How to Fix TikTok under review? Complete Guide

How to fix TikTok under review? Known for its creative content and engaging features, TikTok has taken the world by storm as a short-form video platform.

Nevertheless, it has its fair share of challenges, including the dreaded “TikTok under review” issue.

It’s likely that you’ve encountered this annoying message on TikTok at least once, preventing you from sharing your latest creations or engaging with your audience.

Nevertheless, in this blog, we will explore the causes behind TikTok’s “under review” status and provide you with some valuable insights on how to put it right so you can get back to sharing and creating content.

In addition to following the TikTok guidelines and policies, content creators must also comply with the following:

  1. Copyright refers to stealing and using someone else’s content
  2.  Nudity or too much exposure
  3. Non-violence Act
  4. The use of abusive language and the display of abusive material

These guidelines must be followed by creators; otherwise, their videos will be reviewed by the app.

There are a number of reasons why you can receive the error message “under review” when uploading your video.

Regardless of whether this happened with your latest video or your previous post, the app has a few restrictions on assessing its content.

We will find out who is responsible for putting a restriction on the video and how the error message is removed.

What is the “TikTok Under Review” issue?

It usually occurs when users with large followings and a lot of popularity submit videos that don’t follow TikTok’s guidelines and they’re put “under review” by a moderator.

After posting a video or post, the video often shows an error. As a result, your followers won’t be able to see your new video, and the video won’t appear on the “for you” page either.

The content cannot be accessed until it has been reviewed and the restrictions have been removed from the video.

Videos sometimes have no explicit content and are safe, but they do get under review errors mostly as a result of the AI monitoring.

For the sake of protection and the implementation of its guidelines, TikTok monitors the content, as do many social media sites, including Facebook and Instagram.

There is likely to be an issue with TikTok’s app and servers, and users in specific regions are also experiencing downtime.

That’s why even clean videos that do not violate the TikTok guidelines appear to be under review.

What Happens to TikTok Video Under Review?

TikTok won’t show any of your videos to other users while they’re experiencing the “This video is under review” message for as long as it stays under review, be it a newly uploaded video or one that hasn’t crossed the review period yet.

The video will not be submitted to the “For You” sections that attract the most attention, nor will its view count increase. # TikTok Video Under Review

The review period is usually about 48 hours, although it can be shorter or longer in some cases.

Shadowbans, temporary bans, or even permanent bans may be given if a video is found to be inappropriate after review.

Shadowbans are the most common ban, while permanent bans are unlikely. # TikTok Video Under Review

How to fix TikTok under review?

After a video has been reviewed, it will be viewed by a human reviewer to determine whether it is appropriate or not.

If the reviewer determines that the video is inappropriate, it will be removed. Otherwise, it remains up. # How to fix TikTok under review?

Using this hack, if the video is still under review after 5 minutes, change it to private and leave it there for 30 – 45 minutes, then change it back to public. Hopefully, it will work for you as well.

Alternatively, you can wait until the review process is complete. Because of the large volume of content on TikTok, manually reviewing each video is extremely time consuming.

TikTok under review
TikTok under review

There is evidence on the Internet that the review process can take between two and 48 hours. However, in extreme cases, it can take up to a week. # How to fix TikTok under review?

Video is being processed TikTok error

TikTok’s “Video is being processed” error can be quite frustrating, but it’s usually only a matter of a few simple steps.

# Video is being processed TikTok error # Video is being processed

This usually happens when TikTok is having trouble processing videos.

1. Check Your Internet Connection:

  • If you want to upload videos on TikTok, you will need a fast and stable internet connection. Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi network or a strong cellular connection.

2. Ensure Video Format Compatibility:

  • The best video format for TikTok is MP4 files with H.264 video and AAC audio. If your video format isn’t compatible, consider using a video converter tool to convert it.

3. Reduce File Size:

  • It can sometimes be difficult to process large video files, so compress your video using video editing software or apps to reduce the file size. # Video is being processed

4. Update TikTok App:

  • If you’re using an older version of the TikTok app, it may contain bugs that can cause processing errors. Make sure you’re using the latest version of the app by checking its app store.

5. Clear App Cache (Android):

  • Occasionally, you can resolve processing issues by clearing the cache in TikTok on your Android device. In “Settings” > “Apps” > “TikTok” > “Storage” > “Clear Cache.”

6. Restart Your Device:

  • When you have app-related issues, you can often solve them by restarting your device. Turning off your device, waiting a few seconds, then turning it back on can often resolve the issue.

7. Wait and Try Again:

  • There are times when the TikTok servers may experience heavy traffic or temporary issues. In that case, wait for a bit and then try to upload your video again.

8. Contact TikTok Support:

  • Please contact TikTok support if none of the above steps resolves your issue. They may be able to offer further guidance or investigate any platform-related errors.

In any app, including TikTok, technical issues can occur from time to time, such as “Video is being processed”.

If you follow these steps, you will increase your chances of successfully uploading your video without encountering the processing error.

Patience and persistence are key when dealing with these issues. # Video is being processed TikTok error

TikTok Video Under Review Without Violating the Guidelines

When your video is monitored, it is usually when you post more than the other accounts and have a higher engagement rate.

Since it is difficult to keep up with everything posted on the app, some videos from more popular accounts with a high engagement rate are filtered out.

Your previous posts sometimes don’t receive engagement, and when you re-visit them, they appear with an error message as well.

Why is this? The post was all good when it was posted, but now why did it have an error? That post has been flagged by TikTok’s automated trackers.


It can be a frustrating roadblock for content creators and users alike to find TikTok under review, but it isn’t impossible to overcome.

By understanding the reasons behind this issue and following the steps outlined in this blog, you can increase your chances of resolving the problem and getting back to creating and sharing your TikTok videos.

Stay respectful and positive on TikTok by following the platform’s community guidelines.

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