How To Change Facebook Messenger Password?

How To Change Facebook Messenger Password? In order to protect your private conversations and data on Facebook Messenger, it’s crucial that you have a strong, regularly updated password.

Facebook Messenger is no exception. In some cases, however, you will need to change your password for security reasons or simply because it’s time for a refresh.

Let us show you how to change your Facebook Messenger password step-by-step in this blog post.

Changing your password is a basic skill for every Messenger user, whether you’re doing it for regular security reasons or if you suspect unauthorized access.

So, let’s dive into the world of online security and discover how to change your Facebook Messenger password to keep your digital conversations safe.

For maximum security, Facebook ensures you combine uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols in your Messenger account settings. You’ll be directed to Facebook to set a password there.

The password should be something that no one can easily guess, but you’ll remember it if needed.

You will learn how to change your Facebook Messenger password in this article, as well as how to reset it if you forget it. # How To Change Facebook Messenger Password?

Is Messenger password same as Facebook?

If you change your Facebook password, it automatically applies to your Messenger account as well.

Facebook and Facebook Messenger share the same login credentials, so changing your Facebook password automatically updates your Messenger password.

For its various services, including Messenger, Facebook uses a single sign-on system so that users can simplify the login process.

It’s important to remember that if you change your Facebook password for security reasons or any other reason, you’ll need to use the new password to log in to both Facebook and Messenger.

Where can you see your Messenger password?

To prevent unauthorized access to your account, Facebook and Facebook Messenger do not provide an option to view your current password inside the app or website.

In order to recover or reset your password, you can follow these general steps:

For Facebook:

  1. To sign in to Facebook, go to
  2. If you have forgotten your password, click on the “Forgot Password?” link.
  3. In most cases, you will need to enter your email address, phone number, or Facebook username.
  4. You will receive a password reset link or code by email or text. Follow the instructions in the message to reset your password.
  5. You can then log in with your new password once your password has been reset.

For Facebook Messenger:

The Facebook Messenger password is used the same way that the Facebook password is used, so if your Facebook password changes, Messenger will also change.

You do not usually need to reset your Messenger password separately from your Facebook password.

You should always keep your login credentials secure and never share them with anyone.

To regain access to Facebook and Messenger, follow the password recovery process described above if you suspect your account has been compromised or you are having problems accessing your account.

How To Change Facebook Messenger Password?

Changing your Facebook Messenger password requires changing your Facebook account password, since Messenger and Facebook share the same login credentials.

Here are the steps to follow: # How To Change Facebook Messenger Password?

How To Change Your Facebook Messenger Password on PC?

Your Facebook Messenger password can also be changed on your PC using these simple steps.

  1. Activate your Facebook account by going to the site and signing in.
  2. A drop-down menu should appear when you click your profile picture on the top right of your profile.
  3. Then, click “Security & Privacy” on the pop-up menu and select “Settings.”
  4. Go to the “Security & Login” page.
  5. Change your password under “Login” by selecting “Change Password”.

Continue your Facebook session after saving the changes. # How To Change Facebook Messenger Password?

Facebook Messenger Password
Facebook Messenger Password

How To Change Your Password on Facebook Messenger on Android?

On Android devices, the procedure for changing your Facebook Messenger password is slightly different from that for iOS devices. # Change Your Password on Facebook Messenger on Android

Without further ado, here’s how to do it.

  1. On your Android device, launch the Facebook Messenger app.
  2. On the top left, you’ll see your profile picture. Click it to view it.
  3. After clicking this, a menu will open where you can find “Account Settings.”.
  4. Tap on the “Security and Login” option after you’ve logged into your Facebook account.
  5. Click on “Change Password” to change your password.
  6. It is necessary for you to enter both your current password and a new one.
  7. Please click on Save changes when you have entered your old password and new password.

Your other devices can stay logged in if you wish, or you can log out so you can use the new password next time. # How To Change Facebook Messenger Password?

How To Change Your Password on Facebook Messenger on iOS?

The following steps will guide you through changing the password on your iOS device for Facebook Messenger.

  1. On your iOS device, launch the Facebook Messenger app.
  2. Open the messenger’s menu by tapping the profile icon.
  3. Select “Security and Login” from the “Security” section.
  4. In the “Login” section, click on “Change Password.”
  5. Save the changes by entering your current password and new password in the appropriate boxes.

It’s the same as the Android device: you can log out of the service on the other devices and re-enter your new password when you log in next time.

It is essential to use a strong, unique password to keep your Facebook account secure because Facebook and Messenger are linked.

Changing your password regularly is a good practice if you suspect any unauthorized access or if it has been a while since you last changed it.

How To Reset Your Facebook Messenger Password?

Facebook Messenger users can reset their passwords if they forget their passwords and continue using their Messenger app by choosing the reset option.

You will, however, need your email or mobile number attached, because Facebook will send an OTP to your number to verify your identity. # Reset Your Facebook Messenger Password

Reset Facebook Messenger Password With Your Phone Number

You can reset your messenger password with your phone number instead of your email address because it’s easier to set up an email account.

Follow these steps to reset your messenger password.

  1. Visit the login page on Facebook and log in.
  2. Choose ‘Forgot password’ from the drop-down menu.
  3. Put your phone number in the field.
  4. Next, tap the button.
  5. Using the same number for different accounts will result in multiple accounts showing up in the search results. 
  6. Select the account you wish to reset.
  7. If you want to receive an SMS on your device, Facebook will ask you.  
  8. Codes for reset are input here.
  9. Logging out of other devices and staying logged in will now both be available on Facebook.
  10. Once you’ve entered your new password, tap Next.

We assume you weren’t able to access your messenger account due to being logged out of the app.

Facebook’s “find your account” page is the best place to find your account if you have forgotten your password. # Reset Your Facebook Messenger Password

  1. Enter your Facebook Messenger email address or phone number in the form that pops up when you enter this URL.
  2. Go to Search, select a verification option, and click Continue.
  3. Please select the channel where you would like to receive your verification code.
  4. Please enter the security code in the required field and click Continue.
  5. Now that you have a new password, you can log into the Facebook Messenger app with it.


Change your Facebook Messenger password is a simple, yet effective way to protect your personal information, and it’s in your hands.

It is crucial to ensure the privacy and security of your digital conversations as the world becomes increasingly interconnected.

The following steps will show you how to change your Facebook Messenger password in several easy steps, enabling you to strengthen your online security and enjoy peace of mind when using this popular messaging application.

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