How To Change Ad Account on Instagram? Right Now

How To Change Ad Account on Instagram? The Instagram advertising platform is a powerful tool for reaching a broader audience, promoting your brand, and boosting engagement and conversions.

You must have control over the Instagram ad account associated with your campaign when running Instagram ads, but circumstances may require you to change your Instagram ad account.

Understanding how to change your Instagram ad account is crucial, regardless of whether you’re switching to a new ad account or partnering with a new marketing agency.

We will guide you through the process of changing your Instagram ad account in this blog, allowing you to effectively manage your marketing efforts.

It is easy to change ad accounts on Instagram. It is still possible to do this, even if Meta changed all IG ad settings to Facebook.

If you have used your business account for an ad previously, you may be able to do so. The “Ads payment” option in the Business settings page can be changed.

Overview of an Instagram Ad Account

For Instagram advertising campaigns to be successful, Instagram ads need to be created, managed, and tracked.

Advertisers and businesses can use Instagram ads to reach a broader audience and achieve specific marketing goals.

Here are the key features and functionalities of an Instagram ad account:

Account Setup: 

You need to create an Instagram advertising account first. This involves linking your Facebook Page to your Instagram business profile and connecting it to Facebook Ads Manager.

Campaign Creation: 

It is possible to create ad campaigns tailored to your marketing goals within the ad account.

In addition to brand awareness, reach, engagement, traffic, conversions, and more, Instagram offers a variety of campaign objectives.

You can specify the audience, set a budget, and schedule the duration of your campaign.

Ad Formats: 

There are a number of ad formats available on Instagram, including photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, stories ads, and more.

Each format is characterized by a set of specifications and best practices, allowing you to build engaging content for your audience.

Ad Targeting: 

Using an Instagram ad account, you can define the demographics, interests, behavior, and location of your audience to ensure your ads are seen by those most relevant to them.

Ad Creative and Design: 

You can upload and manage your ad creative with an ad account.

Creating visually appealing and compelling content for Instagram users is essential to catching their attention.

You can customize images, videos, headlines, captions, and call-to-action buttons to align with your brand and campaign objectives.

Ad Performance Tracking: 

It is easy to monitor key metrics, such as impressions, reach, engagement, conversions, and more, with Instagram ad accounts. You can make data-driven decisions based on this information.

Ad Account Settings: 

Your advertising campaign settings include billing information, roles and permissions, optimization of ad delivery, placement of ads, and other configurations.

Businesses can use Instagram ad accounts to increase their reach, engage with their target audience, and achieve specific marketing objectives by using valuable tools and insights.

Businesses can drive brand awareness, customer acquisition, and overall business growth on Instagram by leveraging Instagram ad accounts and their features and capabilities.

How To Change Ad Account on Instagram

Instagram was a pole on its own before its ownership changed. After the change, users now see posts in chronological order.

Since organizations want to market to as many users as possible, Facebook boosted its economy with this opinion.

Also, with the formation of Meta, you can accomplish the entire Facebook ad process.

Although you can still make Instagram ads from Facebook Ads Manager. # How To Change Ad Account on Instagram

Change Ad Account on Instagram
Change Ad Account on Instagram

It is much easier to promote a post directly from Instagram for business. Now we can simply choose between the objectives and select the post that needs to be promoted.

However, many people still find it challenging to change their Instagram ad account.

So we have provided this guide to ease your challenges. The steps below explain how to change your Instagram ad account.

Step 1: Set Your Account Type

To make sure you get the most out of Instagram ads, be sure to set your account type to business.

In this way, you can run an Instagram advert directly from the app. # How To Change Ad Account on Instagram

When you change your account type to business, you’ll see the Business option on your settings page.

Create a new ads account or switch between the existing ones.

Switching from a personal to a business account is as simple as following these steps:

  1. On your mobile device, open the Instagram app.
  2. At the bottom right corner, tap on your profile avatar.
  3. Tap the hamburger menu icon to go to your profile page.
  4. Select “Settings and privacy.”
  5. Click on “Account type and tools” under “For professionals”.
  6. Tap on the “Switch to a professional account” option, then follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 2: Access Your Business Settings Page

If your account is a business account, you can skip the first step, but if it is a creator’s account, you need to complete the first step.

You will now see a Business option on your settings page once you switch to a business account.

You can access the Business settings page by following these steps:

  1. You can access your profile by clicking here.
  2. Tap the hamburger menu icon on your profile page.
  3. From the list of options, tap “Settings and privacy.”.
  4. To access the Business settings, tap the “Creator tools and controls” option in your settings page.

Step 3: Access Your Ad Accounts

On the Business settings page, we’re most interested in the option at the top called “Ad payments.”.

After you click “Ad payments,” you will see payment methods. Click the payment methods button to view all the accounts you created. # How To Change Ad Account on Instagram

Suppose you just created a new ad account through Facebook Business Manager, and you click on the “Your Account” button.

This will appear in the “Your Account” list. To change the ad account, click on the new preferred account in “Your Account”.

can’t change ad account on Instagram

It’s important to note that Instagram’s features and functionalities can change over time if you’re having difficulty changing your Instagram ad account.

Here’s how to change your Instagram ad account in general.

However, you must meet the necessary requirements and follow the correct steps.

  1. Your profile can be accessed by logging into your Instagram account.
  2. To access the menu, tap the three horizontal lines ( ) in the top right corner.
  3. Go to the menu and select “Settings.”.
  4. You can find the “Ads” or “Business” setting under the “Settings” menu.
  5. To switch or change your ad account, tap “Ads” or “Business” settings.
  6. Switch to the desired account by following the prompts and instructions provided.

You may not be able to access these options depending on your account type (personal, business, or creator) or your location.

For the most updated information and instructions on changing ad accounts, you should consult Instagram’s Help Center or visit their official website.

Consider contacting Instagram’s support team for additional assistance if you are still unable to change your Instagram ad account using the provided steps.

Based on your account and any potential limitations or issues you may be facing, they will be able to provide you with specific guidance.


You will need to be able to change your Instagram ad account as your advertising needs evolve.

This blog outlines the steps you can follow to move seamlessly from one ad account to another, whether it is within your business or with a new advertising partner.

The transition will be smoother if you ensure you have the appropriate permissions and access to both the previous and new ad accounts.

The best way to reach and engage your target audience while achieving your marketing goals is to stay organized, manage your ad accounts effectively, and take advantage of Instagram’s advertising capabilities.

So take charge of your Instagram advertising, adapt as needed, and unlock its full potential to drive your business to success.

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