How To Change Bot Name on Discord? Right Now

How To Change Bot Name on Discord? Getting started with Discord bots might lead you to wonder if you can customize your bot’s identity based on your server’s theme or purpose.

Fear not, as we have the answer. The purpose of this blog is to show you how you can give your bot a unique and memorable name on Discord, allowing you to make it stand out from the crowd.

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will gain the knowledge to make your bot stand out, whether you run a gaming community, manage a support server, or simply want a bot that has personality.

With your own bot name, you’ll be able to unlock the power of personalization!

A verified bot cannot be changed. The only way to change its name is to acquire a legal copyright notice.

Only then can Discord allow you to change a verified bot’s name.

Changing the name of unverified bots can be done on the developer portal. Login and locate the “Target applications” and click it. Change the name and save the change.

Can You Change Bot Name on Discord?

You have the option to create a bot with a specific name if you are a Discord bot developer.

A change of heart in regards to the name may occur during or after the development of your bot.

If this happens to you, you might wonder how to change the name of your bot.

Changing the name of your bot is not possible once it’s been verified by Discord. You can only change the name of a verified Discord bot if you provide Discord with a copyright takedown notice for its name. Only then can you do so.

In order to prevent developers from impersonating other applications after their bots are verified, Discord does this.

You will therefore not hesitate to confirm that you are adding the correct bot when you want to add a verified Discord bot because if it is verified, then you know you are adding the correct one.

The developer portal, where all your applications are listed, will allow you to update your bot’s name if it is still waiting to be verified.

A user can add a nickname to a verified bot when it is added to a server, but it will only affect them and not the entire server.

How To Change Bot Name on Discord

The name of your bot can be changed on Discord if you have sufficient permissions on the server where your bot is located.

If you have the appropriate permissions, follow these steps:

Access the Discord Developer Portal:

  • To access the Discord Developer Portal, navigate to
  • Connect to Discord with your account.

Select Your Bot Application:

  • Click on the bot application that represents your bot once you’ve logged in (if any).

Navigate to the “Bot” Section:

  • Under “Settings”, click on the “Bot” section on the left sidebar. # How To Change Bot Name on Discord

Find the “Username” Field:

  • Locate the “Username” field under “Bot”. This field shows the current name of the bot.

Change the Bot’s Name:

  • The most convenient way to change the bot’s name is to click on the “Edit” button next to its current name (pencil icon).
  • The provided field allows you to change the name of your bot.

Save Changes:

  • Click “Save Changes” if you would like your bot to have a new name after entering a new name. # How To Change Bot Name on Discord

Confirm in Discord:

  • Save your changes in the Developer Portal, then go to your Discord server to test the bot.
  • Select the bot’s username from the chat or member list by right-clicking.
  • Right-click on “Nickname” and select it.
  • Type the new bot name and press Enter to confirm the change.

Changes to your bot’s name may not be instantaneous, and it might take some time before the new name is propagated throughout Discord.

In addition to choosing the bot’s name based on your server’s theme, its purpose, or its functionality, keep in mind that it should be user-friendly, appropriate, and will serve as the bot’s identity when interacting with users on the server.

By following these steps, you can easily change the name of your bot on Discord and give it a personalized touch that matches the vibe of your servers.

Have fun customizing your bot and making it a member of your Discord community! # How To Change Bot Name on Discord?

Change Bot Name on Discord
Change Bot Name on Discord

How do I change my Discord bot avatar?

If you’d like to change the avatar of your Discord bot, you will need to access the Discord Developer Portal where you created and configured your bot. Follow these steps to do so:

Access the Discord Developer Portal:

  • For more information, visit the Discord Developer Portal:
  • You will need a Discord account to log in.

Select Your Bot Application:

  • Log in to your account, and you’ll see a list of your bot applications (if you have any). Click on the one representing your bot.

Navigate to the “Bot” Section:

  • Choose “Settings” from the left sidebar, then select “Bot” from the list.

Find the “Avatar” Field:

  • You’ll see your bot avatar in the “Bot” section. It should be displayed as an image.

Change the Bot’s Avatar:

  • By clicking on the “Upload” button next to the current avatar image, you can change the avatar of the bot.
  • Select the avatar image you want for your bot from a file explorer or browser window.

Save Changes:

  • To apply the new avatar to your bot, click “Save Changes” after picking a new image.

Your new avatar may not appear instantly on your bot in all servers. It may take some time to propagate and update across all servers.

The avatar should represent the identity of your bot or the theme of your Discord server.

It can be either an image or a logo that is relevant to its functionality or role within the community.

Your Discord bot’s avatar can be changed easily and given a unique appearance that matches the aesthetics of your server.

Make your bot an engaging and recognizable member of your community by customizing it!

How do I change my dyno bot name?

Dyno bot’s nickname can be changed using a simple command. To change the Dyno bot’s name, follow these steps:

Ensure you have the necessary permissions: 

It is usually server administrators who have the “Manage Nicknames” permission to change the Dyno bot’s nickname. # change my dyno bot name

Open your Discord server: 

Join Dyno bot’s Discord server.

Invoke the nickname change command: 

Send Dyno bot the following command in any text channel that can be accessed by Dyno bot:

?nick <new_name>

Replace <new_name> with the desired name you want to give to the Dyno bot.

Confirm the change: 

Dyno bot will notify you that the nickname has been changed when you issue the command. # change my dyno bot name

Dyno bot’s nickname can be changed depending on the server’s permission settings. If you don’t have the “Manage Nicknames” permission, you can’t do so.

In addition, Dyno’s command prefix may differ on your server; if so, use the appropriate prefix instead of “?” when invoking commands.


You should remember that choosing the right bot name can have a great impact on the overall experience of your server.

Your bot’s interaction with users can be enhanced and enhanced by choosing a well-chosen name, whether it is playful and witty or more professional and focused.

The possibilities are endless as you continue to learn more about Discord bots, experimenting with additional features and customizations.

From adding commands to implementing interactive responses, the possibilities are endless.

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