10 Important Tips for writing a Blog from scratch

It can be intimidating to start a blog from scratch. The perfect name, the platform to use for design and branding, and so much more. All of the above need to be considered. Read more here.

15 Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Web Host

Web host providers are many and for you to choose the best, just consider the following factors.

The decision to choose a web host is a very crucial one as it is fundamental to the success of your business. That is why 15 Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Web Host is there to guide you.

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From A Blogger’s Perspective

Ever wondered how blogging can be done in 2021?

It’s Simple Just Stop Imagining and Let’s Get Started:

First, blogging is simple, you just have to have something you want to share and a platform to share it. By ‘something’ mm I mean anything. ‘For instance if I am thinking of my favorite meal and feel I should share the recipe. Boom there we got something as simple as that.’

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Web Hosting

What is web hosting?

Hosting companies allocates space on a web server for any website to store its files. They are providing hosting services for your websites.

Best hosting providers for wordpress.


Bluehost has the following plans: Bluehost Basic $2.75/mo

Bluehost Choice Plus $5.45/mo

Bluehost Plus $5.45/mo

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