How To Fake WhatsApp Messages? Complete Guide

How To Fake WhatsApp Messages? The WhatsApp app has become a crucial part of our lives as we communicate every day with our colleagues.

But what about creating a fake WhatsApp conversation? Here is an amazing way to do it on Android and iPhone. You must install an app that lets you create fake gossip on WhatsApp.

What about creating a fake conversation on WhatsApp? Yes, you can form it. You can joke with your friends by using this app.

WhatsApp has become an essential component of our daily lives as we communicate with our colleagues through this app. But what about creating a fake conversation on WhatsApp?

It is necessary to use various apps that allow you to create fake WhatsApp messages.

Once the app has been downloaded and installed on your phone, set the profile photo for the chat and the name of the person you want to fake.

After setting the status, such as “online” or “typing,” start the fake conversation. Send audio files and other media files, then take a screenshot. # How To Fake WhatsApp Messages?

How To Fake WhatsApp Messages?

There are free apps available for Android and iPhone that can help you create fake WhatsApp messages.

Here is a brief overview of using fake WhatsApp generators, followed by two Android and iPhone apps for creating fake WhatsApp messages. # How To Fake WhatsApp Messages?

To generate fake WhatsApp messages, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and search for “fake WhatsApp generator.”
  2. Here are some apps you can download if you are not sure which to choose.
  3. Get the fake generator app and open it.
  4. Your fake profile’s name and details should be saved.
  5. To chat with a new contact, create a new one.
  6. Send the target’s WhatsApp status, profile picture, and name.
  7. Messages can be sent and replied to to start a fake conversation. Media files and audio files can also be shared.
  8. Take a screenshot of the fake conversation once it has been completed.

The screenshot can be shared with your friends or uploaded to other social media platforms as a prank. # How To Fake WhatsApp Messages?

How to Create Fake Whatsapp Conversation In Android?

The Android App store also offers a few apps for creating fake WhatsApp conversations, just like iOS.

There are many more apps for creating fake WhatsApp conversations on Android than there are on iOS.

Here are some of the best apps you can use to create fake WhatsApp conversations. # Fake Whatsapp Conversation


Creating a fake conversation is also easy with this app; you download it and install it from the Google Play Store on your Android phone, then run it and create the conversation.

Fake Chat Simulator

It’s an app that simulates a chat conversation between two people. You can pretend to be chatting with your friends and change past conversations.

Creating a WhatsApp fake conversation is very easy. You just need to pick a profile picture.


  • Create contacts and groups and send fake messages to them.
  • Contacts and groups can be created and managed in a real-like environment.
  • Contacts can have their pictures, names, etc. set.
  • Pretend you receive messages from anyone in the incoming and outgoing modes.


You can create fake conversations with this app on Android. It is also user-friendly, and its interface resembles WhatsApp’s.

Features of the Yazzy app

  • Fake conversations on WhatsApp can be created.
  • Using WhatsApp on your iPhone, create a conversation.
  • Messages can be sent with emojis on iPhones (iOS7 style).
  • The WhatsApp app now supports emojis.
  • Fake Facebook Messenger conversations can be created.
  • Creating a fake Facebook status with comments and likes.

How to Create Fake Whatsapp Conversations on iPhone?

Fake WhatsApp Conversations on iPhone are easy to create. Many apps are available on the iOS App stores that enable users to create fake WhatsApp Conversations very quickly.

Listed below are some of the best apps you can use to create a fake WhatsApp conversation on your iPhone. # Fake Whatsapp Conversation


Get ready to play the ULTIMATE WhatsApp PRANK! WhatsPrank is the best app to create fake chat screenshots that look real.

It is only required that you have the app installed on your iPhone.

Fake WhatsApp Messages
Fake WhatsApp Messages


  • Anyone (even Obama) can be contacted through fake chats
  • Make every single detail in the conversation different
  • Create fake voicemails and send them to others
  • Statuses for saws, online, and typing can be edited.

Fake Chat “Joker”

Joker allows users to create a realistic yet fake WhatsApp conversation. Users can check both sides’ messages easily.

The app can be installed on an iPhone, and users can have fun creating fake conversations. # Fake Whatsapp Conversation


It is one of the best iPhone apps for creating fake WhatsApp conversations. You just need to download this app and install it on your phone then have some fun fooling your friends.

Features of WhatsFake

  • On any iOS device, you can create a fake conversation.
  • This is a freeware application.
  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • Multilingual support is available.

How to Create Fake WhatsApp Group Chat?

WhatsMock also lets you create fake WhatsApp group conversations in addition to fake individual chats.

A WhatsApp group must be created in WhatsMock before you can create a fake WhatsApp group.

WhatsMock allows you to create realistic WhatsApp groups by adding a group profile picture, an emoji-based group name, and a list of members.

Make a fake WhatsApp group chat by following these steps

  1. Download WhatsMock and open it.
  2. On the chat list screen, tap the “Create group” button below the new chat button.
  3. Tap the “SAVE” button in the top right corner of the app after adding your profile picture, group name, and members.
  4. In the message field, select your group from the chat list and type your message.
  5. Press the right arrow button to send a message; to receive a message, press the left arrow button and then select the contact.
  6. Use your phone’s built-in function or the app’s screenshot option to create your own fake WhatsApp group message.

How To Create Fake WhatsApp Message Screenshots With Fakewhats Online Tool?

Another useful online tool for creating fake WhatsApp chats is Fakewhats. It is extremely convenient to use and features an easy-to-understand user interface.

Additionally, it lets you add all the basic stuff to your fake chat image, such as images, text messages, contact profile pictures, and timestamps.

FakeWhats, however, can only create fake WhatsApp screenshots in the iPhone app’s user interface.

Therefore, you must use a separate tool to create fake WhatsApp screenshots for Android or desktop.

  1. Please visit for more information
  2. Enter a sender’s name, profile image, and online status under the “Phone Settings” Tab.
  3. You can change values in the “Battery options” and “Connections” tabs.
  4. Adding a picture to a fake conversation is as easy as clicking “Click to upload” and uploading an image.
  5. Choose between the “Grey Bubble” button and the “Green Bubble” button in the “Select what to insert” section.
  6. In the appropriate text boxes, enter your messages and timestamp.
  7. Under “Message Status,” select one of the options: “None,” “Sent,” “Delivered,” or “Read.”
  8. To appear in the fake screenshot, click the “Add to Conversation” button.
  9. By doing so, you can create a fake WhatsApp conversation by adding messages to your fake chat screen.
  10. You can now save your screenshot by pressing the “Download Image” button.


Creating fake WhatsApp messages is easy if you use a reliable fake WhatsApp generator app and follow the steps.

Here are the steps you can follow to prank your WhatsApp account using fake WhatsApp messages.

 This guide is for fun purposes only. For example, you can use it to prank your friends. Please do not misuse this information in any way.

For example, you can prank your friends using it. We do not encourage our readers to make a fake WhatsApp chat to mislead others. The negative consequences will be solely yours

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