A product’s first impression is extremely important, and this is especially true when listing it on eBay. In order to find success on the platform, it is essential to list your products optimally. A listing that stands out and is easy to navigate may mean more sales if there are a lot of products similar to your own.

Therefore, what are the best ways to optimize your product listings? Having the right keywords in your product description and creating a template are vital components of a successful listing. In spite of eBay’s discontinuation of Turbo Lister, online sellers have been searching for alternatives to help them accomplish this. These free eBay listing tools will help you improve the effectiveness of your eBay listings.

If you’re just starting out on eBay, you’ll find that creating all of the listings is relatively easy and straightforward. As your business expands and listings increase, the work multiplies until eventually there are not enough hours in the day to keep up with listing creation and maintenance.

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Free eBay listing tools for You

#1. Listing Analytics

Thousands of eBay businesses are helped by eBay Analytics every year

You can benefit from it today, too!

TYPE: Analytics tool

PRICE: Free.

ACCESS: Online, through my eBay.

BEST FOR: Mid to high-volume sellers.

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Every eBay seller aims for the same thing. It is to make their eBay listings the stars of the show. But this isn’t something that happens easily. Software and strategies are required to keep everything in one place and track it. Fortunately, eBay Analytics helps sellers with this issue. Sellers no longer have to guess what is wrong with their product. With the selling manager statistics feature, sellers no longer have to guess.

Listing Analytics subscription

All sellers have access to Listing Analytics for free. To subscribe, follow these steps:

  1. Go to My eBay
  2. Click the Applications tab
  3. Look for Listing Analytics
  4. Click the Subscribe button

If you have subscribed to Listing Analytics, you can access it at any time from the Applications tab on My eBay.


  • Internet Connection
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or later, Apple Safari 2 or later.
  • Supports any operating system, including Macintosh

#2. Sellers Hup

Seller Hub lets you manage your eBay business in one place. All of our selling tools are consolidated into one place and are free to use. Additionally, the tool provides useful information and tips for growing your eBay sales.

TYPE: Listing and Analytics tool

PRICE: Free. Already integrated for sellers with a Basic eBay Store subscription.

ACCESS: Online, integrated into your eBay account.

BEST FOR: Mid-size businesses, medium volume sellers.

image 15

Seller Hub tools

You can use Seller Hub to:

  • You will have access to My eBay, Selling Manager, and Selling Manager Pro’s listing, reporting, and order management features.
  • Easily monitor listing activities, sales, costs, and traffic data with custom dashboards
  • View payouts – Check out past payouts, when you’ll get your next payout, and whether any funds are currently in your account
  • Business performance analysis – Find out how to improve your business based on personalized insights

#3. ShelfTrend

ShelfTrend, however, is different software that offers free-for-ever usage. Through this, you can search live inventories across 22 global eBay markets. ShelfTrend presents me with 500 listings that best match my garden gnome-search on eBay US. Not bad.

ShelfTrend shows you what types of products your rivals are selling and who they are. This information can be narrowed down to just one competitor. To find out what products were making top sellers in my market for gnomes, I researched their top-ranked sellers.

image 11

ShelfTrend eBay Analytics

Each quarter, eBay sellers sell to more than 170 million people. How, though, can you decide what will sell among tens of thousands of product categories? Is the pricing and the offer attractive enough to generate sales? An analysis of eBay data can help answer this question. 

In order to grow and protect eBay sales, over 35,000 eBay sellers use ShelfTrend as their eBay analytics tool.

There are many opportunities on eBay, but it is also a fiercely competitive marketplace. You can make informed, competitive decisions regarding your growth and defense strategies by knowing the market, what buyers are buying, and the movement of competitors. There is no need to go into eBay blindly.

#4. Supreme Lister

Ultimate Supreme Lister lets you create eBay listings with over 700 templates and an assistant-guided user interface.

Several of the gnomes I have for sale are collectibles, so I want professional eBay listings that reflect their value. I need more than a Times New Roman description on a white background! This is where Supreme Lister comes in handy.

If you choose “new project” after registering and logging in, Supreme Lister will open another window. The listing will be created in this window. While it worked for me after installing and enabling Flash Player, there were a few glitches.

image 12

TYPE: Listing tool

PRICE: Free basic package, with premium packages for a monthly fee.

ACCESS: Online, register via eBay account.

BEST FOR: Small to mid-size sellers.

When creating new listings, users have the option of saving their own templates.

Your eBay sales can increase when you use Supreme Tools. This free software helps you make auctions and offers that look professional. 

There are over 800 templates and designs to choose from for your products. In addition to assisting you in the management of your eBay listings, your Supreme Manager provides a free listing start time planning service.

Boost your eBay sales by using Supreme’s sales templates. The free software allows you to create professional auctions and offers. It offers you over 800 different product designs and templates. It offers you free start time planning and assists you in managing your eBay listings.

Supreme lets you present offers perfectly on any mobile device, including tablets and smartphones. With a responsive eBay auction template, your products will always look perfect on the device of your customer.

#5. Ecomdash eBay listing tool

With our eBay listing software, you can manage your listings effectively. You can list products and manage eBay inventory levels with everything we offer, including out-of-stock control and variation support.

image 13

You can focus more time on growing your business by using our eBay listing software, which will save you time listing products on eBay.

  • You can easily manage either auction-based or fixed-price eBay listings.
  • By scheduling auctions in advance, you can more effectively plan promotions.
  • An out-of-stock listing doesn’t need to be ended. It can simply be marked as out-of-stock until more inventory is available.

#6. Xpress Lister

The demand for new gnomes seems to be high, according to my research. After I sell my twenty gnomes, I may consider developing gnome-selling as a business.

WowLister, Supreme Lister, and eBay’s own listing tool all list each item one by one. They aren’t designed for creating bulk listings in bulk, which would be something I would want to do if I became serious about the gnome trade. In my research, I found Xpress Lister, which allows bulk listings to be created just by uploading a spreadsheet.

Using Xpress Lister, I could create all the listings in one go if I bought a large number of gnomes from a wholesaler. In addition to categorizing products automatically, it attempts to do so, which is problematic as discussed earlier. Changing the categories manually can be done if they do not apply to the product.

You can also create and edit live listings with Xpress Lister’s paid version, which starts at $9 per month.

#7. Title Builder

Title and category are the two most important elements of eBay listings for SEO. With Title Builder, I will make sure these are done correctly.

For the next little fellow, I’ll choose “gnome light” as the title from my search of two keywords. The Title Builder displays the most popular search terms for a category, as well as the keywords used by sellers in that category.

It is very easy to make a mistake when selecting a category since eBay offers over 18,000 options. This part should be approached cautiously, and not just selected the first category suggested by Title Builder. Instead, browse some of eBay’s listed categories to see what kinds of products are available.

The title builder now presents me with two new lists of relevant words based on this category. Rearrange the words left over to make a suitable title by deleting the words that aren’t relevant. Make sure the tile length is within the range limit. 

#8. WowLister

However, not everyone was aware of the gnome embargo, and I was given one for Christmas despite the gnome collection hiding in the shed away from the dachshund.

Due to the fact that this guy is a newbie, I’m going to use WowLister, a software program that converts an Amazon.com listing into an eBay listing. It takes me just sixty seconds to list the Gnome on eBay by finding the same product on Amazon, copying the URL into WowLister, and setting the item’s condition.

image 16

In addition to saving a lot of time, the listing it creates looks professional. The gnome is copied over with the title, description, and images, and it is even categorized correctly under Home & Garden > Statues & Lawn Ornaments.

During my use of WowLister, I encountered a couple of minor glitches. My first attempt at linking my eBay account failed due to a 404 error (update: WowLister informed me that this issue has been resolved). I had to go to eBay to fix this the second time it prompted me to accept eBay’s global selling agreement. I may not have sold anything recently with this eBay account, just because I didn’t sell recently.

In summary, WowLister was perfect for listing new items, but it would be a good idea to use caution when listing used items, as eBay does not allow stock images for items that aren’t new.

Using WowLister is free up to 10 times per month. However, it has paid plans.

The best eBay keyword software

In a world of eCommerce, it’s important to keep in mind that marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay are search engines in their own right, even though all the focus is on eCommerce. Just as you optimize your blogs and website pages for Google search, you should optimize your product listings for eBay’s algorithm as well.

As part of the eBay SEO software, you can discover the most effective keywords to include in your listing in order to match your customers’ searches, as well as view insights such as search volume, competitiveness and how many shoppers use a particular keyword.

You can research hashtags for selling on social media in the same place you research keywords for selling on eBay, with Keyword Tool, which is your complete keyword research tool for eBay, Google, YouTube, Instagram, and other places.

The Keyword Keg and Keyword Tool Dominator are some of the other companies that provide eBay keyword software. 

eBay seller analysis software 

Our eBay software reviews over the last few weeks have allowed us to set you up to be successful on eBay, but without eBay seller analytics software, you will not be able to measure the success of your eBay business.

As a result, eBay offers two types of analysis software to sellers: Listing Analytics and Sales Reports. Using eBay Listing Analytics, you can view metrics like impressions, clicks, and sell-throughs for your listings. In addition to comparing your sales over time, you will even be able to analyse your competitors based on these same metrics as well. You can see your top performing listings, your worst, and your worst, as well as your best-performing listings.

eBay product ranking and feedback software

Having researched your products and optimizing them at the same time helps you sell your products better. To sell better, you must rank better in your search engines.

A tool like Algopix, one of the most popular eBay research software packages, can assist you here as well. Algopix analyzes your eBay listings in order to identify any missing elements that will help the Best Match algorithm, such as original images or terms and conditions.

You can make use of a tool such as xSellco Feedback to reach out to satisfied customers in eBay and ask them for feedback. With smart targeting rules, you can reach out to satisfied customers on eBay and get their feedback. It is possible to tailor feedback requests across multiple marketplaces, including eBay, Amazon, Google, and Trustpilot. You can also compare your ratings to those of your competitors.


Your eBay listings play a major role in determining your success on the site. The key to attracting and retaining customers is to design them to be easy to understand, appealing, and 100% eBay-compliant. Free eBay listing tools come in hardy while navigating this marketing journey. Hopefully for beginners, free eBay listing tools will enable you to know and understand about listing tools easy and without spending a dime

Repricing is an automated process that reduces human error and unnecessary time, enabling you to focus on other areas of your business. We’ll give you a free trial when you sign up. If you want to take full advantage of the settings and pricing rules you customize, be sure to test in Safe Mode.

Which listing tool do you prefer? Which listing tool would be perfect for you? We’d love to hear from you.

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