How to Create a Calendar Event from an Email in Outlook?

How to Create a Calendar Event from an Email in Outlook? In today’s fast-paced digital world, email has become an integral part of our personal and professional lives.

Managing tasks and appointments efficiently is imperative with the constant flow of information and communication.

We are accustomed to using Microsoft Outlook as an email and productivity tool, but it offers a number of features to simplify our lives.

In one such feature, you can create calendar events directly from your emails, eliminating the need to manually transfer information.

Using this powerful feature to enhance your productivity and organization is a straightforward process.

We’ll show you how to easily create a calendar event from an email in Outlook – say goodbye to switching between your email and calendar applications. # Create a Calendar Event from an Email in Outlook

How to Create a Calendar Event from an Email in Outlook?

With its multifaceted features, Microsoft Outlook provides users with a unified platform for managing their email, calendars, tasks, and more.

As one of its many features, the ability to convert an email into a calendar event is one of the most time-saving.

You receive an important email with details about an upcoming meeting, and you seamlessly convert the content into a calendar event with just a few clicks.

Our guide will guide you through the process of creating a calendar event from an email in Outlook. # Create a Calendar Event from an Email in Outlook

Step 1: Open the Email

If you want to create a calendar event, begin by opening the email with the information you want to convert.

This could be an invitation to a meeting, an event announcement, or any email with details about the date and time you want to convert.

Step 2: Click on “More Actions”

When you click on the ‘More Actions’ button, a drop-down menu will appear with various actions you can perform when dealing with the email.

The button may represent three dots (ellipses) or a similar icon, depending on your version of Outlook.

Step 3: Select “Create Event”

The “Create Event” or “Create Calendar Event” option appears when you select the “More Actions” dropdown menu. Outlook then extracts the event title, date, and time from the email.

Step 4: Edit Event Details (If Necessary)

With the extracted event information prefilled, Outlook will open a new window that you can adjust or add to.

This includes selecting the correct calendar, setting reminders, adding attendees, and adding additional notes. # Create a Calendar Event from an Email in Outlook

Step 5: Save the Event

Adding a new event you’ve created to your Outlook calendar is as simple as clicking the “Save” or “Save and Close” buttons.

Outlook will automatically notify attendees, so they’ll know when your event is taking place.

In this step, you’ve successfully converted an email message into a calendar event by copying and pasting relevant information from the email.

This saves you time and ensures that event details are readily accessible within your calendar. # Create a Calendar Event from an Email in Outlook

Ways to Turn an Email into a Calendar Event on Outlook

Syncing your desktop programs with your mobile apps lets you get notifications on both your desktop and your phone, so you can see what’s coming up today, tomorrow, and next week instantly.

Learn how to set up an email calendar event in three easy steps.

Reply with the Meeting button

 When you reply to an Outlook email, it turns it into a calendar event that includes the sender and everyone else on the feed.

In the case of setting up a phone call or lunch with friends, you can use the reply with meeting feature from your personal email address. # Turn an Email into a Calendar Event on Outlook

When you reply to a message to create a meeting, it is added to your own calendar, as well as automatically added to your recipients’ calendars or provided with an option to do so.

With reply with meeting, you can fill in the relevant details for the event, similar to dragging your message to the calendar icon.

You can also add additional information to the event as an email to your recipient upon receiving it, because you’re sending it as an email.

When you send a message to someone in another part of the country, identifying the event’s time zone is a helpful feature.

When you click on the time zones option, you can choose the time zone from which the meeting will originate.

Drag the message to your calendar icon

Your busy schedule is the focus of Outlook desktop program. It includes features that allow you to manage your inbox, spam messages, and daily calendar. # Drag the message to your calendar icon

Create a Calendar Event from an Email in Outlook
Create a Calendar Event from an Email in Outlook

Your everyday to-do list can be synced with Outlook to help you stay organized and make your day go smoothly.

You can create an email calendar event by dragging a message to the calendar icon in the lower left corner of Outlook. # Turn an Email into a Calendar Event on Outlook # Drag the message to your calendar icon

When you add the email to your calendar, a new window will appear where you can input the details.

You can include the time, duration, location, and when you want notifications to occur.

In addition to saving the original message, the event will also keep all of the information you need, such as addresses, specific notes, etc.

Create a Task

Outlook’s mobile app and browser version make it easy for you to create tasks that you can manage with the Microsoft To Do app and are integrated into your mobile notifications, which keeps you on top of things while you’re on the go.

With your To Do app, you don’t have to multi-task in one app to manage everything. # Turn an Email into a Calendar Event on Outlook

The subject line of an email will be auto-populated as the name of the task, and you can adjust other settings, such as setting due dates, creating reminders, and including notes.

How do I create a meeting in Outlook from an email?

Microsoft Outlook makes converting an email into a meeting seamless and easy, so you can schedule and organize events more efficiently.

Follow these steps to create a meeting in Outlook:

Open the Email: 

It is best if you begin by opening the email containing information about the meeting you are scheduling.

Click on “Reply All” or “Reply”: 

When you are in the email interface, you’ll see a set of options at the top.

Look for the “Reply All” or “Reply” button, which is typically represented by an arrow icon. You can then start the meeting creation process by clicking on this button.

Choose “Reply with Meeting”: 

In the email message, click “Reply All” or “Reply,” which will display a drop-down menu with various response options.

Click “Reply with Meeting.” This action tells Outlook to schedule a meeting based on the content of the message. # create a meeting in Outlook from an email

Edit Meeting Details: 

If necessary, you can make further adjustments by modifying the meeting start time, end time, location, and other details as needed.

The email subject line will be used as the meeting title and the email body as the meeting details.

Add Attendees: 

To add attendees, use the “To” field. If attendees are mentioned in the email, you may want to copy their email addresses from the email body and paste them into the “To” field.

You can either manually enter their email addresses or select contacts from your address book.

Set Reminder and Recurrence (Optional): 

The meeting can be scheduled for a specific time in the respective field. # create a meeting in Outlook from an email

Additionally, you can set the meeting to recur at specified intervals if it is recurring.

Send the Meeting Request: 

Click on the “Send” button after filling out the necessary details and adding attendees.

This sends the meeting request to your specified attendees and adds the meeting to your calendar.

Manage Responses and Updates: 

When attendees receive a meeting request, they will be able to accept, decline, or propose a new time. Outlook will keep you informed of their responses and changes.

The meeting request has successfully been created in Outlook from an email. # create a meeting in Outlook from an email

The streamlined process eliminates the need to manually transfer information and ensures that all relevant information is included.


Microsoft Outlook remains a trailblazer in helping individuals and organizations manage their tasks, communications, and schedules.

In a world where time is of the essence, optimizing our productivity is key to achieving our goals.

Outlook’s user-centric approach enables us to focus on what really matters – our tasks and appointments – by creating calendar events effortlessly from emails.

You can streamline your workflow and enhance your efficiency by following the steps outlined in this guide.

Staying organized has never been easier than with Outlook’s seamless integration between email and calendar.

So, take control of your schedule, embrace these tips, and make the most out of your Outlook experience. Your time is valuable, so make every moment count.

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