Does TikTok have parental controls? Complete Guide

Does tiktok have parental controls? Over the past few years, TikTok has grown in popularity as a popular social media platform where users can create short videos and share them with their friends.

It is becoming increasingly important for parents to consider how they can protect their children while using TikTok due to its easy-to-use interface and wide range of content, making it an increasingly popular app among young people.

You can make sure that your child stays safe while exploring TikTok by using TikTok’s parental controls, which are designed to help parents manage their child’s account and keep them safe while they explore the app.

Our goal in this blog post is to explain what parental controls are available on TikTok, how to set them up, as well as some tips for keeping your child safe while using the app. #Does TikTok have parental controls

In your role as a parent, it may be difficult for you to navigate the world of social media, particularly when it comes to protecting your child from the dangers of using TikTok as they use it.

However, with the right tools and information, you can protect your child and make sure that they stay safe while using TikTok. #Does TikTok have parental controls

As a way of doing this, you can largely control your child’s account by using the app’s parental controls, which allow you to have more control over your child’s account and help you limit their exposure to potentially harmful content.

Parental controls on TikTok include features such as controlling screen time, controlling content and messaging, and controlling privacy settings.

With the app, you can, for example, limit the amount of time your child spends on it, limit who can comment on their videos, and even restrict the types of content they can view on the site.

As well as controlling who can send your child messages, you can also control who can view their profile. #Does TikTok have parental controls

Why you need tiktok parental controls

There are many reasons why people like TikTok so much, including the fact that it allows them to make and share short videos on the social media platform.

In addition to providing a fun and creative outlet for users of all ages to use the app, there are also risks associated with its use, especially for children.

To help protect their child while they explore TikTok, it’s essential for parents to consider using TikTok parental controls.

Here are some reasons why parents might want to use TikTok parental controls


A. TikTok is an open platform:

which means that anyone can post and share content.

It’s still possible for children to come across videos that contain mature or potentially harmful content even though the app has policies prohibiting explicit or inappropriate content.

This type of content can be filtered out by parental controls, such as Restricted Mode.

B. TikTok is social media:

A social media platform like TikTok can be a target for online predators who can reach out to children through the app.

This can be prevented with parental controls that limit messaging and limit who can view a child’s profile.

C. TikTok security: Among other social media platforms, can be a breeding ground for cyberbullying, which has become a growing concern.

It is possible to protect children from cyberbullying by monitoring their activity on the app and limiting who is able to send them messages.

D. Excessive screen time can negatively affect the mental and physical health of a child.

By limiting how much time their child spends on the app, parents can achieve a healthier balance between screen time and other activities. #tiktok parental controls

Parents can use TikTok parental controls to keep their child safe and secure while they use TikTok. By controlling the app and setting appropriate limits, parents can help make sure their child uses TikTok responsibly. #How to set up tiktok for under 13

How to set up parental controls on TikTok

The following steps can help you set up parental controls on TikTok as a parent:

  1. Create a separate “family pairing” account on TikTok with your own device.
  2. If you have a child’s TikTok account, you can link it to your own account once you have created your family pairing account. You can accomplish this by clicking the three dots on your app’s profile. To link your accounts, select “Digital Wellbeing” then “Family Pairing.”
  3. The parental controls can be enabled once your accounts are linked. TikTok offers a variety of features, including screen time management, messaging control, and privacy settings. If you choose to enable Restricted Mode, potentially inappropriate content will be filtered out.
  4. Changing the settings according to your child’s needs: Once parental controls have been enabled, you are able to adjust them according to their needs. For example, you can set limits on the amount of time your child can spend on the app.
  5. Keeping your child safe on TikTok can be easier with parental controls, but it’s also important to stay involved and engaged with what they’re doing. You can encourage your child to come to you if they are uncomfortable with what they see on TikTok, set boundaries for their use of the app, and talk to them about what they’re watching.

It is important to follow these steps in order to ensure that your child is using TikTok in a safe and responsible manner. #How to set up parental controls on TikTok

Does restricted mode on tiktok work

The Restricted Mode of TikTok is intended to filter out potentially inappropriate content, making it an effective tool for parents who wish to safeguard their children while using TikTok.

Restricted Mode filters out videos that contain mature, explicit, or flagged videos as inappropriate by the TikTok community when enabled. #Does restricted mode on tiktok work

Does TikTok have parental controls
Does TikTok have parental controls

There are some videos that may slip through the filter, and the feature may not capture all types of content that parents may find objectionable, even though Restricted Mode is an effective method for limiting your child’s exposure to inappropriate content.

TikTok acknowledges that some videos can slip through the filter. #Does restricted mode on tiktok work

The Restricted Mode of TikTok is also limited to removing only certain keywords and phrases from content, so it may not catch more subtle or nuanced content that is still considered inappropriate despite being considered such.

The system may not be able to detect violent or bullying-related videos if they do not contain specific trigger words, for example.

As a result, TikTok’s Restricted Mode provides parents with a useful tool, however, parents should use it in conjunction with other parental controls and remain actively involved with their child’s use of TikTok.

As a result, your child will be able to use TikTok in a responsible and safe manner. #Does restricted mode on tiktok work

what does tiktok parental controls do

Parents can use TikTok’s parental controls to control their children’s usage of the app, as well as to protect them while exploring TikTok.

The following are just a few of the features that TikTok’s parental controls can provide:

  1. Parent can set a limit on how much time their child can spend on TikTok each day to ensure that they do not spend too much time on it.
  2. Parents can restrict the type of content their children can watch on TikTok by enabling Restricted Mode, which blocks mature or explicit content.
  3. Parental controls over messaging: Parents can choose to restrict messaging to “friends” only or turn it off completely.
  4. Parental control: Parents can have control over who can see their child’s profile and videos. They also have the option to hide their child’s account from search results, so strangers have trouble finding their child.

In general, TikTok’s parental controls can make it easy for parents to keep their children safe while they use the app.

TikTok users can ensure that they are using it responsibly and safely by setting limits on screen time, restricting certain types of content, and controlling who can view their profile and videos.

How to set up tiktok for under 13

The TikTok app’s terms of service indicate that it is intended for users who are at least 13 years of age.

TikTok does, however, offer a restricted mode for users under 13, intended to make the experience safer and more appropriate for children under 13.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Make sure that you download the TikTok app designed for users under 13 from the App Store.
  2. Your child’s date of birth and an email address will be required to create an account once you have downloaded the app.
  3. Create parental controls: Once you create your child’s account, you can add parental controls so that they are safe while using the app. The way to accomplish this is to create a separate “family pairing” account and link it to the TikTok account of your child. This will allow you to have more control over their account as well as limit their exposure to potentially harmful content.
  4. If you want to filter out potentially inappropriate content, you should enable restricted mode as well. To enable restricted mode, go to your child’s profile, tap the three dots in the top right corner, and select “Digital Wellbeing.” From there, select “Restricted Mode” and turn it on.
  5. Talk to your child about what they’re watching on TikTok, set boundaries for their use of the app, and encourage your child to come to you if they see something uncomfortable.

Follow these steps to help make TikTok a safe and responsible experience for your child.

Turn Off Restricted Mode On TikTok Without Password

Several users who are affected by the glitch do not know their passwords. If they do not know their passwords, they will not be able to access their accounts, let alone turn off the restricted mode.

The situation is similar to being locked out of your home and unable to gain entry because you lack the key.

In the event that you are one of them, we will provide you with instructions on how to completely turn off the restricted mode on TikTok without a password.

Well, we cannot do that without a password, but we will assist you in locating your password, so that you can get yourself out of this situation.

In order to get into your account, you should reset your password. This should be done when you are not already logged in.

  1. Please tap the Sign up button.
  2. Log in at the bottom of the page by tapping Log in.
  3. Choose either Phone, Email, or Username.
  4. Select a username or email address.
  5. Click Forgot password?

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