ClickBank Affiliate: 10 Killer Ways To Promote ClickBank links 2022

ClickBank is an online marketing giant. Affiliates can find products or services to promote on ClickBank, while product or service providers can find affiliates to promote their product. It is one of the most widely used platforms for affiliate marketing.

You too can easily make up to 2000$ a month without working hard with ClickBank Affiliate.

When a newbie starts out in affiliate marketing, they sign up for a program, find a product with a high commission and start dreaming about how the product will make sales.

ClickBank Affiliate,

They then send random traffic at it, and watch as no one spends a penny on it. Ultimately, they come to the conclusion that the platform sucks. Does this sound familiar to you?

Well, that has worked for many people, unfortunately.

After that, what happens?

You might generate a few sales if you’re lucky, but this method of promoting ClickBank Affiliate links is simply unsustainable.

In order to make sure that your ClickBank Affiliate links get steady, reliable clicks, we have compiled a strategy guide. 

Build your affiliate marketing business and build a strong foundation.

How To Promote ClickBank Products

After creating an account with ClickBank and verifying it, the next thing to do is you are supposed to pick a niche and also a product.

Choosing a niche

The first thing you need to do before promoting Clickbank products is to choose a niche that suits you.

The purpose of doing this is to find out your target audience; otherwise, you are going to promote to the wrong people!

To keep yourself engaged with the promotion of your niche, I recommend that you choose something that interests you at least a little.

So, for example, if you are interested in the sports niche, you can choose a product in the sports niche section such as football-related products.

If you’re uncertain where to start, I suggest checking out these 5 niches:

  • E-Commerce and E-Marketing
  • Fitness & Health
  • Entrepreneurship & Investing
  • Developing yourself
  • Religions & Spirituality

The reason is simple — these niches convert like crazy!

ClickBank Affiliate

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Choosing a product

Choosing the right product is crucial when it comes to marketing.

As you do not want to promote a garbage product with a 70% return rate, please do not promote it. Because of this, you should take your time and do some research before making your decision.

A few things should be considered before marketing a product.

In order to determine whether it is a worthwhile product to promote, this is needed.

1. Gravity

Based on the Gravity score, you can see how many affiliates are selling the product this week.

You can see how well the product converts by checking this indicator.

You should avoid really low gravity scores, as low gravity scores indicate that no one is buying the product, making it more difficult for you to sell it.

Gravity scores of high levels are good because it indicates that many affiliates are marketing the product, and if they can do it, you should be able to as well! Gravity scores of 50 or more are considered good.

2. Pricing

This is also an extremely important factor to consider when you are selecting a product. It plays a big role in your return on investment.

In general, I prefer promoting mid-priced products.

It shouldn’t be too low or too high. I, for example, would not take a commission under $20 because it would be too low, but I would not take one over $200 because I would find it too challenging to sell the product.

It’s also great to find products that charge every month as this is an excellent method of generating passive income.

3. Reputation/Reviews of the product

In addition to looking at the reviews, a product’s reputation is very important.

It is important that you promote a product that has value.

Otherwise, you will get refunds and chargebacks because the customer is not happy with the value.

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How to Promote Clickbank Products

Having established how to identify the right niche and products, let’s explore how to market Clickbank products.

As an overview of this part, I have included a mix of low- and high-cost methods

1. Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

Pay per click advertising is one of the most powerful methods for making money with ClickBank. If you’re willing to test your ads and creative often, media buys on platforms like Google allow you to start making money quickly, especially when compared with organic marketing (such as blogging or creating YouTube channels).


By using Google Ads, you can advertise text search ads on Google search results and Google Display Network (19) ads on relevant websites targeted at your audience. Once the ads appear, you can target cold traffic to your affiliate offer.

Affiliates have to check their cost per click (CPC) against their overall earnings per click (EPC) to ensure their income is profitable.

Additionally, don’t overlook pay per click on other ad networks, such as Microsoft, or social platforms like Facebook!

Here are some quick tips for PPC:

  • Using keywords your ideal audience would use when searching for your Google search ads is crucial. For an effective PPC campaign, keyword research is crucial.
  • Display advertising requires a lot of copy. You want people to click on your page, so write for them.
  • PPC ads are often safer than direct links that send people to an offer page whose quality you can’t control.

2. Blogging 

Blogs are very easy to manage, which is one of its biggest benefits. The website serves as a home base for building your company’s brand and growing your audience.

In addition to delivering your own content, a blog also allows you to publish other people’s work. By producing your own content and writing, you can keep costs down and build an asset around organic SEO traffic. Additionally, blogs are a great channel for building an email list!

The bottom line is that blogging takes time. In competitive niches, new sites will likely take at least 6 months to see traction on Google, especially if they are publishing content regularly. 

Here are a few quick blog tips:

  • Your blog posts should always reflect search intent. Content should be tailored to the reader’s needs, including targeting keywords with informational and commercial intents.
  • Researching keywords is useful, but don’t let it dictate your entire marketing strategy. Those with a few results will still be valuable, even if they do not have much data yet.
  • For affiliate marketing, you should be posting a combination of informational and affiliate content including tutorials, how-to’s, and comparison posts.

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3. Organic social

Social media offers many ways to promote a product! All you need is Facebook to:

  • Create an account and post there
  • Join or start a Facebook group
  • Set up a page for your business
  • You can pay to run Facebook ads

The same is true of platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter, with multiple ways to engage with each platform.

Although affiliate marketing has largely become a PPC based approach, organic social still has a place. In addition to encouraging personal engagement, organic advertising is able to leverage relationships in ways that paid ads cannot. As a result, conversions are improved and your brand becomes stronger in the long run.

You can include affiliate links directly in your pins on Pinterest, which is another great option for affiliate marketing. You can optimize your Pinterest pins to appear on other people’s boards and in searches for related terms, which is quite similar to social media/search engine hybrids.

ClickBank Affiliate

Creating Facebook groups around a specific niche or particular offer also helps to build your community. If you have a Facebook group, you can reach more people organically than if you have a Facebook page for your business.

I recommend using no more than two or three social networks at first. 

Here are some quick social tips:

  • Consider directing visitors to a landing page where they can sign up for your email list in the long run.
  • You can use a redirect link (like a Pretty Link) when promoting your affiliate links on social media. Conversions are often better when this is done.
  • Furthermore, having active social media accounts will increase a website’s organic search ranking through social signals.

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4. Email marketing

There is no denying that the money is in the list when it comes to affiliate marketing, and that’s because it is. If you have 10,000 engaged subscribers, a list of 10,000 is worth $10,000 per month – so each subscriber to your list is worth $1. Good job!

Join ClickBank affiliate

To convert leads into customers, use autoresponder emails, and make sure that existing customers stay engaged and ready to buy, use broadcast emails. Ideally, you should send out an email every day – though if you don’t have enough bandwidth, strive to send one out three times a week.

Here are some quick email marketing tips:

  • Make sure to spend a great deal of time thinking through your subject line. The quality of the email copy won’t matter if people don’t open your email.
  • It is pretty good if the open rate is between 20 and 30%. As a result, you can expect an open rate of one in three subscribers, so plan accordingly.
  • Consider spending some time crafting a compelling first line on an email as important as a compelling subject line.

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5. YouTube

Affiliate marketers love YouTube! Among other things, you can post your affiliate links there. Basically, you could take advantage of this channel for all your affiliate marketing needs – without having to develop a website!

Creating valuable content around your offer is key to success on YouTube. Reviewing products or rounding up a category is the most obvious route, but don’t be afraid to find other ways to promote.

A good example would be if you want to promote a hair product, you can do a video like “3 Ways to grow your hair back again” – and then you could promote affiliate programs for hair products that will benefit them.

Here are some quick YouTube tips:

  • Subscriptions and likes should always be requested. Both are important for the growth of your channel, even though they may feel awkward.
  • It is imperative that content is of high quality. YouTube will place your videos in the coveted “related videos” area if your videos have compelling content that keeps viewers interested.
  • Make sure you don’t overlook audio, lighting, or video production. Professionalism helps you to stand out in a competitive environment.

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6. Ebook

You can promote a product to an audience by creating a quality ebook or white paper both of which can be downloaded. There is a very good chance someone reading your ebook will be invested in what you’re saying and willing to trust your expertise.

If you give away cheat sheets and/or reference guides, an ebook can be a great lead magnet. The same technique works if your ebook is part of a product bundle, such as an online course, or even a standalone product.

A niche-related ebook can feature product recommendations easily. You may want to plug a specific tool for email marketing if you’re selling an e-business course, for example. Please do not overdo it with the links.

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Here are some quick tips for writing ebooks:

  • Include a disclaimer somewhere in your ebook that you’re including affiliate links. Your readers need to know this!
  • Affiliate links are not as restricted in ebooks as they are in emails or PPC ads, even on platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing.
  • You may change your promotions often, so you shouldn’t have to keep updating your ebook constantly–either include a Pretty Link you can redirect to a new offer, or link to a Recommended Resources page.

7. Udimi Solo Ads

We will now discuss Udimi Solo Ads as the next method of promoting ClickBank products. 

Solo ads are email ads, so you’d want to purchase them from someone with a large list of email subscribers in your niche.

Udimi is a good place for buying solo ads. Clicks from Udimi are very cheap (between $0.40 and $1) and it has an anti-scam protection system. 

The benefit of solo ads is that they are inexpensive and easy to use.

Udimi sellers will be able to specify which niche their listing is in in their description. 

All you need to do is find a vendor in your niche and order clicks from them. It’s very easy to use since you don’t need any experience running ads. 

In addition, you should drive traffic to your opt-in page before running Solo ads so that you can build an email list.

8. Instagram pages

The next item on our list is social media platforms, and while Instagram is a platform, I wanted to include it separately. 

The reason being that you can use Instagram in two different ways for social media purposes.

One way is to grow an Instagram theme page that works well, because when you have established your audience, you can start selling affiliate products.

With Instagram, it is much easier to grow a theme page compared with other social media platforms. This is because people are easier to follow, the algorithm works well, and you do not have to write posts.

In addition, you can buy shoutouts from Instagram pages, because they typically sell them for incredibly cheap.

In addition, if you combine this with a relevant and strong lead magnet, you’re promoting ClickBank products effectively.

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9. Native Advertising

Display ads that blend in with the content on a website are referred to as native ads. It is a more cost-effective method of display marketing than GDN.

When it comes to native advertising, the network you choose really makes a difference. Your access to quality traffic depends on it.

Native advertising networks include the following:

  • Outbrain
  • Taboola
  • Revcontent
  • Primis

Which are native ads and what do they look like? On platforms like Facebook, native ads are commonly displayed as sponsored content or articles, content recommendations, or in-feed ads.

To ensure your ads are placed on relevant sites, you should do your research to determine which network offers that service.

Here are a few quick tips on native advertising:

  • Ads should be attention-grabbing without interrupting a user’s experience to create curiosity.
  • Native ads should be viewed less as sales pitches and more as valuable content.
  • Using earnings per click, you can determine your success with native ads.

10. Facebook & Instagram Ads

The next method on the list is Facebook ads & Instagram ads, which you will find are not beginner-friendly. 

It is very difficult to predict where someone who is seeing your Facebook & Instagram ads is located due to their competition. If they are using traffic methods such as YouTube or Google to reach your content, they are usually actively looking for your content. This will lead to higher conversion rates.

Despite that, Facebook ads are still profitable, I promise. They just need a lot of testing.

11. Forums, Quora, Pinterest & Blog Comments

I put all of these points together because they are very similar and only work for you if you have a blog.

You can drive traffic to your blog with forums, Quora, and blog comments.

In the meantime, these blogs can include affiliate links & opt-in forms to expand your email list. 

When posting on forums, link to your site that contains additional information on a niche relevant topic and include niche relevant content.

You should answer questions on Quora as an affiliate marketer and provide a link to your site or also say they can find more information there. 

For blog visitors, it is even more important to see comments on your blog. 

Pinterest is another way for you to drive free traffic to your ClickBank affiliate website from your blog. I, however, wanted to include Pinterest separately because of two reasons. 

It is somewhat more complex than forums, quoras, and comments on blogs. Another reason is that most Pinterest users, about 93% according to Income School, are female. 

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