Find BetterDiscord Plugins Folder Location?

Find BetterDiscord Plugins Folder Location? There are many ways to communicate through Discord, including chatting, video calling, texting, audio messages, etc.

It is possible to create various groups of your friends, or professional connections, through the app.

There is not much customization available in Discord, but you can customize the look of Discord with BetterDiscord.

A Discord add-on application that allows you to add plugins and themes. You can download themes for Discord and move them to the plugin folder that will do the job.

It is possible to modify the look of Discord using BetterDiscord. This page will give you detailed information on where exactly the BetterDiscord plugin folder can be found.

Betterdiscord plugins folder location linux

Depending on your distribution and installation method, you may find it easier to find the BetterDiscord plugins folder in a different location than in Windows. #Betterdiscord plugins folder location linux

However, in general, you should find the plugins folder in the following location:


The “~” symbol indicates your home directory. This means that the location in the above text corresponds to the location of the plugins folder within the BetterDiscord folder within your home directory’s ‘.config’ folder.

It is possible to access the plugins folder in Linux through the file manager by navigating to the above location through the file manager, or using the command line to navigate to the plugins folder by opening a terminal window and entering the following command:

cd ~/.config/BetterDiscord/plugins

By doing this, you will be able to manage your installed plugins by changing the current directory to the BetterDiscord plugins folder. #Betterdiscord plugins folder location linux

Better discord plugins folder location mac

BetterDiscord plugins can be found in the following locations depending on the version of macOS and the way you installed the program. #Better discord plugins folder location mac

However, generally, the BetterDiscord plugins folder can be found in the following locations:


There should be a placeholder for your Mac user account name as part of the above location.

So, according to the above location, it’s the ‘plugins’ folder that can be found within the ‘BetterDiscord’ folder in the ‘Preferences’ folder in the ‘Library’ folder of your user account.

Using the Finder program on your Mac, you can navigate to the plugins folder by choosing the “Go” menu in the top menu bar. From there, select “Go to Folder” and enter the above file path into the window to access the plugins folder.

Alternately, you can use the Terminal to navigate to the folder as well by opening the Terminal and typing the following command:

cd ~/Library/Preferences/BetterDiscord/plugins

By doing this, you will be able to manage your installed plugins in the BetterDiscord plugins folder that will appear in the current directory. #Better discord plugins folder location mac

How to open betterdiscord on mac

After you have installed BetterDiscord on your Discord client on a Mac, you can simply follow the steps below in order to open it on your Mac after you have installed it.

After you have installed BetterDiscord on your Discord client, you can simply follow these steps to open it on your Mac:

  1. Click on Discord’s icon in your Applications folder or Dock to launch the application.
  2. The Settings icon looks like a gear in the bottom left corner of Discord once it opens.
  3. Click the “BetterDiscord” option in the Settings menu.
  4. The list of installed plugins can be accessed by clicking on the “Plugins” option.
  5. Plugins can be enabled or disabled by toggling the switch next to their names.
  6. From the left sidebar, click on “Themes” to access BetterDiscord settings.
  7. By browsing and selecting themes, you can customize them to your liking.

You can manage your plugins and themes by accessing the BetterDiscord section in the Discord settings menu.

How to get betterdiscord on mobile

Discord is a third-party application, and BetterDiscord is a third-party modification for the desktop application of Discord.

Unfortunately, the mobile version of Discord does not support modifications or custom themes, so users will have to use the desktop version of Discord.

BetterDiscord Plugins Folder
BetterDiscord Plugins Folder

It is possible to use BetterDiscord’s features on mobile devices by using a third-party Discord client app that is capable of customizing your Discord account.

However, do note that you are at risk of violating Discord’s terms of service if you use third-party apps or modifications to BetterDiscord’s apps.

The official Discord mobile app is another option. You can use it to explore its built-in features and settings, as well as customize your experience to make it more comfortable to use.

The app allows you to customize the theme, font size, and notifications so it can meet your needs.

How to install betterdiscord on linux

There are a few steps you will need to follow in order to get BetterDiscord installed on Ubuntu Linux, but the following steps should make the process a little easier:

  1. BetterDiscord requires Node.js and Git installed on your Linux system before installation can begin. 
  2. Git clone the BetterDiscord repository to your local machine: Next, you need to use Git to clone the BetterDiscord repository. 
  3. You can run the installer script by navigating to the directory in which you cloned the BetterDiscord repository, and running it 
  4. After installing BetterDiscord on your Linux system, restart Discord after it has been installed, and BetterDiscord should be active.

BetterDiscord is not officially supported by Discord, but it is generally regarded as safe to be used.

You should be aware, however, that modifying Discord in any manner other than the manner stated in the official Discord documentation can potentially violate Discord’s terms of service.

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