Have you tried changing your child’s google account to an adult account and been stuck? Worry no more.

This post will show you how to convert Child Google Account to Adult Account in just a few minutes.

Gmail is said to be one of the best email services and can be found in almost every segment of the market. Moreover, it can be used by people of all ages. With its uncountable features, this email is extremely popular with users. To get help when it comes to your child’s account on the Family app, you can check out the information that is given to you below.

Convert Child Google Account to Adult Account

Steps for converting child Gmail account to adult account

  1. To get started, launch the Family link app of Gmail after unlocking your device. 
  2. By clicking on your child’s name, Gmail will open up your child’s account information. 
  3. Select the “Settings” option from the menu. If you want to make changes, tap on the “Manage Settings” option that appears in front of you. 
  4. The account information of your child will be displayed. Tap the “Edit Information” button in the top right corner. 
  5. In the Child’s account, make the necessary changes. Gmail can be made a normal option here. Tap on it
  6. Once you are finished, tap “Confirm“.

Once you have learned how to convert child google account to adult account, you can now use it as your normal google account. 

However, if you need any further assistance regarding this, you can reach out to Gmail’s customer service. Also, you can find out how to turn off parental control after your account has been switched to normal by following the steps below

How to change the date of birth in child Gmail account

You can change the birth date of your child’s Gmail account by visiting the “Your Account” page of the web, or by going directly to Gmail.  

Under the tab marked as “Account Information”, you will find a link for “Change Date of Birth”. There is a possibility that you do not see this link if you already have a child’s Google account created for you. 

Unless this is the case, there is no other way to change the date of birth on your child’s Gmail account. To do this, you should contact Google directly with the reason you wish to make the change.  

In order for them to complete the request, you must provide them with proof of age.

The best thing do to solve this issue is to contact Google directly with the phone number at the bottom of that current page you are viewing.

The process is simple. You will have to provide google with proof of date of birth and then from there, they will help you.

Once your child’s date of birth is changed in their Gmail account, everyone who has their email address in their file will be able to see the year in which your child was born. 


As soon as you switch your child’s Gmail account from a minor to an adult or standard account, all messages stored on the servers will be automatically deleted from the primary account you wish to use.


How to remove family link?

The following instructions are for removing Family Link from the mobile phone of the child. To continue, you will need access to the Account of the child.

Step 1: Open family link app

Step 2: Navigate to the “ Menu” on the left corner and tap on it.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Remove Account’ button and confirm.

Step 4: Select the Google account that will be used to activate Family Link.

Step 5: Log in with your Family Link password and confirm the procedure.

Step 6: If the app is on the parent device, you can either remove it via the internet or generate a code for the app.


What happens to Family link when the child turns 13?

After turning 13 (or the relevant age in your country), your child can upgrade to a normal Google Account. Children will receive an email on their 13th birthday notifying parents that they will take charge of their account, so you will no longer be able to manage their account.

How do I turn off Family link without parent knowing?

 In order to delete the family Link Account. You have to open the app, navigate to the login section, enter your login information. 

And then from the following page, sign in with Gmail account to complete the deletion process.

Can a child uninstall Google family link?

You must enter the parent’s group password to remove Family Link from the child’s device and remove the child’s account from the group in order to remove Family Link from a child device.

How do I change my child account to normal?

Settings” card, Family Link app, parent account.

Launch the Family Link app. Go to your child’s profile. Click Manage settings on the settings card. Type Account info in the top right corner of the search bar and choose it from the list. 

This page allows you to change your child’s information, including the child’s name and the email address used for this account!

# convert Child Google Account to Adult Account

# convert Child Google Account to Adult Account

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