How To Adjust Brightness On LG Hotel TV? Whenever you walk into your hotel room after a tiring day, you decide to turn on the TV, but when you do, you notice that the screen is so dark you can barely see anything, so you turn it off and go back into the room.

Would you like to know how to adjust the brightness of LG hotel TVs? LG hotel TVs have experienced this issue for several years across numerous hotels. So why do LG hotel TVs have such dark screens? Let’s find out and find out how to adjust their brightness with these devices.

In general, hotel TVs are specially designed and calibrated devices that make them ideal for hospitality and business environments. Moreover, hotel TVs are designed to offer a high level of performance while offering a user-friendly interface that is relatively simple and straightforward to use.

Additionally, hotel TVs are also designed to make universal control a lot easier for management to set limits, preventing misappropriation from guests and customers, and also to make it more convenient for guests and customers to use them. 

What is Hotel Mode on LG TVs?

LG TV models are usually designed to be used in commercial settings, which means that they come with some features that help organizations like hotels streamline their operations.

In many cases, hotel authorities do not change the default settings of the TV during installation, so they remain locked in “Hotel Mode” when they are installed. # How To Adjust Brightness On LG Hotel TV?


A big question is, however, what does the hotel mode do? If a TV is locked in hotel mode, you will not be able to search for channels on it and you won’t be able to use any other configuration options. Furthermore, this will also prevent you from using any of the TV’s settings or viewing any of the content on the TV that is questionable. 

If the TV is connected to the hotel’s network, this mode may be activated, which may prevent you from viewing channels that are not scheduled and from casting any media using Chromecast or any other methods. This mode may also be activated when the TV is connected to the hotel’s network.

How to Access the Inputs on an LG TV in a Hotel?

If you are in a hotel and you wish to change inputs on your LG TV, you need to follow these steps:

  • When you press the Home button on your TV remote, a pop-up will appear and then disappear. 
  • You will be prompted for either a password of 0413,0000 or a password of 1105.
  • The input can be changed using this menu. 

In the event that you have removed the Hotel mode lock on the TV, you do not need to follow the instructions below. All you have to do is use the source button on the remote control to change the source. 

How to Return My LG TV to Hotel Mode?

Follow these steps if you want the TV to be returned to hotel mode if you want it to be:

  • On the remote control, hold down the Home button for a long period of time until a pop-up appears on the screen and then disappears. 
  • This is the password you will be asked to enter. It will either be 0413,0000 or 1105.
  • You can turn off the toggle at the bottom of the page by scrolling to Hotel mode.

How to Reset your LG TV?

If you are unable to remove the Hotel mode from your TV and you are unable to find a way to remove it, you might want to consider resetting your television. # How To Adjust Brightness On LG Hotel TV?

In order to deactivate any locks on the TV, you can perform a hard reset on it. It is a fairly straightforward process that you can perform on the TV. 

If the TV won’t power on for any reason at all, try unplugging it from the power source and reconnecting it to it, that should do the trick. If you are still having trouble, unplug it from the power source and replug it in again.

​Ways on how to Disable LG Hotel Mode

When using LG hotel TVs, it is possible to adjust the brightness in several ways by simply disabling the hotel mode so that the user has access to the device’s menu and settings.

If you are literate enough to navigate the TV settings and cables in your hotel room, disabling the Hotel Mode is relatively simple. However, it is imperative that you keep in mind that none of these steps and options are guaranteed.

In any case, before you change the settings for your TV, there are a few things to consider:

  • You should be aware that performing settings changes may cause the device to be misconfigured or damaged.
  • You shouldn’t change or modify settings you don’t understand if you are not confident with electronics in general
  • Take a picture of or write down the initial TV configuration if possible to use as a reference.
  • Don’t save changes until you test them

Preliminary Check

There are several helpful tips you should bear in mind before you proceed with disabling the Hotel Mode on LG hotel TV in order to adjust its brightness:

  • Connect the cables securely to the TV and ensure that the remote control works properly.
  • In this scenario, you may be able to disable the menu restrictions by unplugging the TV and reestablishing the connection between the hotel network and the TV.
  • If you simultaneously press and hold the MENU buttons on the remote and on the TV, you’ll access the factory settings for the TV, where you can disable the device’s restrictions.

Without Remote

  • When you hold the power button for about five seconds, the TV will automatically restart, removing any limitations and locks that are set.
  • Remove the TV’s battery from the back panel and unplug the device. Wait for a couple of hours before plugging it back in.
  • Using a universal remote to access TV menu settings is recommended if this does not work. Universal remotes usually work with most TVs, so you could enter the lock code using them.

How to Display the Secret Menu in LG TV?

It is common for LG TV models to have a hidden service menu with special features. These menus are hidden from the rest of the menus because they have more advanced functions—the kind that can damage your TV if you misuse them!

How To Adjust Brightness On LG Hotel TV?
How To Adjust Brightness On LG Hotel TV?

The Installer remote will also let you open a menu when setting up a commercial LG TV, for example in a hotel or hospital. In this video, you’ll learn how to access LG’s hidden installation and service menus.

Step 1: Get your LG TV’s original remote. In some cases, you may be able to open your TV’s service menu by using a remote that came with it or one that was purchased outside of LG. It is most likely, however, that you will have the best chance of success by using the remote that came with your TV.

  • A service remote is required for this method to work. The LG Magic Remote (which comes with the modern OLED TVs that have voice-activated functions) will not work with this method. You will need a service remote to make it work.

  • I would suggest to try a universal remote if you don’t have a LG remote, but if it doesn’t work, you’ll need a replacement LG remote or a service remote if you don’t have an original LG remote.

Step 2: Press the INPUT button on the remote. The TV’s input list will be displayed when you click on this button.

Step 3: Enter 3195 first. This will bring up the service menu right away on some models—be careful not to miss the “Factory Setting” option at the top of the menu if this applies to your model.

  • The next thing to do if you land somewhere other than the input menu and that didn’t work for you is to press INPUT again and continue to the next step.

Step 4: Press and hold the MENU button until you’re prompted for a passcode. After holding down this button for ten seconds, there should be a pop-up window with channel information and a place for you to enter a passcode. If you don’t see anything after holding down this button for ten seconds, try the following solutions:

  • Depending on your remote, you might be able to access the MENU button by pressing and holding the SETTINGS button, or pressing and holding the HOME button if there isn’t a MENU button on your remote.

  • If you hold the MENU button on your remote while pressing and holding the MENU button on the TV, you should be able to get the menu.

  • It may also help if you try pressing and holding the OK button on both the TV and the remote control at the same time.

Step 5: Release the button(s) when asked for a password. It is still possible to try to enter a passcode if you see channel information rather than a place to enter the passcode on the next page, even if you only see the channel information.

Step 6: Type the passcode and press OK or ↵ Enter. There will be a different passcode for each model.[1] Try the following passcodes until one of these works to bring up the “service,” “factory,” or “EZ ADJUST” menu:

Step 7: Browse the menu. In most cases, you will have the option of changing the settings included in the service menu, such as the network settings for your TV (IP Control Set Up), USB options, HDMI options, region settings, volume levels, and firmware settings.

  • The settings on your TV could become unusable if you change them. To make sure that things do not go wrong, you should take a picture or write down the current settings before making any changes so that you can return them to their original settings if necessary.

  • The best thing to do is to document what is going on on the screen or write down what the current settings are, so that if you accidentally alter one of the settings, you can go back to the default settings.


Although LG’s Global Dimming concept seems logical and energy-saving, there remain questions about its effectiveness, particularly when the TV’s Hotel Mode limits the user’s ability to adjust necessary settings, such as the screen brightness, despite the fact that it is logical and energy-saving.

It is fortunately possible for you to adjust the brightness of your LG hotel TV by disabling the LG Hotel Mode in your room, which will allow it to be set according to your preference.

Nevertheless, one should also keep in mind that the disabling process may not always work and there could be a possibility that the device could be damaged during the process. # How To Adjust Brightness On LG Hotel TV?