How To Fix PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error? Complete Guide

How To Fix PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error? Few things are more frustrating to a passionate gamer than sitting down for a gaming session, inserting your favorite game disc into your PlayStation 4 (PS4), and getting the dreaded “Unrecognized Disc Error.”

This is a frustrating issue that can leave you wondering why your PlayStation 4 isn’t reading your disc. In the world of gaming, solutions to these kinds of problems are often available.

With this blog, you’ll learn the potential causes of the PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error and find practical solutions to get you back to gaming. # PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error

We’ve got you covered, whether it’s a dirty disc, a system software issue, or something else entirely. The Unrecognized Disc Error can be troubleshooted and resolved by the end of this read, so you can enjoy your gaming experience without interruption.

Why does my PS4 show an ‘Unrecognised Disc’ error?

There are multiple reasons why your PS4 won’t recognize a disc, and if you experience the error with more than one disc, it’s possible that the problem lies within the console.

The following could be causing your gaming experience to be hindered by the error ‘Unrecognised Disc’:

System Update

In addition to a software glitch, the ‘Unrecognised Disc’ could also be caused by a recent software update on your console.

It is possible that the error is caused by an unresolved bug in your latest update if you have recently updated your software.

Game Update

As it is with system updates, that could be the case with the game update. This error could indicate that the game has been updated and a glitch resulted in the disc not being recognized by the console.

Damaged PS4 Console Disc

You may notice some wear and tear on a disc if you have it in your cupboard for a long time. PS4 will not recognize a disc if it is scratched or marked deeply, or if its edges appear broken. Therefore, the error message will appear ‘Unrecognised Disc’.

It is not the negligible minor scratches that are inevitable, but the big marks or scratches that are noticeable that you should concern yourself with if the problem is caused by a damaged disc.

A PS4’s ‘Unrecognised Disc’ error can also be caused by dirty discs. If the disc has been out for too long, and not cleaned before inserting it into the disc drive, you may encounter this problem.

PS4 may not recognize the disc because it is not meant to recognize it in the first place, so it may not be able to recognize it.

We’re saying that PS4 won’t recognize a burned disc or retail CD if you’re using them, which results in an error message.

Outdated System Software

It is also possible that the error is caused by outdated system software, which could prevent your PS4 from recognizing the disc.

If you have not updated your system for a long time, the PS4 may not even recognize it. 

The ‘Unrecognized Disc’ error isn’t the only one caused by outdated system software, but you may also experience other ‘random’ errors like ‘Cannot Start the PS4.

Connect the DualShock 4.’ Therefore, keep your PS4 up-to-date to avoid problems.

Damaged PS4 Console Disc Drive

If your PS4 has recently taken a great fall, or if it has worn and tear over time, you may not be able to play discs because it has been damaged in some way.

The disc drive may also have hardware problems, which are less common but can cause the disc drive to malfunction, and therefore cause the error.

Bug in the console

Have you left the PlayStation 4 running for an extended period of time? This issue may be the result of a minor (and temporary) bug in the console.

In this case, the PS4 does not recognize the disc you are inserting into the disc drive due to this minor bug.

It is as simple as restarting your PS4 if this is the cause of the error ‘Unrecognized Disc’.

Disk drive that is dirty

You might have left your disc drive open for too long and it has accumulated dust and grime, which may cause it to fail to detect the disc.

Although this is uncommon, you might have left your disc drive open for too long.

How To Fix PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error?

Now the question is, what can be done to resolve this problem? Just like its causes, there are multiple ways to resolve it.

Based on the cause of the error, each method will work differently. This article will guide you through all the possible troubleshooting steps to resolve the PS4 unrecognized disc error. # PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error

Power Cycle Your PS4 Console

If you encounter the issue because of a minor bug, power cycling your console will resolve it. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • The first thing you need to do is turn off your console. 
  • Disconnect the power source from the console now. 
  • Your console should also be disconnected from all the cables. 
  • The next thing to do is to wait a minute or two, then continue. 
  • It is also a good idea to plug the console into a power source and connect all the cables to it. 
  • Check your console to see if the issue persists.

Clean Disc And Disc Drive

In order to resolve this issue, you should first clean the disc and the disc drive. Dirty discs and drives are one of the most common causes.

The disc can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth, then you can drive it.

Once the disc has been cleaned properly, you can use it again on the PS4 and see if the issue persists. # PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error

PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error

Update PS4 Console System Software

Alternatively, you might encounter this issue if your system software needs to be updated. You can fix it by updating your system software.

Follow the steps below to update your system software:

  • Be sure to turn off your console first. 
  • Using the power button on the console, hold it until you hear two beeps, and then release it. 
  • You can boot your PS4 into safe mode by connecting your controller to the console and pressing the PS button. 
  • Select Update System Software from the list of options.
  • Two options are now available to you:
    • By using the USB drive, you will be able to install the update.
    • Internet Update- This will download and install the update from the Internet.
  • Choose your preferred method of updating the system software from the two options available. 
  • You should be able to fix the issue after updating your PS4’s system software, and restarting your console. 

Convert Your Disc

You will likely encounter this issue if the disc you are trying to use with your PS4 has an incompatible file format.

If you want to play Blu-ray/DVD files on your PS4, you can convert them to 1080p files and use them.

You should now be able to play the disc on your PS4 without any problems. # PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error

Initialise PS4 

You can try initializing your PS4 if you still get the PS4 Unrecognized Disc error.

You can do this by following the steps below:

  • The first thing you need to do is turn off your console.
  • On the console, press and hold the Power button and release it after the second beep. 
  • Press the PS button on the PS4 controller after connecting it to the console.
  • Safe mode will be activated on your PS4. 
  • You can start the process by selecting Initialize PS4.
  • Once the process has been completed, restart your PlayStation 4. 

Rebuild Your PS4 Console Database

In order to fix PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error, you can rebuild the database. This will not delete your data, but may fix the problem.

You can do this by following the steps below:

  • To turn off your console, press the Power button. 
  • After hearing the second beep, hold the power button for a few seconds then release it.
  • Press PS on the controller when connected to the console. 
  • Rebuild the database will be one of the options you have here. 
  • Start the process and wait until it is complete before restarting the console. 
  • You should be able to resolve your issue this way. 

Reinstall System Software

In case the problem persists, you can reinstall the system software. Be aware that doing so will erase all your settings and games, so be sure to back them up beforehand.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Safe mode should be enabled on your PS4.
  • Choose Initialise PS4 (Reinstall System Software). 
  • Now, the process will begin. It may take some time to complete, so please wait. 
  • You will no longer encounter this error after the process has been completed, and your PS4 will restart. 

Repaired Your PS4 Console

Last but not least, if none of the above works, you need to have your PS4 repaired as soon as possible. Contact Sony Service Center or customer support for further assistance.

Customer service will guide you on what can be done if something is amiss with your PS4 (such as an internal damage). 

Depending on whether the damage is reparable or replaceable, you will not be charged for the service if the console is under warranty and the damage was not your fault.

You will have to pay for the repair if the console is not covered under warranty or the damage was caused by negligence on your part. Customer care will be able to inform you about this. # PS4 Unrecognized Disc Error

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PS4’s “Unrecognized Disc Error” can be frustrating and disheartening, but as we’ve demonstrated in this blog, it’s a challenge that can often be overcome with some troubleshooting and knowledge.

Cleaning your disc, checking for system updates, or resolving more complex issues, you can quickly resolve them by following these troubleshooting tips.