How effective is SMS Marketing in 2022?

How effective is SMS Marketing? Some of the interesting facts you should know are: Average person spends more than 160 times a day checking their phone. That is the number one reason why SMS marketing is very effective. How effective is SMS marketing is a question that is better left for me to answer with proof and in full?  

The second fact is that 42% of people check their phones before they get out of bed. It is not a secret, but that is my routine also. 

What is SMS marketing?

SMS ( stands for short message service). SMS is a marketing term that refers to how brands communicate with customers by sending them text messages about campaigns, promotions, news, and updates.

SMS marketing is an owned channel, just like email marketing. Consequently, you are completely in control of whom you send an SMS marketing message to, what you share, and when you decide to do so. From start to finish, you own the marketing experience you provide your customers with through text marketing. 

How effective is SMS Marketing

Your customers can also receive multimedia message service (MMS) messages in addition to SMS messages. Pictures and animated images (and other images) can be sent over text with these messages.

Types of SMS marketing messaging for businesses

You can send promotional and transactional SMS messages to your audience when you implement SMS messaging as part of your marketing strategy.

## Promotional text messages

A promotional SMS message is one that you would send to your audience in order to increase sales, promote a product, or raise brand awareness. 

You can use these messages to share information about new products, to announce sales or promotions, to organize branded events, and even to provide tips on how to best use the products you sell.

Promotional SMS messages triggered by customer actions on your website can be sent to your customers. 

In order to encourage a customer to place an order, you could send an abandoned cart text or welcome text to them when they sign up to receive text messages from your brand or add an item to their cart on your website. 

## Transactional text messages

Text messages that contain transactional information are used to communicate information to your customers, such as confirmation of order details or tracking information. A great way to keep customers informed and build loyalty is to text them delivery updates after they’ve made a purchase.

In terms of content and design, transactional texts are pretty simple, and unlike emails, they don’t allow much creative liberty. 

Remember: your customers or website visitors who sign up to receive transactional text messages can’t be marketed to through this channel unless they explicitly give you their permission.

How effective is SMS marketing in 2022

Marketers in 2021 have access to more marketing channels than ever before. However, choosing the right method can be difficult. Despite the cost of traditional marketing platforms, mobile and email advertising struggle with ad-blocking and spam filters. With open rates of 98%, high conversion rates, and its ability to boost other marketing channels, SMS is one of the most effective marketing platforms.

How effective is SMS Marketing

Marketing on mobile devices is becoming increasingly popular

There are over 5 billion people using mobile phones, nearly triple the number of users a decade ago. Mobile technology is becoming more effective as people have more mobile devices.

Researchers from the University of London found that consumers spend twice as much time on their mobile phones as they believe they are. Mobile consumers touch their phones 2,617 times per day, illustrating why direct marketing to mobile consumers is most effective.

SMS is the mobile marketing method of choice for more businesses. Almost 70 percent of Coca-Cola’s mobile marketing budget goes towards SMS services. Mobile-based SMS campaigns have become increasingly popular with younger audiences. Students prefer SMS as a customer service method, according to a study by OneReach. SMS marketing’s effectiveness will continue to increase due to its high adoption rate among these younger audiences.

High conversion rates

Emails have an 8% response rate compared to SMS messages with 45%. Furthermore, these texts provide significantly more interaction than any other marketing tool. Weblihost is reporting a click-through rate of 36% after switching to a bulk SMS service, compared to just 3.4% when using email.

In order to understand where your customers come from, it is crucial to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. With our guide, you can easily view the click-through rates for your SMS messages when tracking them through Google Analytics.

Following the implementation of SMS online software, Time Warner increased its late bill collection by 49%. SMS reminders increased turnover the most out of their marketing tools and were easily tracked.

Boost your other channels

You can also use SMS marketing to increase interactions with your other marketing touchpoints, such as emails, your website, and in-person visits. Directing users to your website with a shortened link is one of the best ways to promote your business. You can also increase your open rates by sending SMS reminders that say “check your email for important updates”.

To increase sales and in-store visits, SMS is a great way to distribute coupons. An SMS campaign launched by Skin Care Company resulted in 73% of its opted-in customers making a purchase.

A direct method of marketing

Marketing campaigns are often more effective when they are direct. Approximately one-fifth of all emails sent from commercial addresses end up in junk folders or are blocked altogether.

The web SMS service, on the other hand, is accessible to nearly everyone with a mobile phone and is read on average within 90 seconds after it is received. The use of ad-blocking technologies has also reduced the effectiveness of mobile advertising. Mobile advertising is limited to a reach of only three hundred eighty million users due to ad-blocking.

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have become popular messaging apps; however, they are not compatible with all devices and are unavailable in certain countries. There are 3.6 billion non-smart devices in the world, according to Ericsson’s Mobility Report. Mobile advertising or alternative messaging applications are unable to reach nearly 50% of the world’s devices. Online SMS delivery is a direct way to communicate with these consumers and one of the only reliable ways to reach them.

SMS Marketing Trackability And Interactive

From your desktop, you can manage a number of texting platforms for your campaign.

You should find a solution that provides you with detailed analytics that allows you to monitor each step of the conversion process, starting with the first delivery and opening.

You can quickly receive feedback from your recipients by tapping the ‘reply’ button or clicking on your link in mobile messaging. Your subscribers can see results quickly by opting into quick, simple messages.


An effective and low-cost marketing tool, SMS marketing has become well established. With mobile usage reaching an all-time high in 2021, SMS applications have become a popular marketing platform. Messages by text have high click-through rates due to their direct nature, which increases other business channels’ success.

How effective is SMS marketing to your business? can not be underrated or ignored.

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