How Many People Can You Tag on Instagram?

How Many People Can You Tag on Instagram? We connect and communicate with others more frequently through social media platforms in the digital age.

Instagram, a leading platform in this field, has become a central hub for sharing moments, stories, and connecting with friends, family, and even brands.

The ability to tag people in posts is one of its most prominent features. But do you know how many people you can tag on Instagram?

The answer to this question might seem simple, but it provides insights into social interactions, networking, and the platform’s design.

This blog explores Instagram tagging in depth, its limits, implications, and how it can help you create meaningful virtual connections.

In each photo and video you share on Instagram, you can mention up to 20 people.

After selecting a photo or video to share, tap the @ symbol, followed by the username of the person you want to mention.

Tap Done. # How Many People Can You Tag on Instagram

How Many People Can You Tag on Instagram?

When you publish a post, comment, or story, you can tag your friends. If you run a business account, you can engage with your customers or friends. 

There is a cap of 20 friends that can be tagged in a post. The more tags you post, the more likely you are to be flagged as spam on Instagram.

It could lead to a shadowban. Or the worst-case scenario, a permanent ban. 

When you have less than 10k followers, you should not max your tags, so use it every two to three days. 

How To Add Tags on Instagram?

Location Tag

Method 1: Linking Location Tag to a New Post

  1. To add a new Instagram post, launch the app, select a photo from your gallery, and tap the plus sign. 
  2. Add a location to the picture by editing it and clicking “Add location.”
  3. Search for your location or type it in. 
  4. Complete the process by tapping the location and clicking “Share”. 

Method 2: Linking Location Tag to Existing Posts 

  1. The profile icon on your launch screen will take you to your profile page. 
  2. Tap the post once you have found it. 
  3. Please click the three dots. 
  4. By selecting “Edit” and clicking “Add location… “, you can add a location.
  5. Make sure the location is correct by searching for it online.
  6. You can complete the process by tapping “Done”.  

User Tag

A friend can be tagged in Instagram in a number of different ways.  # Add Tags on Instagram

Method 1: On a New Instagram Post

  1. Open the Instagram app. 
  2. By tapping the plus sign at the top, you can add a new picture or video to a post. 
  3. Once there, select a photo you’d like to share from your gallery. 
  4. Make sure the captions are correct and the picture is edited. 
  5. You can tag people before publishing a post by clicking the “Tag people” button. 
  6. Place the tag where you would like it to appear and search for a username. 
  7. By tapping the username and clicking “Done”, a friend can be tagged.
  8. Publish the post by hitting “Share”.  

Method 2: On an Instagram Story

  1. Take a swipe to the right on Instagram.
  2. Using the gallery or taking your own photo is the best option.
  3. In the top left corner, click the “Aa” button.  # Add Tags on Instagram
  4. Type your friend’s username in the “@” field or click “Mention” within the story.
  5. On the next screen, click the username to complete the process.
  6. Once you’ve made your changes, click “Done” and publish your story.

Tag on Instagram
Tag on Instagram

Method 3: On a Comment 

  1. By clicking the speech bubble icon, you can add your comments to a post. 
  2. User names can be tagged by typing “@” followed by the user’s username.
  3. Your comment will be published once you tap “Post.”.

Method 4: On an Existing Post 

  1. You can access Instagram by tapping the app icon. 
  2. Go to your profile in the bottom right corner and click the post icon. 
  3. You can edit your document by clicking the three dots in the top right corner.
  4. You will be asked to enter a username when you click “Tag people”.
  5. The process will be completed when you tap “Done”.

How to Tag More Than 20 Friends on Instagram Posts?

The only other way to tag your remaining friends on Instagram is to tag them on comments under your post since you can only tag 20 accounts on the actual post itself.

In your Instagram caption, you can tag up to 20 friends directly on your photo or video, and the rest by using the @ symbol in your caption. # Tag More Than 20 Friends on Instagram Posts

You can only tag more than 20 friends on Instagram using this method. # Tag More Than 20 Friends on Instagram Posts


Step 1: On the  Instagram app, select the images you want to share, and then write your caption and tag people. 

Step 2: Click on the tag people button and touch the photo you want to tag.

Enter your friends’ usernames here. Nevertheless, only 20 friends can be added. 

Step 3: After you have tagged your friends in the photo, go to the caption area and use the @ symbol to tag more of your friends. After that, it can be posted! 

How to tag someone in an Instagram post after posting

When you upload your picture, you’ll have the option to edit it if you forget to tag someone or accidentally tagged the wrong person.

The following steps can be followed to tag someone after publishing a photo:

  1. Visit your profile to view your photo or video.
  2. On the right, below the photo, tap the three-dot icon.
  3. Then tap “Edit.”
  4. To tag people, tap the icon on the left that looks like a person.
  5. By searching for the username of the user, you can add a tag to the photo.
  6. You can tag someone by finding their username and clicking “Done.”
  7. Your picture or video will be updated once you click “Done” in the Edit Info section.

How to tag someone in a comment on Instagram?

You can use tags in comments to alert other users to the picture or ask a question to the person or company who posted it.

Tagging in a comment works in much the same way as tagging in a caption. # tag someone

To tag someone in a comment, do this:

  1. Their username should be preceded by an @ sign.
  2. No matter whether or not you follow the user, their username should appear when you reply to a comment.
  3. Select your username by tapping it.
  4. Let us know what you think.

How to tag people or a business in a photo?

The Instagram app allows you to tag different people, businesses, and brands when uploading photos.

The steps for tagging someone in an Instagram photo are as follows:

  1. Tap “Tag People” while uploading a photo.
  2. You can tag a person or object in a picture by tapping on it.
  3. A drop-down menu should appear with the username. Click it to select it.
  4. Don’t forget to tap “Done.”

The Instagram search function can help you find usernames if you don’t follow a person or business.

It can be difficult to find usernames when you don’t follow a person or business.

To streamline the process, we recommend following a user before tagging, or editing and tagging the photo once you’re done.


The Instagram tagging feature has revolutionized how we interact and engage with others in a world where connections span continents and conversations happen in an instant.

It allows us to bridge the gap between physical and virtual relationships by tagging individuals in our posts, whether it is sharing special moments with loved ones or collaborating with brands and influencers.

As we navigate the landscape of digital connectivity, we must remember that behind each tag is a person—a person with emotions, thoughts, and stories.

Even though Instagram limits how many people you can tag, the real value lies more in the quality of those connections than in the number.

Community building, friendship fostering, and leaving traces of our journeys take place on the platform.

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