How Many Accounts Can You Unfollow on Instagram? Instagram considers following and unfollowing as the same action, so if you have followed a lot of people recently and have reached your limit, you will also have reached your limit on who you can unfollow.

As we scroll through the Instagram News Feed, we sometimes realize that the majority of the people we follow are just not of interest to us. Therefore, we decide to have a little cleaning up of our followers list.

If you have ever followed someone on Twitter and unfollowed them, you may have found that you have reached a limit on how many people you can unfollow. Your account may have even been suspended as a result.

You should not panic, however, as unless you have repeated the behavior more than once, you are unlikely to be permanently banned.

You can appeal to Instagram to allow you to regain access to your account.

The purpose of this article is to discuss how many accounts you can unfollow on Instagram without hitting the limit, the reason for setting this limit, and possible alternatives to avoid hitting it.

How Many Accounts You Can Unfollow? Is the limit

In spite of the fact that this may seem to be an odd thing for Instagram to limit you on, there is actually a good reason for doing so.

Spam/Bot accounts are frequently followed and unfollowed in a short period of time.

The consequence of this is that whenever you do the same, you will be flagged as a possible bot or spam activity.

This could result in your limit being reached, which will prevent you from following or unfollowing anyone else for an extended period of time (anywhere from an hour to a day). Or, it may result in your account being suspended.

What Is the Limit to unfollow on Instagram?

The number of accounts you can unfollow at once on Instagram has been rather secretive, likely to prevent bot accounts from managing to keep themselves just below the limit. #unfollow on Instagram

Having said that, I have seen varying numbers discussed. Here are some of the most widely accepted limits:

  • During the first three months after opening an account, 100 profiles can be followed or unfollowed per day
  • Around 150 accounts can be unfollowed or followed each day by older accounts

The limit has also been stated to be 60 per hour. It is hard to tell if all of these numbers are accurate, or if only the hourly, or only the daily, is the issue. #unfollow on Instagram

However, you should be safe from getting flagged by Instagram if you keep these numbers in mind when following/unfollowing in bulk.

There is no disclosed maximum limit for unfollowing on Instagram, and the limit may vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the age of the account, its size, and its level of activity.

For Instagram’s anti-spam measures to be effective, it is recommended that you unfollow no more than 50-100 accounts per day.

Nevertheless, you should note that Instagram prioritizes authentic engagement and may take action against your account if it finds any suspicious or manipulative behavior to be spammy.

The best way to unfollow accounts is to use your own discretion and adjust your behavior according to the size and activity level of your account.

Whenever possible, avoid mass unfollowing people, particularly if it is done all at once, as it may reduce engagement rates and your account’s visibility.

Instead, unfollow accounts gradually and focus on building genuine relationships with your followers.

How many accounts can you unfollow on Instagram per day

According to Instagram, there is no specific limit on how many accounts you may unfollow per day.

As with many actions on Instagram, unfollowing too many accounts too quickly can trigger Instagram’s anti-spam measures, resulting in your account being suspended or permanently blocked.

Generally, Instagram encourages users to engage with the platform in a genuine manner and to avoid spamming or manipulation.

It is possible that Instagram’s automated system or content moderation team will take action on your account if you unfollow a large number of accounts regularly in a short period of time.

To avoid triggering Instagram’s spam filter, it is recommended to space out your unfollows and stay within a reasonable range.

In general, you should unfollow no more than 50-100 accounts per day, although you should adjust your behavior according to the size, age, and level of activity of your account.

What happens if you unfollow too many people on Instagram?

Instagram’s anti-spam measures may be triggered when you unfollow too many people within a short period of time, causing Instagram to flag your account as suspicious.

Instagram may then take action to prevent spammy or manipulative behavior on your account. #unfollow too many people on Instagram

Depending on Instagram’s actions, the account may be temporarily or permanently disabled, or its visibility reduced, temporarily or permanently disabled.

In addition, unfollowing too many people too quickly can negatively impact your account’s engagement rate and growth. #unfollow too many people on Instagram

Your unfollowing of a large number of people may indicate to Instagram’s algorithm that your account is not engaging with your followers, resulting in a decrease in your visibility and reach.

How Many Accounts Can You Unfollow on Instagram
How Many Accounts Can You Unfollow on Instagram

The recommended practice is to unfollow no more than 50-100 accounts per day and space out your unfollows over time to avoid triggering Instagram’s anti-spam measures.

Additionally, make sure to engage authentically with your followers and avoid any spam or manipulation on the platform.

What is a normal unfollow rate on Instagram?

The unfollow rate on Instagram can vary greatly based on the account and the circumstances of the individual account, so there is no such thing as a “normal” unfollow rate.

An account with a large number of followers and regularly posting engaging content, for example, may have a higher unfollow rate, as some followers may have simply followed the account for a specific period of time before abandoning it.

In contrast, accounts with smaller followings or less engaging content may have lower unfollow rates. # normal unfollow rate on Instagram

Likewise, unfollow rates can fluctuate over time due to a number of factors, such as the frequency and quality of your posts, changes to Instagram’s algorithm, or shifts in the demographics of your audience.

It is recommended, however, that you focus on building a strong and engaged following on Instagram, rather than focusing on the number of followers you gain or lose. # normal unfollow rate on Instagram

In order to attract and retain a loyal and active audience on your platform, you must create valuable content, engage with your followers, and maintain an authentic presence.


Accordingly, there is no set normal unfollow rate on Instagram, as it varies significantly depending on factors such as account size, content quality, and audience demographics.

By creating valuable content, engaging with your followers, and maintaining an authentic presence on the platform, it is important to build a strong and engaged follower base.

Unfollowing accounts when necessary is acceptable, but it is recommended that you don’t engage in any manipulative behavior, which may trigger Instagram’s anti-spam measures and negatively impact the visibility and growth of your account.