How far does an apple airtag reach? Using Apple’s AirTag, you can locate and keep track of personal items such as keys, wallets, and bags with the aid of a small, coin-shaped tracking device.

In addition to its ability to be tracked using Apple’s Find My network, one of AirTag’s most important features is that it allows users to keep track of their mobile devices using Bluetooth signals, as well as crowdsourced location data to update their locations in real time.

We’re going to take a closer look at the technology behind AirTag in this blog post, as well as how it affects your tracking range.

Here’s how you can find out how far you can track your AirTag. #How far does an apple airtag reach

The webinar will also include some tips for maximizing the range and accuracy of your AirTag, as well as some privacy and security considerations that should be taken into account when using this technology.

My objective in writing this article is to highlight all of the research I have done as well as anything else I have found that will help you to better understand how far your Apple AirTag can be tracked.

When your phone moves beyond the 800-ft Bluetooth range, the AirTag will use the Find My network to tell you where the tag is after using the Find My network for a while.

The Find My network will give you a general idea of the location of the AirTag. #How far does an apple airtag reach

How often does airtag update location

By combining Bluetooth signals with crowd-sourced location information from other Apple devices, AirTag periodically updates its location using a combination of Bluetooth signals and crowd-sourced location information.

As a matter of fact, there are a number of factors that can affect the frequency with which AirTag updates location data, such as the distance between the AirTag and the device it is paired with, but generally, the location tracking data is updated every few minutes.

If you have an AirTag that is out of range of any paired Apple device, it is still possible for it to update its location with any nearby Apple device that is not associated with the AirTag owner if it is within range of any paired Apple device.

As a result, location information is sent anonymously and securely to the owner’s iCloud account, without revealing the identities of the other devices that are using the device. #How often does airtag update location

As well as allowing the dog owner to receive location updates, AirTag can also be set up to notify the dog owner when it arrives at or leaves a specific location, such as a home or office, allowing them to keep track of important items like keys and bags, and preventing them from being lost or stolen.

How Do AirTags Work

There is one primary way in which AirTags communicate with each other. That is by emitting a Bluetooth signal that can be picked up by any iPhone that is within range. #How often does airtag update location

You will be able to locate the device later on via the Find My app when you first set up the device, and it will automatically become part of your Find My network when you set it up.

If the AirTag is put in Lost Mode, it also has NFC, which allows anyone who finds it to find you if they tap the back of the AirTag with their phone to retrieve your contact information.

It is also possible for an iPhone to detect another person’s AirTag in the phone’s Bluetooth range, and if that AirTag is outside the phone’s Bluetooth range, alert you to the fact.

Despite the fact that AirTags do not have any GPS technology, this allows AirTags to be located anyway.

The AirTag locates the tag by using Bluetooth signals coming from other iPhones that are in the vicinity, so you don’t need to be near your stuff that has the AirTag attached in order to find it.

Downsides Of Airtags Bluetooth

This particular device uses Bluetooth 5.0, so it is advertised that it can reach a distance of at least 800 feet, but this depends entirely on the environment you are in, and if there are many obstacles, such as concrete walls or large metal objects, this range may be severely limited.

If you leave the AirTag in your backpack or attached to your keys, the tag will need to be close to your iPhone in order to start alerting you or other iPhone users that you have lost the item.

This is entirely possible if you leave the tag in your backpack.

If someone’s iPhone finds your AirTag, the Find My service will use the GPS of that phone to locate your AirTag attached thing since Bluetooth is not as accurate as having a GPS location of the tag as it uses the GPS of the phone to locate the AirTag attached thing.

In our experience, this can be an inaccurate statement because, as we’ve seen before, these tags are able to cover quite a distance, especially if used outdoors.

It is not necessary to use GPS because it can draw a lot of power, but newer low-power Bluetooth transmitters like those found in the AirTag are capable of sending out Bluetooth signals regularly for almost a year and at the same time consume very little power.

How to disable airtag without airtag

It is possible for someone to place an AirTag on your belongings without your consent, which can create a risk of unwanted tracking, anywhere in the world. #How to disable airtag without airtag

You can take certain steps to protect your privacy and prevent unwanted tracking if you suspect someone has placed an AirTag on your belongings without your consent.

  1. Identify and disable AirTags using an iPhone or iPad: AirTags can be identified and disabled using an iPhone or iPad. If you have access to an iPhone or iPad, you can use the Find My app to scan for nearby air tags.
  2. Unknown Item Notification: If an AirTag is detected moving with you that is not paired with your Apple ID, Apple’s Unknown Item Notification feature can alert you. The Unknown Item Notifications feature can be enabled by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Find My > and enabling it.
  3. If you suspect that someone may be tracking you, it is a good idea to check your belongings regularly, even if you do not have an AirTag to disable. Report any concerns to the appropriate authorities if you see anything strange or unfamiliar.

In the event of a security or privacy threat, you should contact law enforcement or other appropriate authorities. #How to disable airtag without airtag

How far does an apple airtag reach
How far does an apple airtag reach

How to know if airtag is tracking you

Check the following signs if you’re concerned that your AirTag may be tracking you without your permission:

  1. An unknown AirTag alerts you: If you are in close proximity to an AirTag that is not associated with your Apple ID for an extended period of time, your iPhone will alert you that it is moving with you. To protect against unwanted tracking, Apple built this feature into the AirTag.
  2. Occasionally, an AirTag may emit a sound or vibration to indicate its location when it is being used to track someone without their knowledge. It is a good idea to investigate further if you hear any unusual sounds or vibrations coming from your belongings.
  3. The AirTag you don’t know: It might be used to track your movements by someone if you discover it in your belongings that you didn’t place there. In this case, you can follow the steps to disable the AirTag or seek assistance from law enforcement if you feel that your safety or privacy is at risk.

The AirTag application is designed to help users keep track of their personal items, and it has built-in features that prevent unwanted tracking. #How to know if airtag is tracking you

You should take steps to protect your privacy and safety if you believe you are being tracked without your consent. #How to know if airtag is tracking you

Tracking With AirTag

As the AirTag does not have GPS connectivity, and Apple specifically designed the device to not be used as a tracking device, an AirTag cannot be used to track anything as far as it is concerned.

Despite the fact that you can make it think it’s lost, it will notify nearby iPhones that it has gone missing and start making noises if it’s ignored for an extended period of time.

Due to this, it is impossible for someone or something to be illegally tracked, which is a big plus for privacy-conscious users. #How to know if airtag is tracking you

As for the device that found the AirTag, or its location, no one will be able to determine which device found it, and Apple has confirmed that the only person able to accurately determine the location of an AirTag is its owner.


It is my opinion that AirTags are one of the most useful pieces of technology that you can ever own. They provide peace of mind when carrying around valuable or important things.

When you know what the AirTag can do and what it cannot do, you won’t have to worry about losing track of your belongings again since you will know what the AirTag is capable of.

It is possible that as time passes, we will see new features added to our AirTags thanks to Apple’s occasional feature updates, which are pushed to all AirTags on a regular basis.

The future might even bring us a new version of the AirTag that has GPS capabilities and has an even longer battery life.