How To Change WhatsApp Chat Color? Complete Guide

How To Change WhatsApp Chat Color? Changing the chat color is one way to personalize your WhatsApp conversations and make them even more enjoyable.

WhatsApp has become a vital part of our daily communications, and personalizing the chat experience can make it even more enjoyable.

You can customize the chat colors to suit your preferences and style, even if you are used to the default green theme.

Learn how to change the chat color in WhatsApp and create a visually appealing chat environment!

Adding a splash of color to your WhatsApp conversation is as easy as changing the default color.

Select ‘Wallpaper & Sound’ from the conversation’s name at the top of WhatsApp. You can choose a solid color or an image from your gallery.

Once you have changed the chat color, you can close WhatsApp and reopen it.

Can You Change the WhatsApp Chat Color? 

It’s great to be able to customize chat colors, but every app has a limitation. WhatsApp does not provide the option to customize chat bubble colors.

The feature is only available when the light and dark modes are switched.

Additionally, you can customize the background color of your chat. This will change the appearance of your whole conversation.

Modified versions of WhatsApp such as GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus may work on Android if you want to change the chat bubble’s color. 

How To Change WhatsApp Chat Color?

It is not possible to change the color of chats directly in WhatsApp, as it is set by default to green.

It is possible to change the appearance of your WhatsApp chats using some alternative methods.

The following options are not officially supported by WhatsApp, and they may require the use of third-party apps.

Additionally, they may vary according to your device and operating system. Here are some options you may want to consider:

Themes and Skins: 

Custom ROMs or Android device manufacturers offer theme or skin options that allow you to customize the overall look and feel of your device, including how installed apps like WhatsApp look.

See if your device can be customized with themes or skins, and explore your options for changing the color scheme.

WhatsApp Mods: 

Third-party developers have developed modified versions of WhatsApp, commonly known as “WhatsApp Mods.”

They provide additional features and customization options, including the ability to customize chat colors.

GBWhatsapp, YoWhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus are some of the most popular WhatsApp Mods.

You should note, however, that using modified forms of WhatsApp may violate WhatsApp’s terms of service, and they may not be as secure or reliable as WhatsApp’s official version.

When using third-party apps or modifications, please be cautious and make sure they are downloaded from a trustworthy source.

Additionally, keep in mind that any modifications made to WhatsApp are not officially supported by WhatsApp, which can lead to data loss or security breaches.

How To Change WhatsApp Chat Background Color?

In addition to being able to have different backgrounds for different people, you have complete freedom to play around with WhatsApp backgrounds.

Different colors, WhatsApp backgrounds, and gallery images are available. This allows you to customize the chat bubble color. # Change WhatsApp Chat Background Color

Changing the wallpaper takes no more than a minute if you know the steps. You won’t have to stare at the boring background all day long. 

WhatsApp Chat Color
WhatsApp Chat Color

The following steps need to be followed:

  1. On your mobile device, open WhatsApp.
  2. Select the chat you want to open.
  3. At the top right, tap the three dots.
  4. Choose ‘Wallpaper’ from the menu.
  5. To choose a personal image, choose ‘My Photos’ or choose ‘Bright,’ ‘Dark,’ or ‘Solid Colors.
  6. Select the wallpaper you like after selecting the category.
  7. Click on the ‘Set wallpaper’ button at the bottom of the screen.

How To Change WhatsApp Chat Bubble Color?

It’s easy to change the color of chat bubbles on WhatsApp by using a different background. Here’s how to do it.

If you open WhatsApp, go to Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Bubble Style and choose one of a variety of colors for your chat bubbles.

You can also switch to dark mode on your phone, and WhatsApp will adjust its chat bubble color to dark green automatically.

Third-party apps allow you to change the color of text bubbles more manually.

You can find more details in the following step-by-step guide:

  1. Launch WhatsApp.
  2. To access the three dots, tap the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Make sure Settings are selected.
  4. Select Chats from the menu.
  5. Please select a style for Chat Bubbles.
  6. Make your chat bubbles stand out by choosing a color.

How to chage the colour of your WhatsApp Message

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to change the color and style of your WhatsApp chat text.

  • Send a text message using the app.
  • Your choice of style or color is up to you.
  • Once you’ve selected the text, the app will show you a variety of options for using it.
  • Select ‘WhatsApp’ from the menu.
  • In the messaging app, send a message to the contact.

WhatsApp Chat Background Color

The next step is to change WhatsApp’s background color after you learn how to change chat bubble color.

It is actually quite easy to change the background colors in WhatsApp, unlike bubble colors.

There are tons of options to choose from. Plus, you can also upload your own background.

Finally, changing the background is only a one-minute job. If you prefer a different color for your iPhone or Android phone, simply follow the same steps.

And here it is:

  1. On your mobile device, open WhatsApp.
  2. To change the chat wallpaper, go to Settings > Chats > Chat Wallpaper.
  3. Select a new wallpaper by clicking “Choose a New Wallpaper”.
  4. Select “Solid Colors” if you want a solid color. If you want an image, select “Dark” or “Bright”.
  5. Changing your background color is as easy as hitting the “Set” button!

How do you change the color of your WhatsApp status?

The process of changing the color of the text in your WhatsApp status is almost identical to this one.

You would follow the same steps using a third-party app such as ‘WhatsBlue Text’.

Upon clicking the WhatsApp option, however, you would click ‘My Status’ instead of choosing a contact to send the message to.

Then you can customize the background color of your WhatsApp status, a feature that exists natively in the app, and then you simply hit ‘Send’ once you’re satisfied with its appearance.

Which app do you need to change font color on WhatsApp?

In order to achieve this, you can download a number of third-party apps, such as ‘Color Texting Messenger’, ‘Cool Fonts For WhatsApp And Text’, or ‘WhatsBlue Text’. These apps are generally free to download, but there will be advertisements.

There is, for instance, a feature in WhatsBlue Text called ‘Fancy Text’ that allows you to type messages and have them displayed in a variety of different formats, including blue text.

As soon as you click on the style or color, the app displays different ways to use this text, including one that is simply titled ‘WhatsApp’.

You can then send this message via the messaging app to a contact.


A simple yet effective way of personalizing your messaging experience in WhatsApp is to change the chat color.

You can explore and customize your chat environment with WhatsApp, regardless of whether you prefer a vibrant and eye-catching color scheme or a more subdued and calming palette.

It is possible to change the chat color to suit your preferences in multiple ways, from using built-in features to employing third-party apps.

You can quickly transform your WhatsApp chats’ visual aesthetics by following the steps and techniques described in this blog.

Remember to experiment with different colors and combinations to find the right chat color that reflects your style and personality.

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