How To Get Banned on Instagram? Complete Guide

How To Get Banned on Instagram? Our exploration of Instagram’s terms of use leads us to a topic that evokes both caution and curiosity: getting banned.

In this article, we examine the actions, behaviors, and missteps that can lead to an Instagram ban.

Our goal is to help users navigate Instagram responsibly and cultivate a positive digital presence by educating them about what to avoid.

In addition to being barred from accessing your account, feed, or clicking like, comment, and follow, Instagram has strict rules every user must follow when interacting with it.

You can be banned from Instagram if you exceed the like limit or post borderline content. # How To Get Banned on Instagram?

You’re probably wondering what happened to you. Hold on to your hats. We’ll explain how your massive following and feed turned into a ban. 

How long do Instagram bans last?

Temporary bans on Instagram usually last anywhere from a few hours to 48 hours. 

If you continue to commit the wrong actions, the ban will be extended. If it’s your first temporary ban, you ought to start following Instagram’s rules.

Types of Instagram bans

The number one threat for brands who primarily use Instagram is Instagram bans. In Instagram, there are three kinds of bans: Action Blocks, Shadow Bans, and Permanent Bans.

Content creators are not uncommonly banned from Instagram, and all three types of ban will have a negative impact on your brand.  # Instagram bans


You can also be permanently banned, which will disable your account for an unlimited period of time.

None of these bans are good for your brand or your followers.

Action Block

When an Action Block occurs, it disables your account for a short period of time. If you’re lucky, it will only last a few hours, but it has the potential to last for as long as two days. 

In the event of a small misdemeanor, such as mass following or spamming comments, you will receive an Action Block. # Instagram bans

Shadow Ban

Even though many creators on Instagram have complained about being Shadow Banned, Instagram denies the existence of Shadow Bans.

Shadow Bans limit your reach significantly and reduce engagement. As a result, nobody knows for sure when an account has been shadowbanned. # Instagram bans

The reason we did this research is that Shadow Bans are so grey. We found out exactly what causes them, how to test if you have one, and how to get rid of them.

How do you get banned on Instagram?

It is usually when you violate Instagram’s rules that your account is banned by the platform.

We will discuss the most common violations below.

1. Mass Following, Unfollowing, Liking, or Commenting

When you try to quickly grow your account, Instagram punishes you with an Action Block.

Instagram goes after all accounts that use mass unfollow, like, or comment to grow their account. # How do you get banned on Instagram?

Even though Instagram doesn’t have set limits for this (classic Instagram), you need to pay attention to the numbers below, because they will block you both if you use third-party promotion tools and also if you do it manually.

2. Copyright Infringement

The posting of content of which the copyright belongs to another person can also result in a ban.

Copyright infringement is a grey area for Instagram, as they generally only ban accounts when they are reported by the copyright owner.

People often think you are doing it right if you ask permission from the creator and give credit to them.

However, Instagram does not matter if you have asked permission from the copyright holders. In any case, you will still get banned if the copyright holders report your post.

3. Banned Hashtags

There are quite a few hashtags that are prohibited from being used within Instagram, for obvious reasons.

Yet you should be careful if you are using these hashtags, as using these will get you banned.

4. Buying Followers and Likes

In the same way as the above, Instagram will also ban you if you buy followers and likes from third-party promotion tools.

5. Sexual or Inappropriate Content

A ban on your account may result if you post sexual or inappropriate content on Instagram. # How do you get banned on Instagram?

Banned on Instagram
Banned on Instagram

6. User Complaints

It is important to keep in mind that Instagram will take any complaints about your content very seriously and could result in a ban on your account.

If your content offends anyone, you could find yourself without a way out.

7. Buying Someone’s Account

Buying someone else’s account and using it as your own is also illegal according to Instagram’s rules: “When you create your account, you agree that you will not sell, transfer, license, or assign your account or any account rights.”

8. Duplicate Spam Comments and DMs

Commercial comments or DMs that are spam are also forbidden on Instagram. This often results in a duplicate message being sent over and over again. # How do you get banned on Instagram?

How to report and ban an Instagram account manually

To ensure a safe and respectful online community, it is important to report Instagram accounts that violate its guidelines.

The decision of whether to ban an account is ultimately decided by Instagram based on their review of the reported content.

Here’s how to manually report an Instagram account:

Reporting an Account:

Open the Instagram App:

  • Download the Instagram app to your mobile device.

Navigate to the Profile:

  • If you’re already following the account, you can find their profile by searching for their username or by tapping on it.

Access Options:

  • The options menu can be accessed by tapping the three dots (…) in the top right corner (iOS) or top right of the screen (Android). # report and ban an Instagram account manually

Report Account:

  • The “Report” option can be found in the options menu.

Choose the Reason:

  • Several options are available for reporting on Instagram. Choose the reason that is most relevant to your report. Options include “Spam,” “Bullying,” and more.

Provide Details:

  • Following the prompts, you will be asked for more information about the violation, depending on the reason you select.

Submit the Report:

  • Once you have completed the necessary steps, submit the report to Instagram. If the account violates Instagram’s guidelines, they will take the necessary action.

It is important to note that reporting an account does not guarantee it will be banned.

Instagram will review the reported content and take action according to its internal policies and guidelines. # report and ban an Instagram account manually

If You’re Being Harassed or Feel Unsafe:

To protect yourself against harassment or unsafe behavior, you can also take the following steps:

Block the User:

  • You can block a user by tapping the three dots (…) on their profile.

Change Your Privacy Settings:

  • To control who can send you messages and interact with your content, adjust your privacy settings.

Restrict the User:

  • By restricting a user, you may be able to control how their comments appear in your posts without them knowing.

For the latest information on reporting and managing your Instagram account, please visit Instagram’s Help Center.

Instagram’s guidelines and features may change in the future. # report and ban an Instagram account manually


It is important to engage in the digital world mindfully as we draw the curtain on this exploration of the factors that may cause an Instagram ban.

When users treat Instagram as a space for authentic connections, creative expression, and respectful discourse, it thrives like any other social platform.

The idea of a ban on Instagram may cause caution, but it also serves as a reminder that each user is capable of shaping their online experience.

Users can contribute to a flourishing digital community by following Instagram’s guidelines, respecting others’ rights, and cultivating a sense of empathy.

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