Every blogger is keen on expanding his or her horizon. The more the audience, the better results mores so if you are into monetizing your blog. No matter where you run or host your blog, you ought to be keen on the following aspects in order to grow your readers and subscribers. This growing your audience will help you understand the fundamentals of growing your blog.

First it is essential to Make Your Site Discover-able. This means that readers and the search engines can easily find your blog.

Make blogging a habit. Blog on a regular basis – always have posts for your readers. Making Cents Out of Words is keen on providing insightful pieces to her esteemed readers.

Add keywords to your blog. Key words enables the readers to easily identify with your post and recognize your intentions without necessarily reading the whole blog. This way you provide relevance to your blog and allow your target audience easily find your post.

Adopt Tags appropriate to your site for instance online business or lifestyle blogs are used for Making Cents Out of Words site. The Tags connects you with similar content and makes it easier when searching.

Create an effective connection with your audience and readers. Adopt an efficient chat and reply system for your readers and customers of your products. Remember you can use your blog to sell your products as such you may need the means to communicate with your customers. The email system, online chat and even phone calls are handy for connection.

Connect with other like minded bloggers and read their blogs
Learning is crucial if you want to succeed as a blogger. Connecting with other bloggers assist new bloggers to learn different aspects of blogging and how to maneuver the different challenges.

Provide appropriate links to the blogs you run
This helps your readers identify with you and find more information on your abilities. This helps build authority over your posts and readers are confident in your work.

Social media is a handy tool for sharing your blog posts
Share your posts online and widely using platforms such as: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger, Linkedin, QQ, Tumblr, Pinterest and many more

Share your blog with real-time friends – Friends can be very supportive in making you grow – just share the links to your blog with them.

Let your audience be informed on your posts
It is crucial to schedule your blog posts – this way the readers become aware of what you are about to post. Sometimes it is important to listen to the comments from the readers and heed to their demands.

Do not rush! It takes time and effort to grow

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