Find Someone IP Address through Phone Number?

How to Find Someone IP Address through Phone Number? As we live in a world increasingly interconnected, it can be tempting to discover information about others.

However, it is imperative that we maintain privacy and security. Obtaining someone’s IP address through their telephone number raises ethical and legal concerns.

We will discuss this practice in this blog post and emphasize how important it is to respect privacy in online interactions.

It is possible to determine the IP address of someone for a number of reasons.

The IP address may be tracked by many eCommerce sites and other platforms to identify your location and provide you with more accurate product recommendations.

An online forum or subscription service may block you from accessing their content based on your IP address.

Occasionally, individuals may receive spam or inappropriate messages and calls from unidentified phone numbers and wish to find out where they are located.

Are you able to find IP addresses from mobile phone numbers? Are you able to find IP addresses from phone numbers?

What can you do with an IP address

It is common to think of finding someone’s IP address as the first step in tracking a person’s location.

Our devices use IP addresses to find and communicate with one another, so you can consider them as an online address. By using an IP address, we can approximate the location of a person.

The problem is that IP addresses are essentially meaningless.

When looking up an IP address, usually all you see are street names or nearby buildings, not the exact location like room numbers, and in most cases, people from the same region use the same IP address.

It is possible to locate a person at their IP address, but it requires a significant amount of time, equipment and computer skills to find them.

If you are not sure how to find an IP address, you can do a reverse phone lookup by following the instructions below. # How to Find Someone IP Address through Phone Number

Can You Find Someone’s IP Address by Phone Number

Due to the fact that IP addresses are not connected to phone numbers, it is not possible to find the IP address of someone by their phone number. # Find Someone’s IP Address

The IP address is typically not static and can change from time to time, whereas the telephone number is a fixed assignment assigned by the network service provider.

The Internet service provider (ISP), which provides Internet connections to you, maintains a list of IP addresses assigned to you, and they are able to identify an IP address from your phone number.

Additionally, if a website on the Internet captures your IP address with the exact timestamp when you visit it, the police can eventually identify your IP address and track your location.

Depending on the nature of the probe or investigation assigned to a particular case, it may be possible for the ISP, government, police, or other legal bodies to obtain this information.

In addition, the IP address of a mobile device changes too dynamically when it is turned on and off. # Find Someone’s IP Address

You may have a fixed IP address if you are connected to your service provider’s data network.

The reason for this is that service providers now use Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) to assign a specific IP address to your device for a specific period of time, which may change at any time.

However, in most cases, they renew the same IP address when that period expires, so that the problem is usually resolved.

How to Find Someone IP Address through Phone Number

Now that we know that it is not possible to get someone’s IP address by phone number, let us look at the alternative ways by which you can get someone’s IP address of mobile number.

1. Mobile Tracker by IPLogger

A good IP finder tool can be used to locate the IP address of any device easily. One of the best tools is IPLogger’s Mobile Tracker. # How to Find Someone IP Address through Phone Number

2. Phone Number to IP Address Converter by iStaunch:

You can find someone’s IP address through their mobile number by using the Phone Number to IP Address Converter by iStaunch.

3. Borrowing Someone’s Phone:

It is not very helpful, but you can obtain someone’s IP address by navigating to Settings, About Phone, Status, and IP address on a cell phone.

The path varies based on the brand of your phone. # How to Find Someone IP Address through Phone Number

There are many online sites that provide your IP directly, so you can simply browse one of them and obtain the IP address.

4. Knowing Someone’s WiFi Password:

You can see the IP addresses of the devices connected to that particular network by logging into the service providers’ portal if you know the WiFi password of someone.

The above methods have been described as ways of tracking someone’s IP address. # How to Find Someone IP Address through Phone Number

But returning to the question that began the discussion, it is impossible to track someone’s IP address unless and until they verbally disclose it.

How To Find Someone’s IP By Phone Number:

There are two methods by which you can locate someone’s IP address:

1. From Mobile Networks

It is possible to determine the IP address of a device by knowing from where the internet is accessed.

Consequently, you must know the mobile network that the user uses in order to trace his IP address.

By knowing the mobile network of any user, you’ll be able to search and locate the area where the internet is used.

Find Someone IP Address through Phone Number
Find Someone IP Address through Phone Number

It is important to note that IP addresses differ from device to device as well as depending on mobile networks.

Once you identify the name of the mobile network used by the user, you will be able to determine its unique IP address.

Despite the fact that an IP address can appear as a string of numbers separated by dots or periods, an IP address can reveal information such as the zip code and area code of your city, as well as the internet service provider or network that the user is associated with.

2. From WiFi

It is possible to determine the IP address of a user by determining what WiFi network he or she uses.

To determine the area where the internet is used, you will have to locate the service provider of the WiFi network.

As soon as you connect to your Internet service provider, you will receive a unique IP address.

Once other users learn about the ISP you use and the area where it is used, the IP address can be traced.

Consequently, if several devices are connected to the same WiFi network connection, they will all have the same IP address as the ISP.

The IP address of the WiFi network that you’re connected to is available on the WiFi section of the app.

Select the network you’re connected to and the IP address will be displayed.

How To Find IP Address By Phone Number Online Tracking

You may wish to try some of the following tools, such as Grabify. Tracking links enable you to find the IP address of other users. Grabify IP Logger is the best-recommended method for this.

You can send shortened links to the user’s mobile phone, and Grabify will record the IP address of anyone who clicks on the link.

This link-shortening tool allows you to trace an IP address by sending the link to WhatsApp or SMS. # How To Find IP Address By Phone Number Online Tracking

The following steps must be followed:

Step 1: choose an article or video and copy its link, which should be attractive enough to entice any user to click on it.

Step 2: Navigate to the Grabify IP Logger website.

Next, paste the copied link into the white input box that says Enter a Valid URL or Tracking Code.

Step 4: Click on Create URL and follow the instructions.

Step 5: On the next page, you will be able to find the shortened link as a New URL. Copy this link and paste it into your browser.

Step 6: The tracking code will also appear, which you will need to remember in order to use it in the future.

Step 7: You will need to send the copied link via SMS to the person whose IP address you wish to track.

Step 8: Once the user has clicked on the link, Grabify records the IP address of the user and redirects them to the original topic.

Step 9: go to Grabify’s homepage, enter your tracking code in the white input box, and click Tracking Code.

On the following page, you will see the results. # How To Find IP Address By Phone Number Online Tracking

You will see the number of users who have clicked on the link and their other details, such as their IP address, date and time, country, and user agent.


Consequently, the process of finding an individual’s IP address through their phone number is not only ethically questionable, but also legally risky.

Privacy is a fundamental right that should be protected for everyone. Engaging in activities that violate someone’s privacy may result in severe consequences or even constitute an illegal act.

Rather, it is imperative to foster positive online interactions, respect other people’s boundaries, and follow legal and ethical standards.

It is imperative that we prioritize privacy, security, and responsible online behavior in order to create a safer digital environment for all users.

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