What Does Failed Voice Call Mean on WhatsApp?

What Does Failed Voice Call Mean on WhatsApp? Providing voice and video calls on WhatsApp has revolutionized communication.

Occasionally, you can encounter an error message on WhatsApp that says “Failed Voice Call.”

When you are trying to connect with someone, this error can be frustrating.

If you understand what causes a failed voice call on WhatsApp and how to resolve them, you will be able to overcome this problem.

We’ll discuss the meaning of the “Failed Voice Call” message on WhatsApp and provide insight into possible solutions.

Let’s dive into this common WhatsApp error and see if we can fix it.

If your internet connection is problematic, you will face an error when you attempt to make a WhatsApp voice call to someone who has a failing internet connection.

An issue with WhatsApp servers or a glitch with the WhatsApp application can sometimes cause WhatsApp to become unresponsive and impede its normal functioning.

What Does Failed Voice Call Mean on WhatsApp?

To make a WhatsApp call, you must have a working internet connection. However, the person you call must also have a working internet connection.

In your WhatsApp account, you can make a call from the “Calls” tab, where you can select the contact you wish to speak with or initiate a group call.

The WhatsApp app is experiencing issues when you get a voice call error showing a “failed voice call.”

There is an obvious explanation for this: your internet connection is unstable. When your connection is weak, your WhatsApp calls will be affected.

To make a WhatsApp call work, the person you call must have an active internet connection.

If their connection drops, they will be unable to receive your message.

Common Reasons for Failed Voice Calls on WhatsApp

WhatsApp displays the “Failed Voice Call” message if you attempted to make a voice call, but it failed.

You might see the “Failed Voice Call” error message on WhatsApp for a variety of reasons, and knowing what this message means can help you troubleshoot the issue more effectively.

Here are some possible reasons:

Poor Internet Connection: 

It is important to have a strong and reliable internet connection to make WhatsApp voice calls.

If your internet connection is unstable, weak, or experiencing disruptions, it may result in failed voice calls.

Low Bandwidth: 

It is possible to experience call failures when your network is at capacity or heavily utilized during the call due to voice calls consuming data bandwidth.

Network Restrictions: 

You may encounter restrictions or firewall settings on your network or internet service provider that interfere with WhatsApp voice calls.

These restrictions can prevent the necessary data packets from being transmitted properly, which results in a failed voice call.

App or Device Compatibility Issues: 

A malfunctioning WhatsApp app, or an operating system issue, can also cause failed voice calls.

So, it is important to keep both the WhatsApp app and your device’s operating system updated.

Call Recipient Unavailability: 

The call will fail if your intended recipient isn’t connected to the internet, has their phone turned off, or is in an area with poor network coverage.

Other Technical Glitches: 

There are times when failed voice calls are caused by glitches within the WhatsApp application itself or by server-related issues.

These issues are usually resolved by restarting the app or waiting for WhatsApp to address them.

How To Fix Failed Voice Calls on WhatsApp

If your WhatsApp voice call is unsuccessful, you can try a number of tricks.

Fix Internet Connection

It’s impossible to make a WhatsApp call without an internet connection. Even if you’re connected to Wi-Fi, the network speed could stop the call from going through.

In any case, it’s possible that you are unaware that your cellular data has been exhausted. # Failed Voice Calls on WhatsApp

If the network speed of your Wi-Fi is slow, contact your Internet service provider.

Check that your cellular data subscription is active or try turning airplane mode on and off to see if it fixes the problem.

Restart Your Phone

Our issue affecting WhatsApp voice calls requires us to restart our Android or iOS phone. This is a common solution for any glitch that affects any application.

Check whether your earlier failed call works now by opening WhatsApp and making the call again. # Failed Voice Calls on WhatsApp

If WhatsApp has a minor glitch, restarting your phone may fix it.

Disable the “Use Less Data for Call”

When making a call with WhatsApp, you can minimize the amount of data used.

If your internet connection is weak and it is minimized, this feature may cause problems. So disable it.

Failed Voice Call
Failed Voice Call

  1. Go to your phone’s WhatsApp app. Open WhatsApp
  2. On the right side of the screen, tap the three dots.
  3. “Settings” can be accessed by tapping on it.
  4. Click on “Storage and data.” Tap on “Storage and data”
  5. Disable “Use less data for calls” by finding it and disabling it.

Upgrade Your WhatsApp

It is possible for WhatsApp to become buggy and cause voice calls to fail.

It may be necessary to update WhatsApp in such a case in order to resolve the problem.

You can update WhatsApp by going to the App Store or Play Store, depending on what phone you have.

If the WhatsApp call doesn’t work, open WhatsApp and try it again after the update. # Failed Voice Calls on WhatsApp

Why did WhatsApp call fail on iPhone?

WhatsApp calls on an iPhone may fail for a number of reasons. Here are some of the most common:

Poor Internet Connection: 

In order to make WhatsApp calls, you need a stable and reliable internet connection.

If your iPhone has a weak or unstable connection, your calls could fail. Make sure you are connected to a strong Wi-Fi network or are connected to a cellular data plan.

Low Bandwidth: 

To function properly, WhatsApp calls require a certain amount of bandwidth. If you have limited bandwidth or other apps or devices are heavily using it, it may lead to call failures.

Try the call again after closing any unnecessary apps or devices consuming bandwidth.

Network Restrictions: 

WhatsApp calls may be interrupted by restrictions or firewall settings on some networks or internet service providers.

If you’re on a restricted network, try using another network or contact your network provider for assistance if the necessary data packets cannot be transmitted properly.

If you’re on a restricted network, contact your network provider for assistance.

Outdated WhatsApp Version: 

If you are using an outdated version of WhatsApp on your iPhone, you may experience compatibility issues or bugs that can result in failed calls.

Check the App Store for any available updates and make sure you install them.

iOS Version Compatibility: 

The version of WhatsApp you are using must be compatible with your iPhone’s operating system (iOS).

A mismatch between the app and iOS version can cause issues with WhatsApp calls. If required, update your iPhone’s software.

Device Restrictions: 

You may have device restrictions or settings on your iPhone that may be affecting WhatsApp calls.

Make sure you have enabled your smartphone’s microphone and camera permissions for WhatsApp.

Background Apps or Phone Settings: 

WhatsApp calls can be interfered with by certain background apps or settings on your iPhone, such as battery-saving modes or Do Not Disturb mode. Disable any apps or settings that might interfere.

It may be helpful to contact WhatsApp support or consult their official support channels if you continue to experience call failures despite checking these factors.

Depending on your device and the nature of your issue, they can provide specific guidance.

If you have WhatsApp call failures on an iPhone, make sure your internet connection is strong, that your app and device are up-to-date, and that your network and device are not restricted.

Why was the WhatsApp call automatically declined?

Automatically declining a WhatsApp call can be caused by several factors:

The recipient is already on a call: 

You may be automatically declined the call if the person you are calling is already involved in another WhatsApp call or a regular phone call.

In WhatsApp, you can only place one call at a time, so if the recipient is already on a call, your call will be declined automatically.

Call rejection settings: 

You can customize your WhatsApp call preferences by enabling “Only allow calls from contacts” or setting specific call ringtone preferences.

The recipient may have configured their WhatsApp settings to automatically decline incoming calls.

It is possible that your call will be automatically declined if the recipient has enabled such settings.

Network or internet issues: 

A poor network connection or an inadequate internet connection can cause call interruptions or automatic call declines.

If either party experiences network or Internet problems during the call initiation, the call might be automatically declined.

Device or app-related issues: 

Call declines can be caused by software bugs, conflicts with other apps, or compatibility issues.

These issues can arise as a result of software bugs, conflicts with other apps, or software compatibility issues. Such issues can sometimes be resolved by restarting the app or device.

Privacy or blocking settings: 

It is possible that your call may be automatically declined if the recipient has blocked your phone number or restricted their privacy settings to prevent calls from certain contacts.

Blocked contacts will not be able to call or message the one who has blocked them.

There are several factors that may cause automatic call declines, and they are not necessarily intentional rejections.

Technical limitations, network issues, or personal settings may cause automatic declines.


If you encounter a message saying “Failed Voice Call” on WhatsApp, it can be frustrating, but you can overcome it by understanding its possible causes and solutions.

This blog explores the meaning behind a failed WhatsApp voice call and the factors that could cause it.

Voice calls on WhatsApp can be unsuccessful for a variety of reasons, including network connectivity issues, low internet bandwidth, software glitches, and outdated app versions.

In order to increase your chances of making successful voice calls on WhatsApp, you can address these factors and implement the recommended solutions, including checking your internet connection, updating your app, or restarting your device.

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