How to Fix DAZN Buffering? Complete Guide

How to Fix DAZN Buffering? You can catch all the action from the comfort of your own home with DAZN, whether you’re a football, boxing, or other sport fan.

However, there’s nothing more frustrating than being engrossed in a crucial match or fight, only to have your stream interrupted by buffering issues.

You’re not the only one who has encountered buffering problems. There are many reasons why buffering occurs, but you can usually fix it.

Here’s what we’ll learn about DAZN and how to deal with buffering issues in this blog.

You’ll be able to watch your favorite sports events uninterrupted without buffering interruptions, whether you’re a cord cutter or a new subscriber to DAZN.

Then let’s take a look at troubleshooting and enjoy uninterrupted sports streaming. # How to Fix DAZN Buffering

How to Fix DAZN Buffering?

If you are experiencing DAZN buffering issues, you can often fix them with a few adjustments. Here are some steps you can take:

1. Check Your Internet Connection:

There are many reasons why buffering occurs, including slow or unstable internet connections. To ensure a stable connection, follow these steps:

  • An Ethernet cable can provide a faster and more stable connection between your streaming device and your router.
  • Run a speed test (websites like or to verify your internet speed. For standard definition streaming, DAZN recommends 3.5 Mbps and for high definition, 6.0 Mbps.
  • Optimize your streaming quality by reducing network load: Don’t let other devices on your network consume too much bandwidth.

2. Close Background Applications:

You should stop any background applications or downloads on your device that are consuming bandwidth and causing buffering. # How to Fix DAZN Buffering

3. Use Supported Devices:

Make sure you are using a compatible streaming device or smart TV to stream DAZN. Visit DAZN’s official website for a list of supported devices.

4. Update Your App and Device:

Streaming devices and smart TVs that do not have the latest firmware updates can lead to performance problems.

Make sure you have the latest version of the DAZN app and make sure your streaming device has the latest firmware updates.

How To Fix Sharp TV Blue Tint? # How to Fix DAZN Buffering

5. Adjust Quality Settings:

It is possible to reduce buffering issues by lowering video quality. Here is how:

  • Visit the “Settings” or “Account” section of the DAZN app.
  • Lower the quality of the video or streaming to a level that will not cause your internet connection to buffer.

6. Use a VPN (if necessary):

The VPN (Virtual Private Network) you are using may be slowing down your connection if you are trying to access DAZN from a region where it is not officially available. You can temporarily disable your VPN to see if it improves your streaming experience if this is the case.

7. Restart Your Router:

Try reconnecting your router after unplugging it for a minute if you are experiencing frequent buffering. It may help refresh your internet connection. # How to Fix DAZN Buffering

8. Contact DAZN Support:

Please contact DAZN’s customer support if you have not resolved the buffering issue after completing all of the above steps.

It is important to remember that buffering issues can arise intermittently, but may also result from server congestion on DAZN’s end. As network traffic decreases, these issues will resolve themselves.

Why is DAZN not streaming?

DAZN may not stream content as expected for a number of reasons. To troubleshoot the issue, consider the following steps:

Check Your Internet Connection:

  • Streaming can be affected by a slow or intermittent internet connection.
  • Make sure your internet speed meets DAZN’s minimum requirements by using or

Device and App Compatibility:

  • Make sure your device for streaming DAZN is compatible with the app (smartphone, tablet, computer, smart TV, streaming device, etc.).
  • Make sure your device has the latest version of the DAZN app.

Account and Subscription Status:

  • Check that your DAZN subscription is active and paid up-to-date, as your subscription may have expired.
  • Your DAZN account should be logged in with the correct credentials. # Why is DAZN not streaming

Region and Location:

  • There are different levels of availability for DAZN by region, and certain content is only available in certain countries. Make sure you are in a region where DAZN is available.

App or Browser Issues:

  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the DAZN app if you are using it on a mobile device.
  • It may be helpful to clear your web browser’s cache and cookies or to use a different browser if you are using one.

DAZN Buffering

Device Performance:

  • The streaming of content on some older or underpowered devices may be problematic. If your device is outdated, you might want to consider replacing it with one that is capable of streaming content smoothly.

VPN or Proxy Usage:

  • The use of a VPN or proxy can sometimes cause streaming issues on DAZN. Disable it to see if the issue resolves. # Why is DAZN not streaming

Server or Platform Issues:

  • In rare cases, streaming services like DAZN experience technical difficulties. You can check DAZN’s status page or official social media channels for updates.

Contact DAZN Support:

  • For specific assistance and troubleshooting, it’s recommended to contact DAZN’s customer support if you have completed the above steps.

The streaming issue may also be caused by high level of network congestion during peak usage hours. # Why is DAZN not streaming

In such cases, patience may be needed, since these issues are usually temporary and resolve themselves with a decrease in network traffic.

How can I improve my DAZN quality?

Step 1: Try Another Event

  1. On your device, open the DAZN app.
  2. You can select a different sporting event or content by browsing through the available events.
  3. Select the event you would like to watch and start streaming it.
  4. Streaming quality, including video and audio, should be closely monitored.

Step 2: Confirm That Other Streaming Apps Are Working

  1. Your device’s home screen will appear after you exit the DAZN app.
  2. If you’re used to watching Netflix, YouTube, or Amazon Prime Video, open other streaming apps.
  3. Choose those apps and begin streaming content.
  4. Play the content smoothly without interruption.

Step 3: Restart Your App

  1. Go to the main menu of the DAZN app while you’re in it.
  2. Exit or sign out of the app by finding the appropriate option.
  3. To completely exit the app, select this option.
  4. DAZN should be reopened.
  5. Start streaming again after selecting your desired event.

Step 4: Confirm Your Internet Connection Is Available on Your Device

  1. Return to the home screen of your device after exiting the DAZN app.
  2. You can now open a web browser on your device or another app that relies on the internet.
  3. Attempt to access a website or any content that requires an internet connection.
  4. Ensure the internet connection on your device is stable and that it is connected to the internet.

Step 5: Try Force Closing the App

On iOS (iPhone/iPad):

  1. To do so, either double-click the home button (for older iPhones) or swipe up from the bottom of the screen (for newer iPhones).
  2. All the open apps will be displayed in the app switcher.
  3. You can force close the DAZN app by swiping it up or off the screen.
  4. DAZN should be reopened.

On Android:

  1. By tapping the square or recent apps button, you can access the “Recent Apps” menu.
  2. Among the recently used apps, you’ll find the DAZN app.
  3. DAZN can be forced closed by swiping left or right on the app.
  4. Open the DAZN app again. # can I improve my DAZN quality

Step 6: Update DAZN App

For iOS devices (iPhones and iPads):

  1. You can access the App Store on your device by opening it.
  2. Right above your profile picture, tap on your profile icon.
  3. Tap “Update” next to DAZN if you see it listed under pending updates.

On Android:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and install the app.
  2. To access the hamburger menu, tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner.
  3. You can select “My apps and games” from the menu.
  4. Tap “Update” if there is an update for the DAZN app.

Step 7: Confirm the Latest Operating System Is Installed

For iOS devices (iPhones and iPads):

  1. You can do this by going to the settings on your device.
  2. “General” can be found by scrolling down.
  3. Click on “Software Update.” # can I improve my DAZN quality
  4. The on-screen instructions will guide you through the installation process if an update is available.

On Android:

  1. You can do this by going to the settings on your device.
  2. Select “System” from the drop-down menu.
  3. To check for updates, tap the “Software update” or “Software” button.
  4. The on-screen instructions will guide you through the installation process if an update is available.

We hope that following these steps will help you troubleshoot your DAZN streaming experience and improve its quality.

If you continue to experience difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact DAZN’s customer support for more help. # can I improve my DAZN quality


The vexing issue of DAZN buffering is now solved, and enjoying uninterrupted sports streaming is well within your reach as we conclude our quest.

Despite the frustration of buffering, it can often be solved, and our guide has provided you with the information you need to overcome it.

The toolkit you now possess includes things like checking your internet connection, optimizing your streaming setup, using the right devices, and adjusting your DAZN settings so that you can stream smoothly and seamlessly.

DAZN’s diverse offerings are available for you to enjoy regardless of whether you’re a football, boxing, MMA, or other sport fan.