Can You Text Someone That You Blocked? iPhone Guide

Can You Text Someone That You Blocked? As an alternative to meeting in person, texting through iMessages is one of the most commonly used methods of communication.

However, after a misunderstanding, someone may decide to block your iPhone. This will result in your texts being stopped, as well as no further communication until they unblock you. 

In the event that you come to the realization that someone has blocked you, there are a few easy tricks you can follow to override this issue.

In this way, you can still communicate with the individual and attempt to resolve whatever the issue may have been. 

What Does Blocking a Number Do?

It is clear from the term itself that when you block a phone number, you will not receive any calls or messages sent by that number to you.

Emails sent to the default email app on the phone from the number connected to the email address are also blocked if they are saved as a contact.

If they attempt to send you a text message, they will be able to do so, but it will not be routed to you.

However, they will be unable to reach you and will be returned a busy line when they try to call you.

Having said that, blocking a number is like putting up a barrier between your number and that particular number.

Can You Text or Call a Blocked Number?

Generally, you cannot text or call a blocked number directly from your smartphone, whether it is an iPhone or other device. # Can You Text or Call a Blocked Number

Blocking a number means that you are intentionally preventing any communication from reaching your device from that specific number.

For calls and messages, blocking typically works as follows:


In the event of a blocked number, calls to that number will generally be redirected to voicemail or automatically rejected, depending on your device’s settings.

If the call is blocked, you will not receive any notifications or alerts about it. # Can You Text or Call a Blocked Number


Blocking a number prevents you from receiving SMS and MMS messages from that number.

The blocked person will not appear in your messaging app, and you will not receive any notifications regarding their messages.

The blocking feature on your smartphone is a device-level feature, meaning that it applies only to your specific device and may not apply to other devices or accounts associated with your email address.

The specific steps to unblock a number can vary depending on your device and operating system. # Can You Text or Call a Blocked Number

To unblock a number, you can access the device’s settings and remove the blocked number.

Despite the fact that blocking a phone number may prevent direct communication, blocked individuals may still be able to reach out indirectly via alternative phone numbers or messaging systems.

Text Someone You Have Blocked?

You can still send text messages to people that you have blocked even if you have blocked them.

There will be no indication that you blocked them, as if you had never blocked them in the first place. # Text Someone You Have Blocked

You will not receive a message from that individual if they text you back.

You may not realize that you have blocked them, and they may not understand why you do not respond to their messages.

This can lead to some confusion on the part of the person who is texting you.

For this reason, it would probably be best if you did not send any messages to someone if you do not wish to communicate with them. # Text Someone You Have Blocked

What Happens If Someone Blocked Tries Texting You?

If you have blocked someone and they attempt to contact you, you will not receive their messages.

They will be completely hidden from you, and you will not be able to view them even if you are interested.

You must unblock someone before they can reply to your message if you wish to see their response after you have texted them.

You may be wondering, however, whether they will be aware that you have blocked them? Will their message fail to reach you?

There appears to be a difference depending on the phone.

Messages from an iPhone will continue to go through without an error message informing the user that the message was undeliverable.

The same applies to many Android devices.

However, on some phones, it will simply display the message as having been unsuccessfully sent.

The failure of a message to send does not necessarily imply that the recipient has blocked you.

There are many reasons why a message would fail to be delivered to a single recipient, and you can view these by clicking here.

How To Unblock Someone On iPhone

If you have blocked someone by mistake, or you wish to unblock someone for a specified period of time, how do you do so?

There is no need to worry about unblocking someone on your iPhone. # How To Unblock Someone On iPhone

You can unblock someone on your iPhone by following these steps:

  1. Open your iPhone’s Settings app after unlocking it.
  2. Tap ‘Messages’ at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose ‘Blocked Contacts’ from the ‘SMS/MMS’ section.
  4. Unblock the person by swiping left.
  5. Choose ‘Unblock’ from the menu.

You will now be able to contact this person again since they have now been completely unblocked. # How To Unblock Someone On iPhone

You can unblock someone on both your phone and messages, so unblocking them on one will also unblock them on the other.

It is also not possible to view the messages that have been sent to you while you were blocking someone after you unblock them.

Can You Text Someone That You Blocked
Can You Text Someone That You Blocked

Text Someone Who Has Blocked You on iPhone iMessage?

In the case of someone blocking you on iMessage, it is impossible to bypass them because the platform obstructs your email address or contact information. This results in your text being deleted on the recipient’s device discreetly. 

It is not possible to circumvent iMessage blocking because it occurs on the user’s end.

However, you will still be able to send a message to someone who has blocked you on an iPhone if you change your caller ID.

Here are the steps to follow: 

  1. Go to your iPhone’s Settings. 
  2. To access iMessages, go to the App Store.
  3. Select “Send and Receive.”
  4. Click on “I can reach you by iMessage at”. 
  5. Enter your new email address under “Add another email”. 
  6. As soon as possible, confirm your email. 
  7. After confirming your new email address, click on “Start New Conversations”. 

How Do You Know if You Have Been Blocked on an iPhone?

You should first determine whether you have been blocked before starting to text someone who has blocked you on your iPhone.

This is because when someone blocks you, you are not usually notified.  # How Do You Know if You Have Been Blocked

The message “iMessage Not Delivered” is displayed

The other way to know that someone has blocked you is to receive the error message “iMessage not delivered”.

When this occurs, enable SMS texts on your iPhone so that it will attempt to send the text message over the cellular network.  

Your Message Doesn’t Get Delivered

You should also check whether your message has been delivered. If, after sending the message, the “Delivered” text bubble does not appear, the recipient may have blocked you.

That means you cannot see the “Read Receipts” that appear in your message thread.  # How Do You Know if You Have Been Blocked

You Get an Automated Message

In the event that you have sent someone a text message and have received an automated response, don’t worry; you have not been blocked.

Auto-responses can only be sent to numbers that have not been blocked on an individual’s iPhone.


The advent of technology has made it easier than ever for people to communicate. # How Do You Know if You Have Been Blocked

However, there are also ways to prevent some people from contacting you through their iPhones by simply pressing a few buttons.


After someone acts in this manner, you are unable to communicate with them. However, after reading this guide, you know how to avoid this and still send them a message through your iPhone.

Additionally, you are aware of the signs that indicate that someone has blocked you on their iPhone.

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