How To Copy Stickers in WhatsApp? Complete Guide

How To Copy Stickers in WhatsApp? Our communication experience has been revolutionized by WhatsApp, which offers a wide range of features for enhancing our messaging experience.

One such feature is stickers, which let us express ourselves creatively and add fun elements to our conversations.

Despite the vast number of stickers available on WhatsApp, you may come across unique and customized stickers that you want to use.

In this blog post, we will look at different ways to copy stickers in WhatsApp.

We’ll guide you through the steps to expand your sticker collection and personalize your WhatsApp conversations, regardless of whether you want to save stickers from a chat or extract them from external sources.

In WhatsApp, stickers are stored in the WhatsApp folder.

Backup WhatsApp to Google Drive or iCloud, respectively, if you want to copy stickers from an Android phone to an iPhone phone.

For Android to Android, copy the WhatsApp sticker folder from one phone to another.

Sign into your Google Drive or iCloud, then restore your WhatsApp with the same phone number.

Why Copy WhatsApp Stickers in WhatsApp?

A WhatsApp sticker works much like an emoji, only it’s funnier and is a more effective way to communicate your feelings.

The sticker tab on WhatsApp allows you to access multiple stickers. When you download a sticker, it becomes available for use whenever you want in the sticker tab.

If you’ve accumulated multiple WhatsApp stickers over time, it is impossible to move to a new phone without them.

You need to be able to copy the stickers from one phone to another when you’ve accumulated multiple stickers over time.

Thus, you’ll still be able to use all of your favorite stickers.

How To Copy Stickers in WhatsApp

Let’s see how to copy stickers when switching between phones, whether you’re switching from an Android to another Android phone or from an iPhone to an iPhone.

Copy Stickers Using a PC

A PC can copy your WhatsApp stickers without deleting your phone’s account if you have an Android phone.

  1. To share files between the two phones, connect them to your PC with USB cables.
  2. Tap on the old Android device in “This PC”.
  3. Activate Android/media/com.whatsapp/WhatsApp/Media and copy “WhatsAppStickers” to it.
  4. Go to “This PC” and access your new Android device.
  5. Copies the WhatsApp stickers folder to Android/media/com.whatsapp/WhatsApp/Media.

When you open WhatsApp on the new Android phone, you’ll find the stickers in the folder you copied to the phone.

Copy Stickers Using the Backup Method

If you want to copy WhatsApp stickers from one Android device to another or from an iPhone device to another, you can use this method.

For Android:

  1. Click on WhatsApp to open it.
  2. On the top right, tap the horizontal ellipsis.
  3. Choose “Settings” from the menu.
  4. “Chats” and “Chat backup” can be accessed by tapping on them.
  5. Tap “Back up to Google Drive” on the backup window.
  6. The “Only when I tap Back up” option should be selected.
  7. To create a backup, click the “Back Up” button.
  8. On your other phone, download and install WhatsApp.
  9. To sign in, use the same phone number and Google account as the phone you used to backup the Google Drive.
  10. The “Restore” button will appear after WhatsApp detects your backup.

In the new phone, you will have access to your WhatsApp stickers once WhatsApp has been restored.

For iPhone:

Sign in to both iPhones with your iCloud account, then follow the steps below.

  1. On the old iPhone, open WhatsApp.
  2. Select “Chat backup” from the “Settings” menu.
  3. To back up your data, click the “Back Up Now” button.
  4. Use the new iPhone to open WhatsApp.
  5. Sign in using the same phone number.
  6. To restore your chat history, click “Restore Chat History”.

You will now have WhatsApp stickers on your new iPhone once the process has been completed.

How do you paste stickers on WhatsApp?

Here are the steps for pasting stickers on WhatsApp:

Open WhatsApp: 

Download the WhatsApp app to your smartphone and launch it.

Copy Stickers in WhatsApp
Copy Stickers in WhatsApp

Open a Chat: 

To send a sticker, choose a chat or conversation. # paste stickers on WhatsApp

Access Stickers: 

To access the sticker menu, tap the emoji icon or sticker icon located next to the text input field to bring up the keyboard.

Choose a Sticker: 

Stickers can be found in the sticker menu, depending on your phone and WhatsApp version.

Browse through the available options or swipe through the packs to find what you need.

Select and Send: 

If you want to send a sticker, tap on it. This will add the sticker to the text input field.

You can also select and send multiple stickers as a pack by tapping on them all.

To send the sticker(s) to the chat, tap the send button (usually a paper plane icon) once you have selected the sticker(s).

Your device, operating system, and WhatsApp version may influence the sticker menu and stickers available. # paste stickers on WhatsApp

In addition to the WhatsApp Sticker Store, you can also find additional sticker packs developed by WhatsApp and third-party developers if you want to expand your sticker collection.

These steps will guide you through pasting stickers into your WhatsApp chats so you can add a touch of creativity and fun to your conversations.

Can I import stickers to WhatsApp?

Certainly, you can import stickers to WhatsApp. WhatsApp has the ability to import and use custom sticker packs from third-party developers or from external sources.

Here’s how to do it:

Find Sticker Packs: 

Several websites and apps are available that offer customized sticker packs for WhatsApp, so you can search for them on the store, on the web, or even on social media platforms.

Download the Sticker Pack: 

It is normally possible to download sticker packs in the form of .apk (for Android phones) or .ipa (for iOS devices). # import stickers to WhatsApp

Install the Sticker Pack: 

After downloading the sticker pack, follow the instructions provided by the app or website that provided you with the information.

Ensure that all permissions are granted so that the sticker pack can function properly on your device.

Open WhatsApp: 

On your smartphone, launch WhatsApp.

Access Stickers: 

Whenever you open a conversation or chat, tap on the text input field and you will be directed to the keyboard. # import stickers to WhatsApp

When you tap on the sticker icon, you will be directed to the sticker menu. Alternatively, you can use the emoji icon and sticker icon if you prefer.

Add Sticker Pack: 

Tap the “Add” or “Plus” icon in the sticker menu to add more sticker packs. # import stickers to WhatsApp

Import Sticker Pack: 

Tap on the sticker pack you downloaded to import it into WhatsApp. You should see a list of available sticker packs.

Start Using Stickers: 

After the sticker pack has been imported, your stickers will be available in the sticker menu.

Simply select the sticker you would like to send, tap the send button, and you’ll be able to send it through your chat.

For security and privacy reasons, it is essential that you import sticker packs from trustworthy, reliable sources when importing stickers from external sources. # import stickers to WhatsApp

Adding more variety and personalization to your conversations is easy with custom sticker packs imported into WhatsApp.


In addition to adding a touch of creativity to our messages, WhatsApp stickers have become a popular way to express ourselves.

While the app provides a diverse collection of stickers, sometimes you may come across unique or custom stickers that catch your attention.

The purpose of this blog post is to explore how to copy stickers from WhatsApp.

In addition to saving stickers from chats, extracting stickers from external sources, and creating your own custom stickers, these techniques can help you personalize your conversations and expand your sticker collection.

You should always adhere to WhatsApp’s terms of service and respect copyright and intellectual property rights when using stickers from external sources.

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