How To Change Twitter Back to Old Layout? Right Now

How To Change Twitter Back to Old Layout? Digital platforms are no exception to this trend. Even minor changes to familiar layouts can trigger a sense of discomfort in the fast-paced world of online interaction.

Twitter, a platform famous for its concise communication and real-time updates, recently introduced a new layout that aims to improve user experience.

It is likely that the change was met with mixed feelings by those who found comfort in the old design. # How To Change Twitter Back to Old Layout?

There are a lot of people out there longing for the days of old. We’ll go over how to revert Twitter back to its old layout, giving you a sense of comfort and familiarity in the midst of changing digital environments.

For that, you must take the assistance of a third-party source “TamperMonkey.” Install it as an extension to your Chrome.

Then simply download the script (link below) on your computer. You will see that the interface for Twitter has changed to the old one if you reload it.

Those old habits die hard, even though it was tricky to use the old layout. Still, you must have gotten used to it.

If you are still having trouble getting over Twitter’s old layout, following is what you need to do. # How To Change Twitter Back to Old Layout?

What Happened to My Twitter Layout? 

Having not changed its layout for seven years, it may be confusing to the users to become familiar with the new design. The appearance has been altered and some new features have been added.

In August 2021, the new layout was announced for the first time. Among the new features are a new font, high-contrast buttons, and a sidebar on the left side. # Twitter Layout

The interface is completely different from the old one. The new font is now prominent, and there are also high-contrast buttons.

It is true that this update takes the platform to a more advanced level, but most users have commented with negative feedback regarding this.

Therefore, the site’s accessibility team has hinted that some tweaks will be made to improve this layout.

In any case, if you are one of those who dislike Twitter’s new layout, you can revert to Twitter’s old layout by following the steps below. # Twitter Layout

How To Go Back To Old Twitter Layout On Desktop?

A few ways exist to go back to the old Twitter layout on desktop, but these may not work for everyone or for a long time. # Go Back To Old Twitter Layout On Desktop

Here are some options:

>> Use the Twitter Directory:

 To get to the Directory, click Settings and Privacy, then About Twitter, then Directory. Or, you can bookmark and head back to the old Twitter home page.

>> Use the Switch to legacy Twitter option: 

 The option may not be available for everyone or may disappear after a while, so be sure to check your profile menu for this option.

>> Use a browser extension:

 It is possible to change Twitter’s appearance to look like the old version by installing extensions such as GoodTwitter 2 or Old Layout for Twitter.

These extensions may not be updated or compatible with your browser. # Go Back To Old Twitter Layout On Desktop

>> Use a JavaScript code:

 The simplest way to switch the layout of Twitter is to paste a code into the JavaScript console in your browser.

However, this may be a risky or complicated method for some people.

>> Use an Incognito window or another computer:

 The new Twitter design might not be applied to your device, so you might have to open the application in private browsing mode or on another device.

This method may not work for long or may require you to re-log in every time.

Twitter does not guarantee or approve these methods, and they may cease to work at any time. # Go Back To Old Twitter Layout On Desktop

In the future, Twitter might change its design again, so it’s a good idea to get used to it or to give Twitter any feedback if you have any complaints or suggestions.

How To Change Twitter Back to Old Layout?

If you cannot give up the old layout of Twitter, here is a method to help you get the old layout.

It won’t have all the same features, but you’ll get what you want. # How To Change Twitter Back to Old Layout?

Log In to Your Twitter Account and Open Your Profile

You will first need to log into your Twitter account. Search Twitter in the Google search bar, then enter the details and “Login” to your account.

After logging in, you will be able to view your “Profile” in the lower-left corner of your screen.

Search Tampermonkey and Get the Extension

In this step, you may search for the “Tampermonkey” extension on Google on your PC in a separate window or follow the link.

Add the extension to your device, then wait a few minutes for it to be installed. # How To Change Twitter Back to Old Layout?

Install the Tampermonkey Script on Your Device

The next step is to grab the script from GitHub. Please follow the link below to download the script as demonstrated.

You then need to add it to the “directory bar” over the site where you have loaded the extension and then install it.

Head Back to Twitter and Refresh Your Profile

You can refresh your profile on Twitter after you have added the extension and downloaded the script.

Click on the refresh icon in the upper left corner of the screen to do so. # How To Change Twitter Back to Old Layout?

Change Twitter Back to Old Layout
Change Twitter Back to Old Layout

To return to the old Twitter layout, delete the Tampermonkey extension and script.

However, if you want to return to the new version, delete the Tampermonkey extension and script.

What are Twitter’s New Design Changes?

With a tweet, Twitter announced a number of changes to its site, including a new font named Chirp, a reduction in the “blueness” of different elements, and a new set of high-contrast icons.

The main difference between the old and new Twitter design is the sidebar that is located on the left.

Using the new font now makes the sidebar seem entirely different from what it was before.

These layout changes have already gotten a negative response from Twitter users. While you can get the old design back, Twitter users want the old design back.

Despite Twitter’s accessibility team signaling that some new design changes may be underway, it is unclear when these changes will be revised.

How do you reset all settings on Twitter?

It is not possible to reset Twitter’s settings to their default state via a single button.

However, you can adjust your settings manually to return them to their default state. Here’s how to do it:

Log In to Your Twitter Account: 

Your Twitter account can be accessed by opening a web browser and logging in.

Access Account Settings: 

Choose “Settings and Privacy” from the drop-down menu that appears above your profile picture on Twitter. # reset all settings on Twitter

Review and Adjust Settings: 

Check your settings in the “Settings and Privacy” section (for example, Account, Security and Account Access, Privacy and Safety, etc.).

Simply click on a specific setting and adjust it to its default or recommended value if you wish to reset it to its default value.

Save Changes: 

Save your changes by clicking “Save changes” at the bottom of each section when you have finished adjusting the settings. # reset all settings on Twitter

Review App Connections: 

You may also want to review the apps and services that are connected to your Twitter account, and revoke access to any that you are no longer using or trusting.

Log Out and Log In: 

To ensure that the changes take effect, you might need to log out and back into your Twitter account after making the changes.

It’s important to keep in mind that Twitter’s features and settings can change at any time.

If you have any questions about changing your settings, you can contact Twitter’s support team. # reset all settings on Twitter


 We embrace change as a part of our digital journey, but we also feel a sense of attachment to what we know and love.

Twitter’s old layout has memories, comfort, and familiarity for many users.

Although the new layout brings innovation, it is comforting to know that you can revert back to what feels like home. It is up to you to decide whether to embrace the new or the old.

In 280 characters or less, Twitter remains unchanged – connecting and communicating with the world in 280 characters or less, whether you use the latest interface or the comfort of the past.

Your choice of layout becomes a reflection of how you navigate this ever-changing digital landscape as the platform evolves.

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