How To Censor Words on Discord? Complete Guide

How To Censor Words on Discord? Our comprehensive blog post on “How to Censor Words on Discord” provides a dynamic environment for conversations and interactions on Discord, a popular communication platform for gamers, communities, and businesses.

It is, however, crucial to maintain a respectful and family-friendly atmosphere at certain times.

By censoring words on Discord, users can ensure that conversations remain appropriate and appropriate for everyone, regardless of age or sensitivity to certain language.

We will show you different ways to censor Discord words effectively in this guide. The book provides valuable insights to maintain a positive and inclusive environment on the platform, whether you are a server administrator or a user who wants to implement personal content filtering.

Hence, let’s explore the tools and strategies you can use to censor words on Discord while maintaining a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere.

Discord’s AutoMod filters can be used to block messages containing specific keywords or phrases, spam content, or commonly flagged words.

Similarly, you can use bots to ban inappropriate words. Additionally, spoiler tags can be used on images or text can be blacked out if it contains offensive content.

Overview of Censor Words on Discord

It seems that Discord is growing exponentially, and more and more people are joining the platform to chat with friends, play games, or exchange content with people who share similar interests.

It used to be that Discord was just a place for gamers. Now it has every kind of user from all walks of life.

Almost any subject can be found on this platform, which contributes to the larger issue.

Some content may not be suitable for younger audiences or can be offensive to others.

How To Censor Words on Discord?

For Discord to remain respectful and family-friendly, censoring words is a process that filters and blocks certain words or phrases. # How To Censor Words on Discord?

The open and free communication on Discord makes it popular with users, but in certain situations, content filtering becomes necessary to create a positive experience for all users, especially in public communities, educational settings, or servers that serve diverse audiences.

Various methods are available for censoring words on Discord, including Discord’s built-in content filtering, third-party bots, and more.

Following is a step-by-step guide for censoring words on Discord:

Method 1: Discord’s Built-in Content Filtering

  1. Sign in to your account on Discord.
  2. Ensure that content filtering is enabled on the server.
  3. Open the drop-down menu by clicking on the server name, then select “Server Settings.”
  4. Select the “Moderation” tab in the server settings.
  5. Select one of the following settings under “Explicit Content Filter”:
    • All messages sent by everyone can be filtered with “Scan Messages from Everyone”.
    • You can exclude trusted members from content filtering by using “Scan Messages from Role Members” option.
  6. You can also click “Add” under “Ignore Explicit Content in These Channels” to specify certain channels that will not be filtered.

Method 2: Using Third-Party Bots

  1. Using popular bot listing websites like or, you can find content moderation bots for Discord.
  2. On the bot’s page, click the “Invite” or “Add to Server” button. You will be asked to log into your Discord account and select the server.
  3. You must configure the bot’s settings and customize the list of words to be censored after adding the bot to your account.

Method 3: Manual Moderation:

  1. Monitor the chat manually as an administrator or moderator to identify inappropriate words or phrases.
  2. Taking appropriate action against inappropriate users who violate the server’s guidelines is one way to enforce the server’s guidelines.

Method 4: User Self-Censorship

By allowing users to self-censor their messages, they will avoid triggering the content filter by using asterisks or creative misspellings.

Keeping a positive environment can be achieved by censoring words, but finding the right balance is essential to preventing excessive censorship that may impede open discussion.

Censor Words on Discord
Censor Words on Discord

A respectful and inclusive Discord community will be fostered if server rules and guidelines regarding content filtering are clearly communicated. # How To Censor Words on Discord?

How do you black out words on Discord?

There is no built-in feature within Discord to black out words or censor content directly.

Using Discord’s content filtering features, words that are inappropriate or blacklisted are automatically filtered and replaced with asterisks or other characters in order to hide the original content from other users.

Use creative formatting or symbols if you wish to visually censor words or certain parts of a message:

1. Using Spoiler Tags: 

A spoiler tag is similar to a blackout and allows you to hide text behind a blurred overlay.

To use a spoiler tag, simply enclose the text you want to hide within double vertical bars (“||”). For example:

Users will need to click on the spoiler to reveal the content when they receive the text as a spoiler. # black out words on Discord

2. Creative Formatting: 

Using creative formatting can be used to visually censor words or messages.

For example, you can use lines, spaces, or special characters to obscure the content. Take note that this method may not completely hide the content.

3. Using Emoji: 

Emojis can also be used as censorship devices. For example, if you want to cover specific letters in a word, you can use an emoji character like a square or circle.

Despite the fact that these methods can visually censor words, they do not prevent Discord’s built-in content filtering from working.

Blacklisted words may still be replaced with asterisks or other characters by Discord’s content filter, even if you attempt to visually censor them. # black out words on Discord

Discord Content Filter with AutoMod

The AutoMod feature in Discord blocks any offensive content used in your community automatically using its built-in world filter.

If you find some words in your community to be offensive, you can censor or block them with AutoMod’s multiple content filters.

In the event that word or phrase you want to block is found in any text on your server, AutoMod will automatically notify you or block the message. # Discord Content Filter with AutoMod

It works on the Discord desktop client only. It goes like this:

  1. On your PC, launch Discord.
  2. On the left panel, choose your server.
  3. By clicking on your server’s name, you will see a drop-down menu.
  4. Choose “Server Settings” from the menu.
  5. On the left panel, find “Moderation” and click “AutoMod”.
  6. Several filters are now available.
  7. In the “Block Custom Words” box, enter the words or phrases you want to censor (separated by a comma).
  8. At the bottom of the settings window, click “Save Changes”.

When these keywords or phrases appear in a message, AutoMod will block it. 

Furthermore, you can select if you want to receive a notification when someone posts blocked keywords in your community or whether you want the messages automatically blocked.

Make sure to update your filtered words regularly and monitor your community to prevent people from using these offensive words in different ways. # Discord Content Filter with AutoMod


To conclude, censoring words on Discord is a proactive and responsible way to create a respectful and inclusive environment on your server.

With the techniques and tools we’ve discussed in this blog post, you can control conversations effectively and prevent inappropriate language from interrupting your members’ experience.

To ensure that all users understand and follow the rules concerning censorship on your server, open communication and clear guidelines are essential.

To foster a positive community, it is important to strike a balance between preserving freedom of expression and maintaining a safe environment.

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