How To Announce Graduation on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is unquestionably one of the most popular social media platforms used by both enterprises and job seekers. # How To Announce Graduation on LinkedIn?

Consequently, it is extremely vital for you to complete your LinkedIn profile in order to be able to connect freely with other people for career or network building. Your level of education is an important piece of information you need to update as part of your LinkedIn profile.

As a matter of fact, if you are unfamiliar with LinkedIn, you may find it difficult to announce a graduate’s graduation on the platform. If you are interested in instructions on how to announcing a graduate’s graduation on LinkedIn, we are here to help.

Importance of Announcing Graduation on LinkedIn

It may be a good idea for you to announce your graduation on LinkedIn in order to let your professional network know about your accomplishments and to update your LinkedIn profile with the information that you have recently acquired.

The following reasons may be of benefit to you if you announce your graduation on LinkedIn:

  1. Updating your LinkedIn profile with your updated education information can demonstrate to your current and potential employers that you are committed to the development of your career and continue to learn new skills.
  2. Taking advantage of your graduation announcement is a great way to connect with potential employers or other professionals you may be able to work with if you already have a degree in a field you are interested in.
  3. In addition to sharing your news on LinkedIn, you can connect with other professionals who are likely to provide advice or support as you make your first steps into the workforce and help you expand your professional network.
  4. An announcement of your graduation can also be an opportunity to showcase your achievements to others in your professional network, as well as to build and enhance your personal brand.

Announcing your graduation on LinkedIn is a good way to celebrate your achievements, and it can also be an excellent way to let your professional network know what you are learning and what your career goals are.

How To Announce Graduation on LinkedIn?

Log in to LinkedIn

To begin with, you’ll need to sign in to your LinkedIn account if you don’t already have one. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, create one by clicking on the “Join Now” button on the LinkedIn homepage.

As a next step, you must enter your email address and password you will use to log into LinkedIn. After that, you will be asked to provide your First Name, Last Name, and some additional information for the purpose of securing your account.

As you will see on the LinkedIn website, the process for creating a LinkedIn account is quite simple. You may need to spend a few minutes to create your account so that you can start connecting with other people, according to LinkedIn’s instructions.

Navigate to Your Profile and Hit the “Edit” Button

Let’s now move on to the next part of our tutorial about how to navigate to your LinkedIn Profile page. # How To Announce Graduation on LinkedIn?

You can find your profile picture on the left side of your home screen, click on it, and LinkedIn will take you to your profile page, showing all the information that is publicly available about you.

Next, click on the pencil icon that appears right beneath the image of your background. This will open a pop-up window that enables you to edit the Intro information, which includes:

  • The intro name displays your public name, which anyone visiting your profile will be able to see.
  • In terms of current positions, you can add as many as you wish to showcase your working history, so long as you do not list more than one at a time.
  • As with education, LinkedIn also allows you to make a list of the universities or colleges that you attend (or have attended in the past).
  • Your location: please enter the country or region in which you live, as well as the city where you live.
  • Website: this is an optional section that you can fill out, so please provide your company’s website’s URL or leave it blank if you don’t know it.

Add New Education on LinkedIn

As part of this step, you need to complete information related to your graduation. Among the information you need to complete is:

  • The name of the school you graduated from: this is the name of the school from which you graduated.
  • Your degree is a measure of how far you have come in your education.
  • Your major at the university or college is your field of study.
  • The start date and end date for each course are the dates on which you will complete them.

The other sections, except the “School” section, can be left blank if you wish, although it is advisable to fill in all the fields so that people can gain an overall understanding of what you have done.

Moreover, LinkedIn provides you with the opportunity to add or link external media to your profile, including documents, photos, and videos, which are a welcome addition to your profile and increase the visibility of your brand.

Create a Graduation Post

You should not forget that when your profile is updated, you should create a LinkedIn post in order to inform your network of the graduation. This post should contain both content and media files such as a photo, a video, or other media files to make it look more appealing on LinkedIn.

How To Announce Graduation on LinkedIn
How To Announce Graduation on LinkedIn

Take some pictures with a bright smile and a graduation or professional outfit on. Make sure your friend documents the moment when you receive your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from the headmaster so you can remember it long after you have moved on.

You can use these to help you remember this special event before you move on. # How To Announce Graduation on LinkedIn?

When you have written your Graduation announcement, you can then add some words to make it more impressive.

should i post my graduation on linkedin

Is it a good idea to share your graduation news on LinkedIn or not? Ultimately, whether or not you should share your graduation news on the platform is a personal choice. Here are some points to consider:

  1. You may want to update your LinkedIn profile to reflect your most recent accomplishments if your profile does not mention your current degree or educational accomplishments. If your profile does not mention your most recent accomplishments, you might want to update it to reflect just that.
  2. Are you actively searching for job opportunities or networking with others in your field? In the event that you are actively seeking a job opportunity or building your professional network, announcing your graduation via LinkedIn is a great way to let others know about your education and career goals, as well as to showcase your achievements.
  3. It is up to you whether or not you feel comfortable sharing your graduation news on LinkedIn? If you are not comfortable sharing your graduation news on LinkedIn, you may decide not to share it.

As a result, it is ultimately up to you to decide whether to share your graduation on LinkedIn based on your own personal preferences and comfort level.

To celebrate your achievements and to let others in your professional network know about your career and education goals, you may want to consider writing a short post or update to announce your accomplishments.


As a quick recap, this article will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to use LinkedIn to announce Graduation. Adding education information to your LinkedIn profile will make it more attractive and reliable by making it more credible and credible.