How To Fix a Temporarily Locked Instagram Account?

How To Fix a Temporarily Locked Instagram Account? When your Instagram account gets locked, your online experience can be disrupted, whether it’s due to suspicious activity, a security breach, or other reasons.

We’ll show you how to unlock and restore your Instagram account to its full glory in this guide, so don’t worry.

In this guide, we will explain how to regain access, what may have caused the temporary lock, and how to prevent future issues.

Find out how to reclaim your space in the Instagram universe if you’ve found yourself locked out of your digital haven.

There are a variety of reasons your account can get banned. Your information may overlap and there may be violations in your account.

Additionally, suspicious and robot-like activity, as well as using a third-party app, may trigger a ban.

You may also get phished by fraudulent sources with your account credentials. # Fix a Temporarily Locked Instagram Account

You can never be certain that something is wrong on your end. Therefore, you should have a clear understanding of what is wrong in order to fix it.

Why Is My Instagram Account Temporarily Locked?

We have compiled a list of mistakes you might have made to get your Instagram account banned that Instagram looks for 24-hours to prevent doubting activities.

Phished Account Credentials

It is possible for hackers to obtain your Instagram credentials by signing into an Instagram-looking login screen.

If you accidentally submitted your login details, you may have given them away to hackers. # Instagram Account Temporarily Locked

In light of the fact that your account has been compromised and hackers have been granted full access to your account, whatever they have done has triggered a red flag with Instagram, which responded with a lock on your account.

Use of Third-Party Apps

In some cases, using third-party applications on Instagram violates the Terms of Use. Not all apps are blocked, but some must be approved before they can be used.

In spite of this, third-party apps that automate actions are prohibited and easily detected on Instagram.

Since bots discourage a good user experience, Instagram will suspend any account suspected of using them.

Repeated Actions

In cases where suspicious and robotic activity is encountered, Instagram gets suspicious. For instance,

  • Unfollowing and following others in bulk.
  • The number of pictures you like and dislike is too high.
  • Making a lot of comments.
  • Comment sections should contain the exact phrase.

Instagram alerts you if any of these actions are carried out at a rapid pace. Before signing up for Instagram, ensure you won’t abuse the platform. # Instagram Account Temporarily Locked

How long does an Instagram ban last?

Temporary bans can vary in length depending on your past ban history and the reasons for those bans.

A typical duration is a few hours or as long as 48 hours for repeated infractions.

Your Instagram account may be flagged if you receive subsequent bans. Avoid bot-like behavior in order to avoid getting flagged.

You can reinstate your account if you receive the message “Your Account Has Been Temporarily Locked” when trying to sign in.

If you receive this message, fill out the “My Instagram account has been deactivated form” and submit it.

How To Fix a Temporarily Locked Instagram Account?

The temporary lock on Instagram can be fixed in a number of ways. In some cases, you will just need to confirm your identity.

Otherwise, you will need to fill out deactivation forms. We will first discuss the method for confirming your identity.

Method 1: Fixing Temporary Lock

Our next step is to show you how to recover your account when your information is phished.

You may receive this message: “We’ve detected suspicious activity on your Instagram account and have locked it to protect you.”.

In order to fix the temporarily locked Instagram account, you need to take the following steps:

  • To continue, click here.
  • If you received a confirmation code by mail or phone from Instagram, please enter it.
  • Within a few days, you will have access to your account again.

The above two steps should have gotten you back onto your account, but sometimes something goes wrong, and you may lose access to your email or you might change your phone number.

In such cases, contact us for further assistance.

Method 2: Fix by Filling a Form

In case none of the above worked for you, don’t worry. We’ll discuss some steps you can take to get out of the replicated moves locked profile.

Fix a Temporarily Locked Instagram Account
Fix a Temporarily Locked Instagram Account

Look up “My Instagram Account Has Been Deactivated” on Google

Next, you must search for the “My Instagram account has been deactivated” on Google.

Afterward, you should click open the Instagram Help Center – Facebook. Also, the domain should be

For those who are lazy and don’t want to do the research, you can click here to be directed to the Deactivation form.

>> Filling the Details

Please enter all your Instagram account details, as well as the email address associated with your Instagram account.

>> Explain the Reason

The “Please let us know why you are appealing the account deactivation decision” section requires you to provide a factual statement.

Enter that you believe your account has been locked by mistake and select send. You believe you’ve not violated any Instagram policies.

>> Receiving the Email

Instagram will then send you an email with a confirmation code and a request for your photo. Below are the details about the Facebook email you will receive.

To ensure that your request is accepted, make sure you follow all of the guidelines.

>> Respond to Email

In order to complete this step, you will need to respond to the email by sending a clear picture of yourself.

Write the code provided by Instagram on a clean piece of paper. For example, the code is “12346”.

>> Wait for Response

After submitting your “reply”, Instagram will process it for 1-3 business days. You will receive a follow-up mail. This will confirm your Instagram account has been recovered.

If you do not get a response from Instagram, try sending the picture again, as it might not conform to Instagram’s policies. Do not overdo it, though; your email could go to spam.

Method 3: Unlocking Your Instagram Account

Whenever you attempt to log into your Instagram account, you’ll receive a notification telling you that your account has been locked out.

Follow the on-screen instructions to recover your account.  # Unlocking Your Instagram Account

To unlock your Instagram account, follow these steps:

  1. You can log in by logging into your Instagram account. 
  2. Continue by clicking the Continue button. 
  3. An email or phone call will be sent to you with a security code. 
  4. Once you have entered your code, click Submit. 

Trying to restore your Instagram account can be difficult if you have lost your phone or email and have been unable to authorize the activity on your account.  # Unlocking Your Instagram Account

What do I do if my appeal gets denied?

In the event that Instagram doesn’t restore your account after following the steps above, you can appeal again.

Although not confirmed, new reviews may result in your account getting restored.

It is also important to remember that repeatedly submitting content Instagram requests can result in denial or an extended ban, just like many attempts to log in.

It doesn’t matter what happens during the process. Hackers just want your account back. They’ll move on to another profile if they don’t succeed.


In the tapestry of digital life, temporary setbacks are mere stitches, not the full story.

This is an opportunity for us to learn, adapt, and enhance our online security practices as we finish our journey through the steps to fix a temporarily locked Instagram account.

Taking these steps will make your public profile safer, more secure, and more empowering.

Reclaiming your account will not only restore access to it; it will reaffirm your control over your identity online.

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