Today I woke up rather earlier than usual, just some few minutes to 3 o’clock in the morning. The surprising thing that came to my mind was to write a blog and share something with my readers. As a blogger, you enjoy seeing your blog grow and comments trickling in! This is motivating and will always encourage you to write more.

Blogging is simple and doesn’t demand too much. You just need the right mindset and there you are good to go. I just wrote this piece using my android phone in my bed. This blog will highlight some of the do’s and don’t that new bloggers should take note of if they want succeed in their venture.

Be yourself
As a blogger you should always know thyself and strive to own your blog. When writing anything in your blog remember to own it and have credibility. Don’t try to copy others but learn from them. Sometimes however you ought to try your way till you make it. What really matters is how you identify with your readers.

Listen to everything but don’t overreact. Learn to weigh on the feedback you receive and make improvements where necessary. A listening ear is always a thoughtful one, however don’t be swayed by the crowd lest you lose your focus. Negative thoughts are sometimes meant to destroy.

Everyday learn a new thing and share the knowledge. Learning can be done easily and cheaply by reading more and doing research online. Learn from the top bloggers and see how they maneuver their challenges. Be careful to maintain your business secrets which keeps you going. Don’t spill all the beans!

Know your strengths and weaknesses
Understand your capabilities and capitalize on them. Understanding your weakness too enables you to come up with ways of improving on them.

Discover your surrounding
Understanding your environment and area of operation is crucial. It will enable you to understand certain ways and means to maneuver any upcoming challenges. Know your niche and carefully study your audience. Understanding their requirements is crucial in making decision on their daily menus.

Embrace Opportunities
Discover the opportunities in your surrounding and embrace them. Have an open mind and be ready to adjust given the prevailing circumstances. Don’t be torn apart by the vast scope rather discover your own niche.

Enjoy what you do
As a blogger you are not coerce into anything unless driven by your own passion and objectives. Self motivated individuals tends to perform better without supervision. Try to work at your best and when you can. Maximize your time and don’t be limited. It is also crucial to post sensible content and not just doing it for the sake.

Be Happy
In everything you do, enjoy every moment, have fun and Laugh when it last! Remember all work with no play makes Jack…

Celebrate your successes but don’t regret your failures rather learn from them