How to Fix Charging Paused Battery Temperature Too High Error?

How to fix Charging Paused Battery Temperature Too High error? With the advent of smartphones, we’ve become accustomed to relying on our devices for almost everything.

From staying in touch with loved ones to navigating the world, these small, powerful gadgets have become a vital part of our daily lives.

You get a message saying, “Charging paused. Battery temperature too high” on your smartphone. This error is frustrating and confusing, especially when you need your device to work flawlessly.

In this blog, we will examine the reasons behind this error and, more importantly, give you a comprehensive guide on how to fix it. # Charging Paused Battery Temperature Too High error

We’ll go through troubleshooting steps, safety tips, and proactive measures to ensure your smartphone’s battery temperature stays in check, allowing you to continue using your device without interruptions.

Why does my phone say charging paused battery temperature too high?

Usually, the error message “Charging paused battery temperature too high” is caused by either a defective battery or a defective sensor. In the case of a defective battery, it may overheat when charging, resulting in a battery replacement.

If the problem persists after a factory reset, you should rule out a software error. The system may pause charging to avoid phone damage if the sensor malfunctions and gives a false alarm of phone overheating.

Your phone may say charging paused because of too high battery temperature for several reasons. # charging paused battery temperature too high

Here are a few:

  • A defective battery or sensor may give a false alarm of overheating. Replace the battery if necessary.
  • Charger or cable may need to be replaced if the charging cable causes overheating.
  • Overheating may be caused by the camera app and any other background apps that consume a lot of power.
  • If the phone is in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, you may need to move it to a cooler place and let it cool before charging.

There are several solutions you can try to fix the error:

  • Turn on the phone after removing the battery and putting it back in after about 20 seconds.
  • Put the battery back in and plug in the charger after cleaning the inside with a cloth or brush.
  • The error may persist if you restart the phone after powering it down and plugging in the charger.

It is my hope that this will help you resolve your issue. # charging paused battery temperature too high

How to fix Charging Paused Battery Temperature Too High error?

In spite of this, you can check the battery or have it checked to see if the error is caused by a faulty sensor.

It is clear that a bulging battery needs to be replaced as soon as possible if you see it. We’ve also seen that if the battery is damaged, the screen can pop out, which is also a clear sign.

The following are a few solutions you can try to fix the “Charging Paused. Battery Temperature Too High” error on your phone. # Charging Paused Battery Temperature Too High error

Remove the battery and put it back in

Battery bugs are pretty common, so that’s why the error is thrown when the temperature reaches too high. When that happens, you can simply remove your phone’s battery, put it aside for a few minutes, and then place it back on.

In the past few years, phones with removable batteries have been discontinued completely. This method works when your phone has a removable battery.

This method of removing and replacing the battery after a few minutes does not work if your battery is not removable. Also, clean off the dust while removing the battery to avoid clogging the sensors.

Check the charging cable and ports

Another common issue we have seen is a faulty charging cable. The charging cable oversupplies voltage to the phone, causing the temperature to skyrocket.

Clean your charging ports with some air and remove any dust, so that there are no issues.

It is safe to assume that the battery, charging cable, and ports of your device are in good working order once you have checked that.

Perform a factory reset on your phone

You need to iron out any bugs that may have entered your phone now that you know your charging cable, ports, and battery are fine.

If that is the case, it is best to factory reset the device so that everything is restored to its original settings. Take a backup of everything before performing a factory reset.

You can perform a factory reset by going to Settings > General Management > tapping on Reset options and following the on-screen instructions.

When your phone is factory reset, try charging it to see if the same error message appears. Continue with the next solution if you still see the same error. # Charging Paused Battery Temperature Too High error

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Charging Paused Battery Temperature Too High error

Replace your phone’s battery

Usually, the battery inside the phone wears out slowly and starts causing problems, such as overheating, as it wears out. You can replace the battery if nothing has worked out for you so far. 

Using a third-party application/software, or the default app on your phone if it has one, you can check the health status of your battery before you replace it.

Since nothing has worked out for you so far, it is highly likely that your health stats would not be very ‘crisp’. If that is the case, replace your phone’s battery. 

We recommend taking the easier route (which will require some investment) as there are two ways to go about it. # Charging Paused Battery Temperature Too High error

Taking your phone to a verified authorised repair shop that will replace the battery for you is not a problem as long as the rear is openable. The battery can be replaced by you yourself if the rear is openable.

You should let a professional replace your battery if you don’t have the skills, especially if the phone is hard to open (quite literally), or if you don’t have the patience to do so yourself.

If you take things in your hand and attempt to open the phone and replace the battery yourself, you may end up damaging the other components.

Contact Customer Support

You may have a problem with your battery or its sensor if you still receive the same error message after applying the above fixes.

It is then important that you contact the Customer Support team at the manufacturer of your phone to inform them of the issue and to have your phone fixed.

Depending on the temperature of your battery, the technician will either replace the battery or the sensor.

Note that this is the ultimate solution to this problem, and it is chargeable if your phone is out of warranty.

You need to fix this issue as soon as possible since it is a safety concern. # Charging Paused Battery Temperature Too High error

If you’ve tried the above solutions, do let us know if your “charging paused. battery temperature too high” issue has been resolved.

Does Overheating Damage Your Smartphone?

In smartphones, overheating can cause serious damage that isn’t noticeable to the naked eye. The two major areas affected by overheating are the battery and SoC. # Does Overheating Damage Your Smartphone

System on Chip (SOC)

When the phone overheats, the SoC overheats, which can damage the chip permanently, which will result in a slower smartphone overall.

Overheating of the SoC can also result from activities such as using the internet with a poor connection, using Bluetooth excessively, watching online videos, or playing high-end games on your mobile.

Therefore, you should always avoid overheating your phone in the first place.


Many smartphones use lithium-ion batteries because they are the best rechargeable batteries available on the market.

However, lithium-ion batteries suffer from overheating, which can lead to device malfunction. 

Whenever there is overheating, the aging process of lithium-ion batteries accelerates, which can result in serious damage to your device.

One of the main reasons for the heating problem is that lithium-ion batteries degrade with time. # Does Overheating Damage Your Smartphone


Your smartphone can sometimes display the “Charging Paused. Battery Temperature Too High” error, which can be a worrisome hiccup when using it on a daily basis.

In this blog, you’ll find solutions and guidance that will help you resolve this issue effectively. If you follow the recommended steps, your device’s battery temperature will stay in check and you’ll be able to charge it safely and efficiently.

If you take proactive measures, such as avoiding direct sunlight and using original chargers, you can keep your device from overheating in the long run.

In addition to enjoying uninterrupted smartphone use, you can keep your device’s temperature within a safe range with these insights.