How Do I Downgrade My Amazon Seller Account Right Now?

As a seller, you may be charged a monthly fee by Amazon for your Amazon account. In this article, I explain how to downgrade your Amazon seller account. A professional seller fee is not worthwhile for Amazon sellers who aren’t selling enough. #How Do I Downgrade My Amazon Seller Account Right Now?

A lot of people have made millions of dollars selling products on Amazon, but for others, it hasn’t been as lucrative as they expected. # How Do I Downgrade My Amazon Seller Account?

If your Amazon business hasn’t taken off yet, and you don’t wish to pay $39.99 per month for the Professional version, you can downgrade to the free version. You can complete the process in a few steps. To make it easier to understand, I’ll use screenshots I took from a seller account that I haven’t worked on for a year due to other commitments.

Your professional Amazon seller account can be downgraded using the steps below.

  1. You can access your Amazon Seller Central account by logging in
  2. To find out more about your account, go to Settings -> Account Info
  3. On the Account Info page, click Manage under Your Services.
  4. The “Downgrade” link should be located under the Sell on Amazon section. The link can be found by clicking here.
  5. You can confirm your downgrade by clicking the “Proceed” button after you’ve clicked on that link on Amazon Seller Central. Go to that link and click on it.

Downgrading Amazon Seller Account from Professional to Individual

This is some more information about how to downgrade your Amazon Seller account, including some of my own experience. # How Do I Downgrade My Amazon Seller Account?

I am currently selling safety products that are drop-shipped from suppliers through a company I started several years ago. At one point, I thought about selling something on Amazon, but I never really committed to it. My plan was to sell hundreds of products a month, so I decided to sign up for the Professional account. Despite the fact that I have the time to go there, I never made the effort to do so.

Amazon Professional Versus Individual Seller Account

A Professional Amazon Seller account isn’t necessarily necessary for you to sell more than 40 items per month if you are selling the same amount as an individual Amazon Seller account, unless there is another reason why you need a Professional account for some other reason. # Amazon Professional Versus Individual Seller Account

You will be charged $0.99 per item you sell with the Individual account. You can remove the $0.99 fee from your Amazon store when you sign up for a Professional account for $39.99. # How Do I Downgrade My Amazon Seller Account?

In addition to being a featured seller, or having the “Buy Box”, having a Professional account has other benefits. Amazon sellers can, however, combine these benefits with others that would be associated with serious sellers.

Can I change my Amazon seller account?

The answer to your question is yes, you can change from an Individual account to a Business account. The tax interview may overwrite existing data in your Forms 941, if for example, you have a new EIN number, or if you just received a new W-2 that reflects a connected employee’s name and/or social security number that is not already associated with the account.

What happens if I downgrade my Amazon seller account?

The moment you downgrade from your current version of the app, you will lose all approvals for restricted categories and brands. You will be temporarily suspended until your account is re-verified when you upgrade your account back to Professional status.

How do I change my seller status on Amazon?

You will need to navigate to Amazon’s Seller Central page.

Go to the Settings tab and click on it.

You can modify your plan by going to your Account Information and selecting Modify Plans. Changing the selling plan is as simple as downgrading it, saving the changes, and clicking Apply Changes at the bottom of the screen.

Can you have 2 Amazon accounts with the same email?

Amazon accounts are permanently associated with one email address and phone number, and can never be merged with another account associated with another email address or phone number. In order to share an account with your spouse, partner, friend, or relative, you must have at least one separate account. You cannot blend accounts together.

How Do I Downgrade My Amazon Seller Account Right Now?
How Do I Downgrade My Amazon Seller Account Right Now?

How do I cancel Amazon seller subscription?

My Amazon seller account has been closed, how do I close it? Self-service tools are available in Seller Central so that you can close your account. The account cannot be used for financial transactions after it has been closed by Amazon.

Can I cancel my Amazon professional seller account?

The Settings button can be found on any Seller Central page on the right if you want to downgrade your account from professional to individual. You can downgrade your account by selecting Account and then Downgrade Your Account Type.

How do I change my Amazon business account to normal?

The same app allows customers to switch between their personal and business accounts without signing out of any of the accounts, and switch between the two accounts at any time.

Log out of your account by following these steps:

  1. You can access the menu by selecting the menu button in the app.
  2. Switch accounts by selecting Settings.
  3. The Manage option will appear.
  4. In each account, click the X at the top right.
  5. Sign out by selecting it.

Can I delete my Amazon seller account and open a new one?

The seller account can also be kept open whenever you need to add or remove listings and your listings will be deleted automatically. You can learn more about ending a product’s sale by visiting the Stop selling a product page. It is important to note that Amazon is unable to reactivate or reinstate your closed account if you decide to close your account.

This means that if you ever want to sell on Amazon again in the future, you will have to sign up again in order to sell on Amazon. # How Do I Downgrade My Amazon Seller Account?

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