How To Delete Custom Emoji in Slack? Right Now

How To Delete Custom Emoji in Slack? When you’re decluttering your workspace or making space for new creations, Slack has a straightforward process for removing custom emojis.

You’ll find detailed instructions in this blog on how to delete custom emojis in your workspace, so that it stays organized and tailored to your team’s needs. So let’s get started and make Slack more engaging and streamlined!

If you are tired of one of Slack’s custom emojis or it has lived its life, you can delete it from the desktop app or the web version by going to “Settings & administration” and then “Customize [Workspace].”

Find the emoji and tap on the cross sign next to it. # How To Delete Custom Emoji in Slack?

Where are custom emojis for Slack?

For access and management of custom emojis, go to your workspace settings and select the “Emoji” tab.

Open Slack: 

You need to open the Slack app or go to the Slack website on your browser and log in with your credentials.

Go to Emoji Settings: 

Choose “Settings & administration” and choose “Workspace settings” from the dropdown menu beneath the workspace name.

Manage Your Workspace: 

You can find and manage your custom emojis on the “Custom” tab in the “Settings” page by clicking “Emoji” from the left sidebar.

View Custom Emojis: 

Your workspace’s “Custom” tab will display all the custom emojis that were added. Each custom emoji comes with its name and image.

Add or Delete Custom Emojis: 

By clicking the “Add Custom Emoji” button on the “Custom” tab, you can add new custom emojis.

You can also remove existing custom emojis by hovering your mouse over the emoji and clicking on the trash can icon.

Edit Custom Emojis (Optional): 

By clicking on the pencil icon next to an existing custom emoji, you can edit its name without changing its image, allowing you to change the emoji’s name without changing its image.

Slack offers the option of creating custom emojis for your team’s messages and reactions.

Your team members can use these emojis when expressing emotions, adding humor, or representing inside jokes.

The “Emoji” section in workspace settings is only visible to workspace admins and members with the appropriate permissions.

If there is no section in your workspace settings for custom emojis, your permissions may be restricted.

How To Add Custom Emoji To Your Workspace on Slack?

To learn how to remove these custom emojis, let’s learn how to create them first. # Add Custom Emoji To Your Workspace on Slack

For Slack App (iOS only)

Slack iOS app users can add custom emojis using the following steps:

  1. Log into your workspace on your iOS device by opening the Slack app.
  2. You can send a message by tapping the “Send a message” button.
  3. At the bottom, you will find an emoji icon.
  4. To create a custom emoji, type a name in the “Search all emoji” space.
  5. You can add custom emojis by tapping on “Add custom emoji”.
  6. Choose a picture from your gallery or take a picture.
  7. Insert the image in your emoji section by tapping “Add” at the top right.

For Slack on desktop

Slack’s desktop app lets you add custom emojis to your workspace by following these steps:

  1. Go to your workspace in Slack and open it.
  2. To access the emoji menu, tap on the smiley face at the bottom of the message field.
  3. Emojis can be added by clicking “Add Emoji.”
  4. From your device, select the file you wish to upload and click on the “Upload Image” button.
  5. Under “Give it a name,” type the title.
  6. Save the file by clicking “Save.” # Add Custom Emoji To Your Workspace on Slack

Using this method, you will be able to create a custom emoji for your workspace. You can access it by typing its name in the Emoji section or by clicking on the “Slack” icon.

How To Delete Custom Emoji in Slack?

To begin, we need to know that only workspace owners, admins, and org admins (Enterprise Grid) have access to removing custom emojis. Other members can only delete items they have created. 

Using the workspace’s settings, the page owner can restrict a member’s ability to create emoji.

It is necessary to open either the desktop app or the website version of Slack in order to do this. # How To Delete Custom Emoji in Slack?

Follow these steps on Slack’s desktop app or website:

  1. On the top-right, tap the name of your workspace to open the menu.
  2. To access the settings and administration, click the “Settings” button.
  3. Then select “Customize [Workspace Name].”
  4. Select “Emoji” from the tabs.
  5. Delete the emoji you want by scrolling down.
  6. Delete the emoji by clicking the cross next to it and then confirm by clicking “Delete Emoji” in the pop-up window.

A new emoji can also be added by tapping “Add Custom Emoji” and uploading the image through “Settings & administration”> “Customize”. # How To Delete Custom Emoji in Slack?

Delete Custom Emoji in Slack
Delete Custom Emoji in Slack

How do I manage custom emojis in Slack?

The following steps will guide you through the process of managing custom emojis in Slack:

Open Slack: 

Use your Slack login credentials to open the Slack app or visit the Slack website.

Go to Emoji Settings: 

To access workspace settings, click on the workspace name in the top-left corner. Then, select “Settings & administration.”

Manage Your Workspace: 

During the “Settings” page, click “Emoji” from the left sidebar. You will be taken to the “Custom” tab, here you can manage custom emojis. # manage custom emojis in Slack

View Custom Emojis: 

Your workspace’s “Custom” tab will display all the custom emojis that were added. Each custom emoji comes with its name and image.

Add Custom Emoji: 

If you want to add a new custom emoji, select “Add Custom Emoji” from the top right corner of your workspace.

After uploading an image file, enter a name for the emoji, then click “Save”.

Edit Custom Emoji (Optional): 

You can edit the name of an existing custom emoji by clicking the pencil icon ( ) next to its name.

When you have finished editing the name, click “Save Changes” to save the changes. # manage custom emojis in Slack

Delete Custom Emoji: 

The trash can icon appears on the right side of the emoji you want to delete when you hover your mouse over it.

If you click on the trash can icon, Slack will ask you to confirm the deletion. To permanently remove the custom emoji, click “Yes, remove it.”

Emoji Autocomplete: 

As you type :emoji_name:, Slack will suggest synonyms for the custom emoji name that you added.

In messages and reactions, you can use the custom emoji by typing its name between colons.

You cannot manage custom emojis unless you have the appropriate permissions. # manage custom emojis in Slack

If you don’t see the “Emoji” section in your workspace settings, then you might not have the necessary permissions.

Using custom emojis on Slack allows you to add a personal touch to team communication and create an engaging workspace.

Whether you’re celebrating an accomplishment or expressing emotions, you can use custom emojis.


Getting rid of custom emojis in Slack is a fairly straightforward process.

Follow the steps outlined in this guide to keep your workspace tidy and relevant while allowing new custom emojis that are relevant to your team’s evolving communication needs to be added.

The ability to customize emojis on Slack is fantastic, but like any resource, it’s imperative to manage them effectively.

Regularly reviewing and removing outdated emojis can ensure your emoji library stays updated.

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