How To Connect TCL TV to Wifi Without Remote?

How To Connect TCL TV to Wifi Without Remote? It can be difficult to connect your TCL TV to your Wi-Fi network without a remote control, particularly if you do not have one.

However, don’t worry! You can connect your TCL TV to your Wi-Fi without a remote using alternative methods.

If you do not have the remote handy, you can still establish a wireless connection on your TCL TV by following some simple steps in this article.

In this article, we will explore how to connect a TCL Roku TV without a remote control to your WiFi network.

Read our detailed guide about troubleshooting a green blinking remote that will not pair with your television if you are experiencing trouble connecting your Roku remote to your TV.

However, if you have lost your remote or it has become damaged beyond repair, there are alternative methods to connect your TCL Roku TV to WiFi without it.

How To Connect TCL TV to Wifi Without Remote?

You can connect your TCL TV to Wi-Fi using your smartphone’s hotspot to create a shared internet connection without a remote by using your phone’s mobile hotspot.

In order to access your TV’s Network Connections, you can use a keyboard and mouse as a remote control. In addition, you may also use a Roku app to connect to the shared Wi-Fi.

TCL is one of the largest television manufacturers in the world, and they are known for their innovative technology at a fraction of the cost of many of their competitors. 

Due to the difficulty of using the manual controls on the TLC TV, you will need to find a workaround in order to accomplish this. # Connect TCL TV to Wifi Without Remote

Please refer to our guide on how to connect a TCL TV to Wi-Fi without a remote in order to better understand this.

As a result of extensive research into TCL TVs, I have been able to gather enough information to determine the alternative methods for connecting to Wi-Fi without the use of a remote control.

In my research, I have discovered that there are different methods of connecting your TCL TV to Wi-Fi, and depending on the type of technology that you have at home, you may find that one method is more suitable for you. 

Same Network Trick

In the case that your TV was previously connected to a network, but you have since moved it to a different location where that network is no longer available, this trick is very useful.

However, you are able to recall the previous network name and password.

You should find the password for your WiFi connection in your TV’s settings if it has previously been connected to WiFi.

The TV saves Wifi settings even when it is disconnected from the network. # Connect TCL TV to Wifi Without Remote

The TV may still appear to be connected to the old network if you use your new wireless router or your mobile phone’s hotspot.

Here are descriptions of both methods.

Using the WiFi Router

Changing the name and password of your internet router to those of your old wireless network is possible.

As a result, your TCL TV will appear to be connected to the old network when it is actually connected to the new WiFi router.

The steps are the same for Android and iOS devices.

If you do not know how to perform this action, here are the steps:

  1. To change your WiFi name and password, you need to know your router’s IP address.
  2. Local IP addresses are usually found on the back of WiFi routers, and they are usually
  3. In the search bar of your browser, enter the IP address
  4. Type admin as the username and password, which is the default, as soon as the login window appears.
  5. Your router’s back can tell you its default username and password if this does not work.
  6. Upon logging in, you will see the router’s configuration page. Select the wireless option.
  7. Now, change the name of this WiFi router exactly to the old WiFi network’s SSID.
  8. You can now change the WiFi password in the security option.
  9. Change the password to your old network password by finding the password option on the left side of your screen.
  10. Restart your router after saving your settings.
  11. As a result, your TCL Roku TV will automatically connect to your new WiFi, believing it is the same WiFi it was using previously.

Using the Mobile Hotspot

You can use the same approach on your mobile hotspot as well. You should set the same name and password on your mobile hotspot as on the TV.

Therefore, your TV will connect to the same WiFi network to which it previously connected, since it thinks it is connecting to the same network as before.

The following steps will show you how to use this technique:

  1. Go to the settings of your phone
  2. Look for the hotspot option in the phone’s settings.
  3. It is possible to choose between mobile hotspot, portable hotspot, or mobile hotspot & tethering on most smartphones.
  4. Turn on the hotspot by selecting the icon
  5. The WiFi name and password can be found in the hotspot settings.
  6. Reconnect the TV to the WiFi network with the same name and password.
  7. It will look like your TV is connected to the same network as your mobile phone hotspot.

Ethernet Connection and Roku App

If your TCL Roku TV is equipped with an ethernet port, you can connect the TV to the internet using an ethernet cable.

Using an Ethernet connection is simple. You simply insert your ethernet cable in the port, and you are connected to the internet immediately.

You will still require a remote in order to operate and control your TV, and we offer a clean solution to this problem. # TCL Roku TV

It is now possible to use the Roku App over an Ethernet connection.

Following these steps will allow you to switch from an Ethernet connection to a Wifi connection after your Roku is connected to the internet via an ethernet cable.

  1. Using the Ethernet cable, connect your Roku TV to the WiFi router
  2. Use the same WiFi network to connect your mobile phone
  3. Roku TV can be downloaded and installed on your TV by clicking here
  4. A remote control icon appears when you open the app.
  5. The TCL TV will be controlled by your mobile device when you select the remote.
  6. Open the Settings on your TV using your phone.
  7. Open the Wifi setting in the Connection or Network settings
  8. It will look for WiFi networks available in the area
  9. Choose your Wifi connection from the list
  10. Connect to the wireless network by entering the password
  11. You can now connect your TV to the Internet via Wifi
  12. For Android as well as iOS TVs, the same procedure applies

Roku TVs have an ethernet port, so this is a convenient method. # TCL Roku TV

For WiFi connections if your TV does not support an ethernet connection, follow these steps.

Keyboard And Mouse

For those who do not wish to use their phones as remote controls, a keyboard and mouse may be more appropriate.

This approach is pretty straightforward and does not require the use of a mobile hotspot or Roku app. 

Step 1: Connect Keyboard & Mouse

It is possible to connect a keyboard and mouse to the USB input on your TCL TV. Although you can do this with a wired option, it is much more convenient to replace a remote with a wireless option.

Furthermore, we have found that it is much easier to use your TCL TV when you use a keyboard that comes equipped with a built-in mouse control.

Step 2: Access Network Settings

With your keyboard and mouse plugged in, the device will be able to connect to your TCL TV, allowing you to control its functions just as you would with a remote control.

How To Connect TCL TV to Wifi Without Remote
How To Connect TCL TV to Wifi Without Remote

The Network Settings of your TCL TV can be found by using your keyboard and mouse.

Once you scan for nearby connections, you will be able to see your Wi-Fi network. Enter the details of your Wi-Fi network and your TV will automatically connect to it. 

How to Update the Wifi Settings on TCL TV Without Remote?

Please ensure that your smartphone is connected to your TCL TV using the mobile app before updating any Wi-Fi settings on the TV.

You can accomplish this by clicking on the remote icon at the top of the screen. # How to Update the Wifi Settings on TCL TV Without Remote

In light of the above, let us discuss the essential method.

  • A second device should be connected to the hotspot and the Roku app should be launched on the smartphone
  • Navigate to the settings section using the Digital Roku Remote
  • The Wifi settings should be changed to the new network you wish to use
  • Connect the device to your WiFi network after turning off the hotspot
  • Using the digital remote is the same as using the original hardware remote

Note: Suppose, for instance, you are currently connected to a mobile hotspot, but have recently installed a router in your house.

In this case, the TCL TV will distinguish between the Wifi settings that you are currently setting up. # How to Update the Wifi Settings on TCL TV Without Remote

Using the Roku app’s remote provided by the manufacturer of your TCL TV, you should now be able to change the wifi settings easily.


With the right approach, you can easily connect your TCL TV to Wi-Fi without a remote control.

The TCL TV can be fully utilized by establishing a wireless connection, using the available buttons on the TV, accessing menu options, and utilizing the mobile application to unlock its full potential.

Should you still be unable to connect your TCL TV to Wi-Fi without a remote control, please consider using a universal remote control or contacting TCL customer support.

It is possible to enjoy all the features and online content available on your TCL TV with a little persistence and resourcefulness.

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