When You Delete a Message on WhatsApp Does It Show?

When You Delete a Message on WhatsApp Does It Show? In addition to text messages, voice notes, images, and videos, WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging applications.

Sometimes, you may send a message you regret or want to delete from the conversation.

When this happens, you may wonder if you will get rid of the message completely if you delete it on WhatsApp.

This blog post will explore the intricacies of deleting messages on WhatsApp and whether or not they leave a trace.

It can help you navigate conversations more confidently and controllably if you understand how WhatsApp handles deleted messages.

Let’s learn more about the topic.

If users want to delete a text that has already been sent, they can choose to do so by clicking either “Delete for Me” or “Delete for Everyone.”

Users can delete text from their side alone with the “Delete for Me” option, or from both sides with the “Delete for Everyone” option.

The message will disappear, but WhatsApp will notify the recipient that you have deleted it.

Does the other person get notified when you delete a message?

If you delete a message on WhatsApp, the other person is not notified.

It is possible, however, that a placeholder will appear in the conversation indicating that “This message was deleted” if the message has already been delivered to their device.

This indicates that the sender sent the message, but later deleted it.

A notification indicating that a message has been deleted appears in place of the original message on the recipient’s device.

This notification does not offer any details about what was deleted.

Even if the recipient hasn’t read the message before it was deleted, they may see this notification.

Once the message is delivered, it remains on the recipient’s device with the “This message was deleted” indication.

A sender may delete a message in individual or group chats, and all participants may see the “This message was deleted” notification.

Deleted messages can be removed from your end and replaced with the “This message has been deleted” notification, but it doesn’t guarantee complete removal or confidentiality.

Before you deleted the message, it is possible that the recipient had already seen it or taken a screenshot.

A number of WhatsApp messages can be retrieved through forensic methods or data recovery tools, since WhatsApp retains backups and data on its servers.

How to Unsend a WhatsApp Message

The first step to deleting a message is to open WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android device and tap the message.

A second step is to hold down the display on the message and then tap ‘Delete.’

If someone has already read the message, there is nothing you can do about it. The message will still have been read by them.

When you select the message you want to delete, it will be removed from the chat. #Unsend a WhatsApp Message

The chance of them actually seeing and reading a message you didn’t intend to send can be reduced by quickly deleting a message you didn’t mean to send.

If they have notifications turned on, they might see a portion of the message and who it came from. They may not see the whole message this way, but they may see the beginning.

You might not get a chance to delete it before they see it. That’s why you must be careful what you say, especially if you care about how they will perceive it. #Unsend a WhatsApp Message

What happens if you delete a WhatsApp message before it is delivered

Deleted WhatsApp messages will not be sent or shown to the intended recipient. They will be effectively removed from the conversation both on your phone and on the WhatsApp server.

The following points should be noted when deleting a message before it is delivered:

Delete a Message on WhatsApp
Delete a Message on WhatsApp

Single Gray Checkmark: 

A gray checkmark appears next to a message before it has been delivered to the recipient. This indicates that the message is still being processed.

If you delete the message at this point, it will not be delivered and will not reach the recipient.

No Trace on Recipient’s Device: 

Messages that are not delivered won’t appear on the recipient’s device. They won’t receive any email notifications or notice that they received a message.


 When deleting a message, you need to consider the timing.

If you delete a message before it is delivered to the recipient’s device, it could still appear on their device even though it is already in the process of being delivered.

Delete the message on your end, however, if the recipient has already received it.

Once you have successfully delivered a message (indicated by a double gray checkmark), you should delete it.

However, deleting the message before it reaches the recipient will not prevent the recipient from seeing it.

The message will not be sent or displayed to the recipient if you delete it before it is delivered.

In order to successfully delete a message before it reaches the recipient’s device, you must pay attention to the message’s delivery status and timing.

When You Delete a Message on WhatsApp Does It Show?

Depending on the circumstances, WhatsApp can leave traces after you delete a message. Here is how WhatsApp deletes messages:

Deleting a Message Before Delivery: 

Deleted messages will not be displayed to the recipient (denoted by a single gray checkmark).

These messages are essentially deleted from the conversation, and the recipient will never see them.

Deleting a Message After Delivery: 

Delete the message on your end won’t remove it from the recipient’s device if it has been delivered to their device (indicated by double gray checkmarks).

Although the message will not be visible to the recipient, it will be replaced with a note that says “This message has been deleted.”

Thus, even though the message content won’t be visible, the recipient will be aware of the deletion.

Group Chats: 

When you delete a message in a group chat, it will not be seen by all group members if it is deleted before it has been delivered to all members.

After a message is delivered, it will be replaced with the message “This message has been deleted” notification for all participants to see.

However, group members may have already seen it before it was deleted.

Deleted messages on WhatsApp do not guarantee complete removal or confidentiality.

The recipient may already have seen them or taken screenshots before you deleted them.

WhatsApp also keeps backups and data on its servers, so deleted messages might be able to be recovered by using forensic tools or methods.

While deleting a message on WhatsApp will remove it from your account and limit its visibility, it’s important to be aware of its potential implications prior to doing so.

Messages can have a lasting impact, even if they are deleted, because of the nature of digital communication. Think twice before sending sensitive or confidential information.

If I Unsend a Message, Will the Other Person See It in Their Messages?

When you delete a message, there will be no indication that it was ever there. However, if you delete a message for everyone, that person will receive a notification of its deletion.

You can think of it as a general rule that applies to all chat groups as well as individual conversations.

If you are only talking to one person, the chances of them seeing the message are higher than if it was part of a group chat.

It’s because fewer messages are getting through. If you don’t want to be asked about the message, you just need to be upfront about it. Sometimes we mistype or misplace something.


In conclusion, when you delete a message on WhatsApp, it can leave different traces depending on the circumstances. Before a message is delivered, it won’t be displayed to the recipient.

However, if the message has already been delivered, it may still appear on the recipient’s device, even if you delete it on your end.

When you delete a message in a group chat, it will be replaced by a “This message was deleted” notification that will appear for everyone involved.

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