomenon, and players or gamers of all ages are enjoying playing this game all over the world.

Developed and published in 2016 by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, Pokemon Go is a free to play mobile game of the augmented reality genre that is available on smartphones and tablets. Both iOS and Android devices are supported by the game, which has been developed for both platforms.

Recently, the game has attracted controversy as several governments and users alike have expressed genuine concerns about the security and privacy of the app used by the game, leading to the game attracting controversy in the news.

It is important for users to ensure that their personal data is not accessed by apps. Consequently, the growing privacy concern is leading users to leave the app altogether as a result of the growing privacy concerns. # How To Delete Pokemon Go Account?

You don’t have to play Pokémon Go anymore. Here’s how to do it. You have to do a lot more than simply deleting the app if you wish to remove all the information associated with your account. The process of deleting your Pokémon Go account can be quite easy, but the app does not allow you to do it from within the app itself. If you would like to delete your account, you will have to visit Niantic’s website and complete their account deletion request form.

How to delete Pokemon Go account?

  • You can find support for Pokemon Go on the official website 
  • Request forms require your email address and username.
  • You can delete your account by choosing ‘delete my account’ from the dropdown menu under the issue category.
  • Describe why you want to delete your Pokemon Go account or deactivate it.
  • You can permanently delete your account by entering the captcha code and clicking submit.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

The process of removing data and deleting the account will take a few days or weeks and it may not be completed immediately.

  • It is completely irreversible that the account and data will be permanently deleted.
  • The e-mail ID you used to create your previous Pokemon Go account will not be able to be used to create a new account on Pokemon Go.
  • Creating a new account and logging in to the game in the future will require you to have a new e-mail ID in case you wish to play the game again.

How do I delete my Pokémon Go account to start over?

Go to the Pokémon Go application and click on the avatar icon located in the top left corner of your screen. This will allow you to delete your Pokémon Go account. Go to the “Settings” menu on the left side of the screen. Click on “Accounts” at the bottom of the screen, then tap on “Remove Account”.

In order to delete your account, click on “Delete My Account” and then click on the “Delete Account” button to confirm your decision. # How To Delete Pokemon Go Account?

How to delete all data on Pokémon Go?

It is important to realize that Pokémon Go is a mobile game that requires a lot of data to be downloaded to the device and transferred to the device. By downloading maps for the game, you will be able to exceed the game’s storage limit of 500 MB, which may seem like a lot, but it is not impossible.

It is important to know that by deleting all data from Pokémon Go, you will remove both the app itself as well as all the user information it contains, which includes the player’s name, e-mail address, as well as any other information that may need to be deleted from it.

How to transfer Pokemon between Pokemon Go accounts?

To transfer Pokemon from one Pokemon account to another, you must use the Transfer option under the Pokeball icon in the game to transfer Pokemon from one account to another. As soon as you select that option, you will be able to select which account you would like to transfer money from and to.

Can I transfer Pokemon from home to go?

There is a possibility that Pokemon can be transferred between your mobile device and the game. The process for this can be done by selecting ‘Transfer Pokémon’ from the Settings menu on your mobile device. Then you will be able to select which Pokemon you would like to transfer.

How to delete Pokemon linked account on Google?

Delete an account that is linked to Pokemon on Google will require you to log into the Pokemon Company’s website and enter your login credentials in order to delete the Pokemon linked account. 

Your account can be deleted once you are logged in.

Can I change the email linked to my Pokémon Go account?

It is possible for you to change your Pokémon Go account’s linked email address at any time. There is one thing to keep in mind however: this method only works if you have not yet created a Trainer Club account. The easiest way to create a new Pokémon Go account if you already have a Trainer Club account would be to use the email address associated with your Trainer Club account in order to create a new Pokémon Go account.

Please select “Pokémon Go” from the Settings menu on your phone in order to change your email address. # How To Delete Pokemon Go Account?

Can I use 2 Pokemon Go accounts on 1 phone?

On one phone you are able to have two Pokemon Go accounts, so yes, you can do that. This can be done by logging out of the first account and then logging in to the second account as soon as possible after you have done this. # How To Delete Pokemon Go Account?

Can you get banned for Poke Genie?

As far as Poke Genie is concerned, you cannot be banned from playing it. You are not required to have a username or an email address to use this app as it is completely free. # How To Delete Pokemon Go Account?

Can you merge two Pokémon Go accounts?

A Pokémon Go account can be merged with another Pokémon Go account if you wish.

This can be achieved by following the following steps:

1) You must open your phone’s settings and tap “Pokémon Go” once you have done that.

2) Tap on “Sign Out” on the first screen, and then “Sign In” on the next screen to sign in.

3) On the next screen, enter the username and password of the account you wish to merge with.

How To Delete Pokemon Go Account?
How To Delete Pokemon Go Account?

Can you have more than one Pokémon Go account?

As far as Pokémon Go is concerned, you can have more than one account. In case you are caught using multiple accounts to cheat on the game, your accounts will be banned if you are caught.

Is it legal to sell Pokemon Go accounts?

There is no problem with selling Pokemon Go accounts as they are legal. The fact that there are so many websites that provide this service does not prevent them from complying with any terms of service.

How to delete a Pokémon HOME account?

You will need to log out of the Pokémon GO app first after logging in in order to delete a Pokémon GO account. Then go to the settings menu and select “Delete Account” in the bottom left corner of the screen once you’ve logged out. On the following screen, you will be asked for your password and prompted to tap “OK” in order to proceed.

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